👻~🔪~🔮~🕵 COVER REVEAL 👻~🔪~🔮~🕵 Dreamscape by J.N. Sheats

👻~🔪~🔮~🕵 COVER REVEAL 👻~🔪~🔮~🕵
Dreamscape by J.N. Sheats
Amazon – Coming Soon
Genre – Supernatural, Crime
GOODREADS – Coming Soon
BOOKBUB – Coming Soon

Now a college student, Joey is finding college life comfortable. But studies prove to be more difficult than facing down a horde of black dogs. Struggling with her average life now that the supernatural world has been opened before her, Joey is constantly distracted. Pulled between wanting the standard life of a college student, and the allure of the paranormal. Unfortunately, Portstown has been quiet since the “Great Hunt” of last year, that is until a random fire on campus occurs, and people start going missing.

Disregarded as a student prank, Joey brushes the incident off until she catches Gwen looking into it. Why would one of the guardians from the mysterious Warner family be looking into a silly student prank?

More questions arise when fires start popping up all over campus, and Joey’s dreams turn violent under the control of the Dream Conductor with their twisted intentions. Gathering the group back together Joey must figure out what is happening to the missing people, who is starting the mysterious fires on campus, and what does the Dream Conductor want all while conquering finals. Will Joey pass this semester or will she fall into her deepest fantasies?

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