Summer Fling (Players of Marycliff University Book 1) by Jerica MacMillian – Review by Alex Mohrenne

Summer Fling (Players of Marycliff University Book 1)Summer Fling by Jerica MacMillan
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This was a great book and an enjoyable read. Good story line, with relatable characters. However, there are a couple things that I think could be changed/addressed. The change from Abby and Lance not really being a thing to being a full-on couple was too fast. It was one chapter ended with Abby agreeing to go out with him more than twice and then the next chapter started off a month later with them being a full-on couple. I believe that this story could have better if you showed us the time between those two points. Explained how their relationship blossomed and became.
Another suggestion I have would be to dive a little more into the background of Abby’s mom and Lances parents. Why is Lance’s so set on his future? Why did they make that agreement when they know that isn’t what he wants? With Abby, I would like to see how it affected her more than just that one encounter. See what her day to day with her mom was like. I know that there is a squeal later in the series that might go into more, but while reading this book I didn’t know that. So, I felt a little like both story lines were unfinished. I did like it and it was over all a good book.

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