Snow in Love by Libby Kay

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Snow in Love by Libby Kay
Genre – Holiday, Contemporary Romance
Page Count – 100
Cover Designer – Fantasia Frog Designs

Christmas is Sienna Markum’s favorite time of year. From the tinsel and traditions to the down time with family, all Sienna wants is a break from training. The Paralympics are months away, and she’s set on winning Alpine gold.

Connor Shoemaker has no plans for Christmas, other than train for the Paralympics. A motocross accident took one of his legs – and all of his confidence. Connor doesn’t think anything can get his old mojo back, until he meets Sienna.

Sienna was told her training would be private, but soon, she starts to warm up to her new training partner. Bad boy Connor is more than meets the eye. When her Christmas plans fall through, Sienna finds the best present under the tree – Connor.

But is Sienna willing to balance her training with a shot at love?

Can Connor find his confidence again, off and on the slopes?

Together, these two will learn there is more to life than skiing. And it looks a whole lot like love.

Fans of sports romances like Icebreaker by Hannah Grace, and The Wall of Winnipeg and Me by Mariana Zapata will love the enemies to lovers and forced proximity tropes in Libby Kay’s books. SNOW IN LOVE will have you snuggling up and enjoying hot cocoa by the fire. A perfect cold weather read!


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Libby Kay lives in the city in the heart of the Midwest with her husband. When she’s not writing, Libby loves reading romance novels of any kind. Stories of people falling in love nourish her soul. Contemporary or Regency, sweet or hot, as long as there is a happily ever after – she’s in love!

When not surrounded by books, Libby can be found baking in her kitchen, binging true crime shows, or on the road with her husband, traveling as far as their bank account will allow.

Writing is a solitary job, and Libby loves to hear from readers. Reach out and review her stories anytime. She’d love to hear from you. Libby’s debut novella, “Snow in Love” releases November 22, 2022. Libby’s debut novel, and the first in her Buckeye Falls series, “Falling Home” releases December 20, 2022.

Author Interview with Libby Kay



Kamana Wanalaya by Susan Renee

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Kamana Wanalaya by Susan Renee
Genre – Holiday, Contemporary Romance
Page Count – 275
Cover Designer – Jack’d Up Covers

What could be more fun than spending a week in Hawaii right before the holidays?

I’ll tell you.

Inviting the grumpiest stranger I’ve never met to join me.

She is Tenley Shay, the voice behind TJ ON PAR, a podcast for Practical Adult Relationships, who spends her days touting her disapproval of love and the practicality of remaining a single-bell for life.

When I, as my Love Guru persona, publish an article about spending a week at a couple’s retreat at my favorite Hawaiian resort, she’s quick to pass on her cynicism. So, I’m calling her bluff and inviting her on an all-expense paid trip to the Kamana Wanalaya Resort for a little R&R before the holidays.

If I can’t get her to fall in love, I’ll donate to her podcast.

But once we finally meet and are coupled together for the week, I find myself attracted to her feisty antics and her twisted sense of humor. Now I think I might be in way over my head.

Can I really ask the world’s biggest relationship cynic to risk everything, forget about her thoughts on love and take a real chance, with me?


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Susan Renee wants to live in a world where paint doesn’t smell, Hogwarts is open twenty-four/seven, and everything is covered in glitter. An indie romance author, Susan has written about everything from tacos to tow-trucks, loves writing romantic comedies but also enjoys creating an emotional angsty story from time to time. She lives in Ohio with her husband, kids, two dogs and a cat. Susan holds a Bachelor and Masters Degree in Music Education and a self-awarded Doctorate in Sass and Sarcasm. She enjoys laughing at memes, speaking in GIFs and spending an entire day jumping down the TikTok rabbit hole. When she’s not writing or playing the role of Mom, her favorite activity is doing the Care Bear stare with her closest friends.

Author Interview with Susan Renee



The Perfect Mrs. Claus by Barbara Matteson

The Perfect Mrs. Claus by Barbara Matteson
Genre – Contemporary Romance, Christmas, Holiday
Page Count – 244
Cover Designer – Marianne Nowicki
Savannah Brady is a fifty-three year-old woman who is far from perfect. Most days she feels zombie-like, walking through life merely existing, but not living. Her husband tragically died a few years prior, and her son moved to Switzerland for a job opportunity in the spring, leaving Savannah on her own for the first time in her life. On a blustery autumn afternoon, Savannah ambles to her favorite lunchtime haunt, Howardson’s Emporium, to browse the Halloween sale aisles when a chance encounter with one of the store’s employees changes her life in ways she never thought imaginable, inviting her to become the Perfect Mrs. Claus. This brings the possibility of romance, all within the charm of a Christmas wonderland where holiday dreams and wishes really could come true.


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Author Interview with Barbara Matteson



A Crossbow Christmas by Ann Swann

A Crossbow Christmas by Ann Swann
Genre – Contemporary Romance, Christmas, Holiday
Page Count – 286
Cover Designer – Marianne Nowicki

 The pandemic knocked Carina flat. Now that she is home from a months-long hospital stay, she hopes to have a big family Christmas. But no one seems to care. Her husband is working out of town and her grown children are scattered all around the country. The only one who seems to understand is a young man in her grief group. He offers her his family cabin in the mountains of Colorado. There, she is guaranteed to have a white Christmas, something she hasn’t had in a long time. She writes about it in her journal, trying to convince herself she can do it alone. But it still doesn’t seem possible. She isn’t adventurous, she’s always been everyone else’s caregiver. Could she really do something so extravagant just for herself? Could she really write herself a Christmas?


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Ann has been a writer since junior high school, but to pay the bills she’s waited tables, delivered newspapers, cleaned other people’s houses, taught school, and even had a short stint as a secretary in a rock-n-roll radio station. She also worked as a 911 operator and a police dispatcher. 

Ann’s stories began to win awards in her college days. Since then she’s published novels, novellas, and short stories. But even if no one ever bought another book, Ann wouldn’t stop writing. For her it’s the cathartic pause in a sometimes-crazy world. Most of the time, it even keeps her sane.

Author Interview with Ann Swann



A Christmas to Remember by 5 Prince Publishing

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Genre – Holiday Romance
Page Count – 600
Cover Designer – Marianne Nowicki

Christmas to Remember is a collection of seven holiday romances written by authors of 5 Prince Publishing.MISTLETOE MEMORIES by Bernadette MarieA ROCKY MOUNTAIN ROMANCE by Jessica MehringCOPPER PENNY CHRISTMAS by Ann SwannMERRY MIX-UPS by Emily BybeeFALLING FOR CHRISTMAS by Amy L. GaleCHRISTMAS PIZZO by Emerysn KaneTHE MRS. CLAUSE by S.J. Reisner


MISTLETOE MEMORIES by Bernadette Marie

Only a Christmas miracle could make them work together again.

Gretchen and Levi were good together once, romantically and professionally. But competition isn’t always good for the soul.

Now, years later, Gretchen is determined to beat Levi in the holiday baking competition that will put her in front of a global audience. 

But when a rival bakery tries to sabotage the competition, Gretchen and Levi will have to work together to salvage their creations, and their reputations–and maybe their past.



They made a deal, but falling in love was never part of the bargain.

Natalie Watkins, owner of Watkins Tree Farm, the premiere Christmas tree farm in Evergreen Falls, finds her farm as well as half the town’s businesses in jeopardy when big-city businessman, Gabriel Carter, buys the savings and loan. With the residents of Evergreen Falls angered and threating to take their business elsewhere, Gabriel makes a deal with Natalie to help him win over the townspeople and in exchange help her grow business for her tree farm. While attending Evergreen Fall’s holiday events together, they both get more than they bargained for when unexpected feelings emerge. Will Gabriel fall for the charm of Evergreen Falls or will Natalie and Gabriel fall for each other?



Some surprises are better than others. 

Randi thought she would get a big, fat ring for Christmas, instead she got a big, fat surprise. Who knew her beau of three years had decided to sample the wares of the cupcake cutie in the BabyCakes shop down the road? Now he wants to reconcile, but a new friend at the vet clinic where Randi works may have other plans for the holiday. Maybe it will be a Copper Penny Christmas instead. 


THE MRS. CLAUSE by S.J. Reisner

It’s going to take a Christmas miracle for Abby to escape the Mrs. Clause.

I’m Abby Preston and I’m in need of a few elves.

At thirty-four, I’m trying to start my own business, fend off my parents’ attempt at matchmaking, and avoid a relentless old flame who thinks we can pick up where we left off after he cheated on me. All the while, the clause in my grandfather’s will, that I need to be married or at least engaged by my thirty-fifth Christmas to claim my inheritance, looms over me. That money could really help my new business. 

Just when my ex is starting to look like an option again, Gary has to walk into my life and make things complicated. He’s funny, attentive, attractive, and generous, and so poor that my family would never accept him. So, of course, I fall for him immediately. When he asks me to help him out by being his Mrs. Claus at a local children’s hospital where he plays Santa Claus every year, of course I say yes. But my thirty-fifth Christmas is only twenty days away, my ex, Luke, is the jealous type, my parents love to meddle, and I’m pretty sure my inheritance is toast.

Only some of Santa’s magic can fix my life.



To work together, it’ll take a Christmas miracle.

Once a popular jewelry designer in Manhattan, Amity Green is now picking up the pieces of her broken life in a small Rocky Mountain town. All she wants is to figure out the next right step to reviving her career, and to not be a burden to her very pregnant sister who is kindly letting Amity stay in her home. The last thing Amity needs is to get involved with a local—but Hank Drummond is proving to be a hard man to resist. Hank loves living in the small mountain town, and Amity is looking for her ticket out. It would take a Christmas miracle to hold them together.


MERRY MIX-UPS by Emily Bybee

Will a second chance at love be under the tree? 

Max would do anything for his best friend, Brad. Anything except date a kleptomaniac. His grandparents raised him with a firm set of morals and rules. But Brad’s fiancée insists on the double date.

Cassi is freshly moved back to Denver after a bad break-up. She’s hesitant about her first date in a year, especially a blind date, but her best friend, Becca, pushes until she agrees. 

Half way through a colossal flop of a double date, Max has no interest in seeing Cassi again, and vice versa. But in a twist of fate, Becca and Brad announce they’ve moved up their wedding to Christmas Eve. Three weeks away. As the best man and the maid of honor, Max and Cassi are stuck together wedding planning. Cassi is funny, kind, and—much as Max doesn’t want to admit it—beautiful. Problem is, he can’t forget the stories about Cassi’s days in college as an unchecked kleptomaniac. 

Cassi tries to make the best of the situation. Much as she tries to connect with the handsome man she’s forced to work with, nothing she says seems to be right. One minute they’re having great conversation and the next he’s a complete ass. 

Then it hits her. He has to know about her past. The single night that drove her out of the state and still haunts her. With the wedding looming and a lonely Christmas on the horizon, emotions are high. And emotions don’t always follow the rules.



The Christmas Pizzo was due, but their hearts had something else in mind. 


I always wanted Sal but knew that Mama and Papa would never allow it, especially since they had gotten so involved in the Adiopizzo movement. It was my job to simply pay the pizzo and keep the Baldinotti’s happy. Not even the magic of Christmas could change their minds.  


Val was the only girl that ever made me feel comfortable with who I was. But I knew that Papa would never approve. My only business with her was to collect the pizzo. Somehow, I ended up collecting her heart instead.


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