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Better to Have Loved by Christy Nicholas

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Release Date – September 19, 2020



NOTE: This is a re-release of a previously published novel with the same title and story, but a new cover and new edits.

Faith, free love, and betrayal

In 1969, the Summer of Love, America is changing, full of cultural revolution and new freedoms. As Julie Jensen escapes the hide-bound world of her midwestern family, she embarks on an adventure far from home.

Julie leaves a life in shambles to follow her dreams of art and travel. From a charming town in southern England, into the decadent realm of Haight-Ashbury, and the exotic Barcelona coast, she finds love. But when disaster strikes, she must make a choice between family duty and her own needs. A phone call in the dead of night might change her life forever.

Will everyone she loses be worth the love she finds?

Filled with the freedom of the 1960s, Better To Have Loved is a spellbinding novel based on a true stories of love found and love lost, and one woman’s discovery of what matters to her.



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