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Drawn to Him by Tammy Mannersly

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Synopsis –

The new doctor in town is attracting some attention, especially of the female persuasion, but art teacher, Erica Townsend is blissfully unaware until she ends up injured and in his office. Too bad she’d vowed to resist love—that traitorous emotion, the destroyer of lives—after numerous failed relationships. Something about Matt, about their electrifying connection has her wondering if he might just be…the one.

Dr. Matthew Garrick is tired of playing wing-man for his best friend. It isn’t that he wishes to look for love, rather the opposite. But the eagerness of some of the single women in their small country town unnerves him. That is, until a certain stunning brunette appears in the waiting room of his medical practice. Her touch sparks something deep inside him, jolting his heart into a new rhythm and Matt makes it his mission to win’s Erica love. Can he convince her to take a risk on him and what they share together?

As the good doctor strives to show Erica that love doesn’t have to come at a price, his dangerous secret admirer threatens to prove otherwise.

Whoever said love wasn’t dangerous?



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