~🌹 (*•.*🖤 *.•*)🌹 ~ COVER REVEAL ~🌹 (*•.*🖤 *.•*)🌹 ~ Blood Oath (Mafia Elite, book 2) by Amy McKinley

~🌹 (*•.*🖤 *.•*)🌹 ~ COVER REVEAL ~🌹 (*•.*🖤 *.•*)🌹 ~
Blood Oath (Mafia Elite, book 2) by Amy McKinley
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Genre – mafia romance, romantic suspense
Page Count – 224 pages
Cover Designer – TE Black Designs
Tragedy brought them together, and tragedy tore them apart.
Heir to a throne, Mafia underboss Enzo Vitale will do anything to keep Sofia safe, but his presence puts a target on her back. No matter how hard he tries to stay away from the love of his life, the blood oath that binds them demands otherwise.
Up-and-coming fashion designer Sofia La Rosa fell in love with her best friend. She’ll sacrifice anything for him, even as a wall of secrets grows between them.
But secrets don’t stay hidden forever. When the enemy learns of Sofia’s involvement in a former cover-up, they’re out for blood, driving her to the very man who vowed to be her savior no matter the cost.

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