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Flicker to Fire: Crimson Sash: Book 3 by Amanda Marin
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Genre – Dystopian Fantasy
Page Count – 225
Beyond the broken wall, a fire has begun to burn …
Outside the refugee center in Kébec Village, the border wall separating the New Republic from the Nation continues to crumble. On one side, Neve Hall and Micah Ward are Sans Murs operatives, documenting cases of the Nation’s human rights violations as escapees arrive. On the other, Isla Pryce has begun a ruthless mission to purge the Nation of Sufferers who, like Micah, have been unfaithful to their vows.
Then she arrives: Blythe Thatcher, a mysterious young woman on the run from Isla’s vicious Inquisition Board. In Blythe, Neve sees a way to help Sans Murs further its cause—and rid the Nation of its callous Suffering system once and for all. But when the Nation uncovers their plan, the struggle that started as a flicker quickly turns to fire, and only Neve and Micah can extinguish the flame.





Love Gaia: The Diary Directive by TL Clark

Love Gaia: The Diary Directive by TL Clark

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Genre – Dystopian

Page Count – 258 pages

Cover Designer – Robin Ludwig

Goodreads – https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/53439055-love-gaia

The future is history!

To avoid repeating the mistakes of the past, Aroha and her classmates must learn harsh lessons.

Having led a sheltered life, their history is shocking. Nobody should have to endure what Dr. Rachel and her inmates were put through. Yet it was seemingly necessary.

The burden of responsibility lies heavily upon their shoulders.

Remember to maintain, “Honesty, Respect, Fortitude,” as you read this thrilling and agonising tale of devastation, survival and hope.

– A post-nuclear war, dystopian vs. utopian, environmental romance

NB/Mature content

Not suitable for those with claustrophobia

The events in this book are supposed to be fictional


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TL Clark is an award-winning, best-selling British author who stumbles through life as if it were a gauntlet of catastrophes.

Rather than playing the victim, she uses these unfortunate events to fuel her passion for writing, for reaching out to help others.

She writes about different kinds of love in the hope that she‘ll uncover its mysteries.

 Her loving husband (and very spoiled cat) have proven to her that true love really does exist.

Writing has shown her that coffee may well be the source of life.