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Chasing Cheer (Emerald Hollow Book 1) by Heather Schneider
Genre – Contemporary Romance
Page Count – 305
Cover Designer – Kylie Sek

 When Holly Claus visits a small town in Oregon on one of her normal Cheer-collecting missions, she never imagines that everything she knew about holiday Cheer would be thrown out the sleigh.

Holly has always been efficient in her work of traveling around the world, collecting Cheer to power the North Pole and its dream-making operations there. But she’s never been quite as good at collecting it as her father was, and she’ll do anything to figure out why- including blending in in a small town full of Cheer.

Ash Hayes is working nonstop to build up his tourism business at The Emerald House in rural Oregon, even going so far as to enter the town in a Hallmark competition for Best Small Town Christmas Faire. Driven by a desire to make the town a desirable destination after his mom ran away from Emerald Hollow as a child, Ash feels like he has the future of the town riding on his shoulders.

When Ash and Holly meet, sparks fly, but she isn’t looking for love, and he isn’t looking for someone who leaves. Little do they know, magic may intervene in their carefully laid plans.

Holly’s arrival in town sets in motion a change in Holly’s Cheer magic that upends everything at the North Pole. If Holly doesn’t get to the bottom of what’s causing all the Cheer in Emerald Hollow, Christmas itself may be at stake.

In this sweet small-town twist on the classic Christmas tale, experience holiday magic like never before.



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