Better than the Best ​by Amabel Daniels – Review by Jenni Bishop

Better Than the BestBetter Than the Best by Amabel Daniels
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Better than the Best ​by Amabel Daniels ​is a romance suspense story that will have you hooked. The plot will have you turning page after page as you read through each twist and turn. Amabel did a great job at weaving a mystery just begging to be shown.

I love Kelly, the sassy, feisty and strong female that takes no prisoners, she has her own issues but tells it like it is.

Will is a broken man and it seems no one can help him that is until someone new comes to town and kicks his arse.

This is beautifully written romance story with with enough mystery and a back story you will not believe. I hope there are more books in the series.

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