☥ ~ 🛕 ~ 👁 ~ ⚱ PREORDER ⚱ ~ 👁 ~ 🛕 ~ ☥ The Moon That Fell from Heaven (Empire at Twilight) by N.L. Holmes

☥ ~ 🛕 ~ 👁 ~ ⚱ PREORDER ⚱ ~ 👁 ~ 🛕 ~ ☥
The Moon That Fell from Heaven (Empire at Twilight) by N.L. Holmes
Genre – Historical, Family
Page Count – 331
Cover Designer – Streetlight Graphics
Ehli-nikkalu, eldest daughter of the Hittite emperor, is married to a mere vassal of her father. But despite her status, her foreignness and inability to produce an heir drive a wedge between her and the court that surrounds her. When her secretary is mysteriously murdered while carrying the emperor a message that would indict the loyalty of his vassal, Ehli-nikkalu adopts the dead man’s orphaned children out of a guilty sense of responsibility.

A young cousin she has never met becomes a pretender to the throne and mobilizes roving armies of the poor and dispossessed, which causes the priority of her loyalties to become even more suspect. However, Ehli-nikkalu discovers a terrible secret that could destabilize the present regime if the pretender ever learns of it.

With the help of a kindly scribe, her brave young ward, and an embittered former soldier trapped in debt and self-doubt, Ehli-nikkalu sets out to save the kingdom and prove herself to her father. And along the way, she learns something about love.

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