Dancing Queen by​ Charlotte Roth – Review by Jenni Bishop

Dancing QueenDancing Queen by Charlotte Roth
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Dancing Queen by​ Charlotte Roth is a little different, easy to read and a little quirky that makes for a light read. It is fun and witty and had me laughing from the very start but there are also a lot of painful memories for our characters which made them all the more endearing to me. It is a story where by people are forced to look at themselves. It’s a story of people who finally do something for themselves. It is a story of pain and passion of being to fat or too thin. It is a story where the main characters are not what society consider the norm. It is a story of it is not always what you see on the outside but what is inside. It is a story of love and acceptance, hopes and dreams.

It is a sweet and heartfelt journey that the characters are on, with the support of their misfit family and friends.

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