City of Whispers (Imperial Assassin Series Book 1) by Katt Powers

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City of Whispers (Imperial Assassin Series Book 1) by Katt Powers
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Genre – Fantasy, epic fantasy, steampunk
Page Count – 302 pages
Dhani Karim was a ruthless assassin with only one purpose in life: to eliminate the crime lords, child slavers and insurgents lurking on the Empire’s far-flung edges. Until the night she was betrayed and framed for a murder she didn’t commit…
Expelled from the Imperial Assassins for her alleged crimes, Dhani is granted one chance at redemption – spend two years as a lowly covert operative and earn her right to rejoin the Assassins. Exiled to a remote desert city, Dhani is partnered with Parvan Gorshayik, a short-tempered, difficult man struggling with his own demons.
Given just three days to locate a person known only as Scythe, Dhani knows their handler is setting them up to fail. And failure carries a high price…
Battling against magic-wielding foes, sinister cults, and their own bitter differences, Dhani and Parvan’s mission uncovers a web of secrets and lies, and they soon face an impossible decision: defy their orders, risking court-martial and execution…
Or gamble with thousands of innocent lives by turning their back on a deadly conspiracy.


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Katt Powers was born in Sydney, Australia.

After a time living in the New South Wales’ Southern Highlands, she worked as an anthropologist in the Northern Territory for many years. 

A decade ago, she retrained as an archaeologist specialising in human remains and Aboriginal archaeology. She now works as a senior archaeologist for a large ecology and heritage consultancy. She is of Aboriginal descent and is deeply grateful to have spent over 20 years protecting Aboriginal heritage. 

She is currently writing two series:

The Imperial Assassin series follows the adventures of Dhani Karim, wrongly expelled from the Imperial Assassins for a murder she didnt commit. Demoted to a rankless covert operative, she fights to prove her innocence and regain her place in the Assassins.

The Children of Dust and Flame series involves Nimala Sirasena, a young woman forced to become the Empires secret weapon to save her adopted family. Nimala must overcome hate, prejudice and her own mysterious background if shes to succeed and save the people she loves.

Katt currently lives on 24 acres in the Murray-Mallee region of South Australia with her husband, two very naughty dogs and lots of prickles.

She does not like Vegemite and has never seen the movie Titanic.

Author Interview With Katt Powers



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