Limbo by Laura Koerber – Review by Nakyshia Leger

LimboLimbo by Laura Koerber
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I loved this sweet, easy read. Alyse died young, and found herself in a town full of ghosts. Everyone has their own way of dealing with being in their little town. Alyse wants to try to bring them all together, thinking a party may be what they need. Little did she know how much she would learn about herself along the way!

This story is full of beautifully developed characters. Each one has their own depth of a life story that makes them relatable. Anyone who reads this book will connect with at least one character! The whimsical way they move around their world is creative. This is a fun way to picture the afterlife, and join Alyse on a journey of discovery.

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