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Try Right (Aloha Series book 3) by Jill Brashear
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Genre – Historical Romance, American Retro Romance
They don’t call him “Champ” for nothing. Henry Longchamp is the best stuntman in the business.
Dangling out of helicopters? No problem.
Training stunt horses? He’s the champ.
Jumping hills in a car chase? All in a day’s work.
Henry is content to be the stand-in. He’s never wanted to be the leading man. Not until Claudia Montgomery saunters onto set wearing the shortest pair of shorts he’s ever seen.
It’s not only the sight of her legs that Henry can’t get enough of. It’s her biting wit, her steely determination, and the way she makes him feel like he’s in a speeding car heading straight for a crash.
Claudia is Hollywood’s brightest star, but she didn’t come to Hawaii just to film a television show. She came to rekindle her romance with Hawaiian surfer, Keoni Makai.
She broke his heart years ago, and she’s determined to make it up to him. But first, she has to find him.
As Claudia’s closest friend on the island, Henry agrees to help her track down the elusive surfer.
Now he just has to keep himself from doing something stupid, like falling in love with her.
And that is proving to be harder than escaping a fiery car crash.
Authors Note: This book contains piggy-back rides up Diamond Head, sex in a moving vehicle, adorable horses, and a pair of friends who can’t keep their hands off each other.

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