•*•📖•*• PREORDER •*•📖•*• Streets of Shadow by Rebecca Bischoff

•*•📖•*• PREORDER •*•📖•*•
Streets of Shadow by Rebecca Bischoff
Genre – Historical, YA
Page Count – 398
Cover Designer – Ashley Literski
In the fall of 1665, fifteen-year-old Kenna discovers that her sister was murdered. Forced to flee her grandfather’s Scottish estate for her own safety, she finds a prison instead of a refuge. Strangers capture her and brings her to the city of Edinburgh, where they lock her inside the gate at the head of Stewart’s Close, a long and narrow alleyway in the poorest section of the city. The local lawman accuses Kenna of leaving a house struck with plague, sets a guard at the gate and ties a white cloth there as a warning that disease has struck and no one may enter or leave the close. Kenna has no money, friends, or shelter, and no way out. She wants nothing more than justice for her murdered sister. But first, she has to survive.



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