Bloom Duet Series by A.E. Gamrat

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New Bloom & Eternal Bloom (Bloom Duet Series) by AE Gamrat
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New Bloom (Book 1)

Graduating college and knowing how the next chapter of your life will play out is a big deal, right? How

much more could someone ask for?

Gwen has always followed every rule her mother gave her. With her future planned for her, she never

really had the time for fun or boys. Never really learned how to let loose, go with the flow.

What happens when all the plans she thought were laid out for her are pulled out from under her feet?

Add in the mysterious man that pops into the flower shop stirring emotions she has never had before,

and she is in for the ride of her sheltered life.

Growing up is hard, and Gwen’s in for a growing experience she never planned on.

Eternal Bloom (Book 2)

After her mom ends up in the hospital, Gwen knows nothing will ever be the same. She has so many questions and so few answers.
Will her mom survive? And if she does, will the tension in their relationship ease?
Will Kame come back for her?

No one knows the answers to all of life’s questions; Gwen’s only option is to hold on as the storm rages on around her.

*Must read New Bloom first


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