~ ♥ ~ ♥ ~ ♥ ~ COVER REVEAL ~ ♥ ~ ♥ ~ ♥ ~ Broken. (Green St. Girls Series) by N.D. Jackson

♥ ~ ♥ ~ ♥ ~ COVER REVEAL ~ ♥ ~ ♥ ~ ♥ ~
Broken. (Green St. Girls Series) by N.D. Jackson
Genre – Contemporary Romance, Black Literature, African American
Page Count – 244
Cover Designer – Alyssa – Truly Trendy PR
Runaway. Nerd. Girl genius.
I’ve been called a lot of things in my life, by a lot of different people.
But the name that meant the most to me?
Green Street Girls.
That’s what we called our little family, Me, Athena, Gwyn & Charlie.
Each of us, alone in the world until we found each other.
I’m Indigo and this is my story.

Gideon stormed into my life like a big, broad-shouldered guardian angel.
Quiet with kind eyes and a steady presence that made me feel at ease.
He was my friend.
My protector.
My first…everything.
We were on the precipice of something great.
Something new and exciting.
Until a threat made me doubt myself, and everyone around me.
To win him back, I’ll have to be something no one ever accused me of being before.

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~ ♥ ~ ♥ ~ ♥ ~ ♥ ~ RELEASE BLITZ ~ ♥ ~ ♥ ~ ♥ ~ ♥ ~ Defending My Heart (Seal Team Romeo) by Barbra Campbell

♥ ~ ♥ ~ ♥ ~ ♥ ~ RELEASE BLITZ ~ ♥ ~ ♥ ~ ♥ ~ ♥ ~
Defending My Heart (Seal Team Romeo) by Barbra Campbell
Genre – Contemporary Romance, African American
Page Count – 103
Cover Designer – Jada D’Lee

As the lieutenant of a Navy SEAL team, I deal with intense and deadly situations on a regular basis.

My drive to climb through the ranks has been an excellent cover for the pain of losing a friend in combat years ago.

But my hardened shell is empty.

When Wendy breezes into my life, my heart beats in the dark cavern of my chest for the first time since I can remember.

She’s adorable, easy to talk to, and I sense there’s more to her than the other ‘frog hogs’ whose mission in life is to tame a SEAL.

And I’m right. There’s a lot more.

She’s conned me…a guy whose reputation has been built on assessing situations and not making mistakes.

But when I tell her to take a hike, I feel a new thing in my chest, and I think it’s a broken heart. If only she hadn’t been using me, she might have been the savior I needed.

Now that I’ve run her off, can I track her down and beg her to give me a real chance?


Barbra Campbell writes dirty-sweet romance to escape the craziness of life. She believes Happily Ever Afters don’t have to be real to be powerful, and she sometimes confuses book worlds for the one she lives in…not that she lives a fairy tale by any means. But with her one true love by her side and an endless stream of book boyfriends in her head, she manages to find time to hang out with all of them.

Author Interview with Barbra Campbell