🔎 📙 •☕️•📕 🔎 COMIMG SOON 🔍 📙 •☕️•📘 🔍 Murder in the Lightning Room by A.D. Brazeau

🔎 📙 •☕️📕 🔎 COMIMG SOON 🔍 📙 •☕️📘 🔍
Murder in the Lightning Room by A.D. Brazeau
Preorder Now – https://amzn.to/39uil60
Genre – YA, Historical, Mystery
Page Count – 211
Cover Designer – Fantasia Frog Designs

The year is 1899. During her final year at Colorado Springs High School, Cora Croft finds herself uncovering a mystery involving Nikola Tesla and his secret projects. After the loss of three important documents detailing new, ambitious devices and the unusual death of his previous assistant, Tesla is ready to pack up the lab and return to New York. Cora offers to help uncover who is behind the strange circumstances so Tesla can remain and finish his work.

With help from the charming Harrison, and life-long friend, Marshall, Cora toils against time, the elements and social constraints as she works to unravel the mystery, exposing more than one secret in the process.

Danger stalks Cora, can she survive?

Uncover the clues in this fast-paced, exciting mystery set in Tesla’s famous secret lab. A perfect read for fans of Stalking Jack the Ripper by Kerri Maniscalco and Wrapped by Jennifer Bradbury.

Praise for A.D. Brazeau: “The whole story ‘came alive’ before my eyes, and that comes down to the authors talent for spinning a great story.” and “A.D. Brazeau has quickly become one of my most relatable authors.”

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