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Bottomed Out (Moto X Series Book 4) by Brooke May

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Synopsis –

Tired of only being seen for his disability, Jax Hunt is ready for a change in his life.

He has a career he may have not dreamed of but loves no matter what. He has stubborn friends who would do anything for him. And a family who attempt to understand.

For the most part.

Jax does his best to prove to everyone he can still do anything someone with two working legs can. He’s ready to push himself more to be seen by the rest of the world.

And then it happens.

Lennox Austin strides into his life with her unique eye color and entertaining personality and sees him.

Jax is consumed by her as much as he is to prove himself to the world, but an overprotective brother sits in his way.

He’s ready to go above and beyond to accomplish all the goals he has his eye set on.

Can he accomplish capturing the exotic beauty Lennox or will she turn away from him like so many others have?

He’s willing to risk bottoming out to find out.



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