Angel Series Books #1-2.5 by Tracy Lorraine – Review by Alex Mohrenne

Angel Series Books #1-2.5Angel Series Books #1-2.5 by Tracy Lorraine
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Angel Series by Tracy Lorraine Books 1-2.5
4.5 stars
Molly Part 1 & Part 2
This is an intense two-part book about love, laughter, friendship, and loss. Molly and Ryan have become the very best of friends since the accident that killed her best friend and his girlfriend. When Molly moves in with Ryan after her ex cheats on her things change between them. The intense attraction takes them both by surprise and they try to deny it.
This story is relatable and will make you feel for the characters like you are living it with them.  Molly’s character is so deep and there are so many different layers to her that sometimes you love her, hate her, feel for her, or want to be her! Her background is heartbreaking and is beautifully written.  Ryan is an amazing character also but is totally the opposite from Molly which I think makes this pairing so enjoyable to see and makes you root for them even with the weird circumstance they have. Then adding in all the extra characters – friends, family, co-workers, made this story just relatable, hilarious, and an amazing read.
I do believe that their story as amazing as it was, was drawn out to long. It only goes over the course of 6 months or so but the number of chapters with the amount of detail I believe was just a little too much. There were defiantly things that could have been left out.

5 stars
Short and sweet is how I would describe the story about Abbi and Jax. The story continues off where Molly ends but also gives you flashbacks on what happened between them from their point of view from what you saw originally in Molly. At first, I wasn’t sure about the flashbacks, I didn’t believe that it was something that we really needed to see. But I was wrong, it made it all the more perfect in the end. This wasn’t a long story at all but it was the perfect ending to the second couple we rooted for in Molly.

4.5 stars
This book starts a little while after Abbi ended and it shows the life of Emma. A character that we have grown to love and hate in the last books. This books really dives into the character of Emma and explains why she is the way she is and makes you really love and understand her. Ruben is the other character that you meet in this book and he is a the tough player who falls for Emma. He is a such a strong character and the pairing really makes you root for them.

A couple of things about this book is that, there is too many twists when it comes to the story of Ruben and Emma. As soon as you get settled in the story something else happens and crashes the whole thing, and it happens over and over again. Also with the last time it happens, it gets resolved and then just ends. No true happily ever after or any sort of closure. I do believe that she could have written that better.

5 stars
Connies character is a character that you didn’t get to know very well before the book because she wasn’t introduced until Emma. But she is a great addition and friend to Emma. She is quirky and funny and you can’t help but fall in love with her. Another great addition is that she is the best friend of Emma but also the younger sister of Ruben so it gave you a great contrast of character. Her story is about Fin, Rubens best friend and they hint about their relationship in Emma but unlike Abbi’s story where is was basically a wrap up of what you saw it Molly. Connie’s story dives into the background of Fin and Connie’s relationship all the way to the beginning and goes along with some bumps along the road in the present. This was short story but a beautifully written one all together.

Overall I give the box set a 5 star rating! It’s a great compelling read that keeps your attention and wants you to find out more through the whole story. Now onto the 3 book, Lily!

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