☢ ✧ ♧🪄 ♧ ☬ COMING SOON ☬ ♧ 🪄♧ ✧ ☢ Journeys Through AllCreation (Journeys Through Book 3) by James Talisman

☢ ✧ ♧🪄 ♧ ☬ COMING SOON ☬ ♧ 🪄♧ ✧ ☢
Journeys Through AllCreation (Journeys Through Book 3) by James Talisman
Click here for the YouTube Video – https://youtu.be/79WuZLzqxDE
Genre – Epic Fantasy, Fantasy, Adventure, SCI FI
Page Count – 339
Cover Designer – May Dawney

GOODREADS – Journeys Through AllCreation by James Talisman | Goodreads

An ancient prophecy foretells the diabolical plans of an exceedingly intelligent and powerful being. To ensure reality continues to unfold as desired, the ‘god’ entity will utilize the innate powers contained in the Dokkaebi-of-all-Creation to destroy various universes that make up the MultiVerse.
Celestial beings most capable of stopping these plans for destruction become trapped in an alternate reality. Can they escape this illusion before their fates are sealed forever?
Former twins from the lost continent of Atlantis will play pivotal roles in countering the threat of total annihilation for untold numbers of lives across the MultiVerse. Will they be able to help save their current home worlds and the mentors who have taught them so much?
A beautiful and enlightened queen is enlisted in the team’s quest to find an ancient artifact that could assist them in locating the Master Mage. This wizard is their only real hope for defeating the former celestial leader. Can this strange and unassuming being provide what is needed?
While the outcome cannot be fully predicted from the discovered text and images, both sides prepare for an inevitable confrontation as the ancient prophecy plays out. As ‘gods’ and mortals face off in the battle for the future of all creation, which ideals and forces will reign supreme?

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