Seen by Lori Nelson

Seen by Lori Nelson
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Genre – Dystopian, Sci-Fi
Page Count – 363
Cover Designer – Daniel E

Mouse is three months from her 16th birthday, a legal adult, and she still has an idealistic belief about family. Working as an intern at a local newspaper with her older brother Meph, to drive her around and protect her, she wants to write a news article that will get her hired when she graduates high school in the spring. She thinks she found the perfect story until it leads her to a dark alley where she records a member of her beloved family murdering a young girl. Unwilling to believe that her own beloved family member could commit such a crime in cold blood she hides the recording, especially when she learns that victims of crimes must pay for the help received down to the cost of bullets used. Before she can figure out what to do, she is kidnapped. 

The captors let it slip that her father arranged Mouse’s abduction for a kidnap and ransom insurance scheme that he’s been running, and he doesn’t want her back, leaving her feeling like she can trust no one.

Rescued from the kidnappers Mouse must figure out how to get evidence of the story to her mentor at the news firm. Meanwhile her father hasn’t given up on the ransom scheme. At the family residence, the kidnappers find other victims and now Mouse’s older brother, Meph, must decide between protecting Mouse from his father’s vengeance or rescuing his young daughter. Their father is narrowing in on Mouse’s location to kill her before she can release the video and ruin him.


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Lori Nelson was born and raised in California but was drawn to a small-town in MN where she met her best friend who later became her husband. Lori currently works in the financial department of a vendor that partners with a major tech company that is in everyone’s household. She spends all her free time writing or coming up with new character ideas and plots when she doesn’t have one of her three furbabies (cats) sitting on her keyboard.

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