Satan’s Devils MC Boxset Books 1-5 (Satans Devils MC Series) by Manda Mellett – Review by Piper Foster

Satan's Devils MC Boxset Books 1-5Satan’s Devils MC Boxset Books 1-5 by Manda Mellett
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Book 1 Turning Wheels
Horse is a great character and very likely at first I thought he was forceful but realise during this book why he acted as he did. Sarah is been caught up in this world through association with another. At first I found it hard to keep up with all the Saint Devils members until I got further into the well written story. Peg is detriment to help Sophie as well he’s stubborn but helpful. Drummer, Viper, Wraith all the men are not what you expect.
This book has me laughing out loud and blushing at the brashness but also loving it so much I feel immersed into this world I forget the time and jsit read. This is a book you aren’t going to forget anytime soon.

Book 2 Drummers Beat
Back on the amazing world of the Santan Devils. Drummer playing with fire at the moment how is Viper going to take this. There someone new in town but who are they really. Santan Devils are mixing into a new teterrioty and again out of there heads of what going on. You want drama, romance, emotion and some dark reality this is the book for you. Drummer and Sam’s love and chemistry is amazing.

Book 3 Slicks Running

Santan Devils back i have jumped into this book. I need to know what’s going on next in this amazing series. We are meeting different chapters of the Devils. This book has you crying your eyes out. Slick and Ella are a different sort and I’ve enjoyed reading there story. What an ending. I loved meeting the other Chapters on the Santan Devils.

Book 4 Targeting Dart

Back to Santan Devils here I come. Dart is part of the Arizona Aantan Devils the main foucs in this book and I have enjoyed getting to know him. This book deals with some real horrible issue in real life and does it very well and in light of them shows and empowers those. Emotions run high in this book and I mean yours.

Book 5 Heart broken
Heart has fallen apart he’s not himself anymore. I feel for heart in this book he has had a massive change that has impacted his life. Its heartbreaking reading through Hearts journey.

This entire set had me hooked from page one. I will be reading more of Manda Mellett and I implore you dive into this world you won’t be disappointed. 5 out of 5 for all.

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