❤️ 🌹 👻 💕 COMING SOON 💕 👻 🌹 ❤️ Ocean’s Three (Made In Heaven #2) by Elena Kincaid

❤️ 🌹 👻 💕 COMING SOON 💕 👻 🌹 ❤️
Ocean’s Three (Made In Heaven #2) by Elena Kincaid
Genre – Paranormal, Romance
Page Count – 168

Get ready to set sail…

Cameron Pompeo has always seen things, felt things, he could not explain, the biggest of which is a young girl named Jocelyn, who appears nightly in his dreams. When his cousin Reed Pompeo suddenly shows up in his dream, Cameron realizes that not only does Jocelyn exist, but she will be important to them both.

After a tragic accident kills her mother, Jocelyn Parker struggles with her guilt. She pushes away the two most important people in her life as a form of self-punishment and tries to convince herself that she made them up, despite the fact that a sense in the very depths of her soul tells her that they’re real.

A cruise to the Mediterranean finally brings the three of them together. There, they make real memories and promises to each other, but what happens when the cruise is over? Will their love be strong enough to survive the outside forces that threaten to destroy their happiness?

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