❥•*•🌹•*•❥ COVER REVEAL ❥•*•🌹•*•❥ Red’s Peril (Parts 1 & 2):(Satan’s Devils MC Vegas Chapter) by Manda Mellett

☆❥•*•🌹•*•❥☆ DOUBLE COVER REVEAL ☆❥•*•🌹•*•❥☆
Red’s Peril (Parts 1 & 2): (The making of an MC Prez & The Prez’s Old Lady) (Satan’s Devils MC Vegas Chapter) by Manda Mellett
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Genre – Romantic Suspense, MC Romance
Red’s Peril Part 1: The making of an MC prez
I’d left my hometown seeking adventure.
I hadn’t much ambition, my main aim being to find somewhere warmer where I could ride my motorcycle all year around. I saw my future as most men do, finding a steady job, eventually getting married and spitting out a couple of kids.
Fate seemed to comply, throwing into my path my soul mate only a few hundred miles from my home. But it wasn’t to be, I’d found her, loved her then lost her, all in a matter of days.
I’d ridden on alone until the Gods stepped in once again and put me in the sights of the Satan’s Devils MC. Despite my initial reluctance, I was soon accepting the prospect patch, and from that point on, never looked back.
I rose through the ranks, eventually becoming Prez of the Vegas Chapter of the club. I’ve gained respect and loyalty from my brothers, and in many ways have everything that I want.
Except I’ve never quite lost my dream of finding my own old lady to of starting a family. But while life on the whole has been good to me, it seems my destiny is to ride through it alone.
Red’s Peril Part 2: The Prez’s Old Lady
Oh, the decisions we make when we’re young which with age we come to regret. If I could have a do-over, I’d never have walked away, I did, it was done, and my actions couldn’t be taken back.
I was only twenty, and I believed I had time to find my special one. Then life throw me a curve ball that altered all my plans. The result being I could never forget the man I’d met so briefly on the road.
The question of what would have happened if I stayed is constantly on my mind. What would my life have been like if I’d been braver? What if I hadn’t walked away?
Would I have ended up a weary thirty-five-year-old croupier in a Vegas casino with no man by my side?
When fortune offers me a second chance it comes with strings attached. The man I’m attracted to is the prez of the Satan’s Devils MC, whereas I’m a law abiding citizen who’s never broken a single rule in my life.
Is there any way we could make a future together? Or should I run and never look back?

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