Last Train Home (Home, #1) by Megan Nugen Isbell – Review by Nicole Alamillo

Last Train Home (Home, #1)Last Train Home by Megan Nugen Isbell
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Last Train Home ( The Home Series:Book One )
By Megan Nugen Isbell
5/5 Stars

Last train home is the first book, in the Home series. And let me tell ya, I’m hooked!! This is my first time reading a book by Megan. But it definitely won’t be my last either!!
I got sucked into this emotional roller coaster of a book, from the very beginning. I truly couldn’t put it down for the life of me. It truly brought me back to my high school days.
Megan has such a phenomenal way of connecting you to the characters. You feel everything they are going through. Every. Single. Emotion. It’s quite amazing actually!! To feel such a connection to a bunch of fictional characters… it’s wonderful!!
Riley Regas is your everyday, normal seventeen year old girl. She is getting ready to start her senior year of high school,in her hometown Boston. Until her mom drops a huge bomb on her …. they’re moving to Carver, Kansas. Her mother’s hometown,where she grew up and her family is currently living there.
To say Riley isn’t pleased is quite the understatement of the year! She is angry, bitter and downright mean to her mom.
But she grows to like the school and her amazing group of friends Holly,Mandy,Laura,Brandon and Jesse. Together they make some great memories and have a great time.
Just when Riley thinks things are going wonderfully, a single bad decision changes it all. She has to face some difficult choices. And during this difficult time, she finds out who her friends are and who matters the most in her life.
High school can be the best four years of your teenage life. But it also brings a lot of different emotions and feelings. I honestly think this book ( and series ) conveyed it perfectly. We have all been there during our high school days. You understand what the characters are feeling.
I truly love his series ( and characters. ) I can not wait to see what the second book has in store for me. Outstanding job Megan!!

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Suddenly Us by Marie Skye – Review by Debi Kircher

Suddenly UsSuddenly Us by Marie Skye
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Suddenly Us by Marie Skye
5 stars

This is my first book by this author and I guarantee won’t be my last. There is a lot in this story that I loved but the best part is she hit on one of my favorite characters, the ultimate strong Alpha Male!

Hawkins, ex military suffering from PTSD due to a failed mission that is haunting him every day of his life and every relationship in his life. One failed marriage that just won’t go away and a job in security protecting the girlfriend of a very rich extremely protective man.

Gwen, the best friend of the girlfriend Hawkins is hired to protect. Suffering herself from the lowest self esteem brought on by a 5 year abusive relationship and an equally bad break up, that also will just not go away, not to mention a severely non supportive family.

Gwen and Hawkins first meet and there is an undeniable attraction. Each tries to fight it because neither believes they deserve it or that it could be real. Gwen enters the dating world meeting in person a man she met online, unaware that her best friend asked Hawkins to dine at the same restaurant and keep an eye out. This first date ended as quick as it started as he fell into the same loser category, enter Hawkins who goes into protective mode immediately. Although they both try to fight the attraction what lies ahead for both of them is undeniable. Can they find their way to each other through both their haunted pasts? Can he convince her she deserves to be put first instead of second best. Can she help him through his haunted memories and be able to handle his guilt of a failed mission that he is determined to make right?

There are so many obstacles these two have to deal with in this story. Each one caught me off guard and when you think you know what’s going to happen and you have the story figured out Marie Skye tears that rug right out from underneath you. I absolutely adored the secondary characters in this book, and hope that I can read more about them in the future, as well as these two characters that tore my heart out through every page. I fell in love with both of them. He definitely has been added to my favorite book boyfriends list, and she while battling the lowest self esteem still had the strength to push his buttons at every turn. The story is beyond fantastic, and I especially loved that there were just enough sizzling hot sex scenes to make the storyline front and center. Loved it and it has all ready been added to my to be read again file.

Review b y @debikircher

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A Keeper’s Destiny (Portal Prophecies Book 1) by C.A. King- Review by Emma Haverstock

A Keeper's Destiny (The Portal Prophecies #1)A Keeper’s Destiny by C.A. King
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

The Portal Prophecies: A Keeper’s Destiny is a wonderful syfy adventure story for all ages. It the first book in the Portal Prophecies series begins in a magical world where everyone has their own special talent but no one knows exactly what it will be until they reach 16 cycles. The Council and their families are set above everyone else and are mostly concerned with their own pleasures and entertainment. The talents of others are only there to be exploited by the oppressive leaders. Reading and learning are considered unnecessary but listening to the storyteller is on everyone’s list of favorite activities. However, some stories have much more truth than the Council would like the people to believe. Willow has had voices in her head ever since she can remember and they have always looked out for her and helped her make sense of her world.
Willow and her friends are suddenly shifted from life filled with normal teenage woes to a terrifying, enigmatic world they can hardly comprehend. Each person needs to stretch their abilities far beyond what they ever imagined if they hope to make it through the disasters predicted in a mysterious book called “The Portal Prophecies”. Understanding the prophecies is vital but when each one can mean different things to different people how can you know which interpretation is correct? Trusting in new abilities and new friends, Willow and her people prepare for the worst.
A Keeper’s Destiny is written mostly from the main character Willow’s point of view. I love that Willow is confident in herself and isn’t a stereotypical female character. My favorite parts of the book are people trying to describe what is normal to them to someone else who has no idea what they are talking about. The book ends with a gloriously tantalizing cliff hanger and I cannot wait to read the next book in this six part series.

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Here Without You by Jennifer L. Allen – Review by Sue Kemp

Here Without YouHere Without You by Jennifer L. Allen

Here Without You
Author Jennifer L. Allen
5 Stars

Five Years Previously
Anna and her sister Ronnie were out shopping for Ronnie’s prom dress. Anna loved the clothes that Ronnie always picked and used her fashion sense when it came to picking her own clothing. After the dress had been picked Ronnie wanted to go buy a new lipstick and the girls decided to meet up for coffee in the mall. Before Anna left the shop, she got a phone call from Ryan her boyfriend, he was telling her he missed her and could he crash the girl day out. All was quiet in the mall with the shopper doing their own thing when gun shots rang out sending people scattering for safety. Suddenly Anna felt some one on top of her and struggled until she realised it was Ryan laying his body over hr to protect her. When the shooting was, all done Anna saw, Ronnie laying on the ground injured. This day would change everyone’s lives.

Five Years Later
Not being able to cope with what had happened Anna left her family and Ryan breaking his heart. Anna was now living in Seattle she missed her family and Ryan a lot. One night on her at home she heard a man’s voice calling her name, ignoring it she continued to walk to the bus stop when she heard the voice again realizing it was Ryan of all people. Ryan was dismayed as how she looked, and asked her if she wanted something to eat and drink but she told him no. To get her out of the cold her took her back to his hotel where they sat in the lobby talking. Anna suddenly burst into tears telling Ryan she wanted to go home, he thought she meant to her apartment but in fact she meant Lakeside. That wasn’t a problem for Ryan he told her he would take her after his friend wedding.

Anna and Ryan re-established their relationship and knew that the love they had for each other had never gone away. Anna was counting down the days until Ryan was coming back state side and decided to surprise him at the airport. However, the surprise would be on her. What she didn’t know was that Ryan had a little girl, he wanted to tell her face to face but she saw him hug the little girl and a woman she assumed to be his wife. Thinking he was married she angry and upset and left the airport. Ryan could not work out why he had not heard from her and went to hr college and saw her walking with another man. Both are angry with each other; would they be able to get through this and would Anna take Ryan back when he finally tells her about Charlotte his daughter and Kelsey his little girls mother.

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The Wanderer (The Sin Bin, #1) by Dahlia Donovan – Review by Jenni Bishop

The Wanderer (The Sin Bin, #1)The Wanderer by Dahlia Donovan
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Graham Hodson is home for his best mates wedding and sees something he likes but he has never been one to stay in one place for too long. He loves his friends, family and his life and lives for his job. He has lived his life to find the next travel adventure it is his obsession. Graham’s fears from the past have kept him moving from one exotic place to the next, never settling down and keeping him from forming a meaningful relationship, with being with one person longer than necessary.

Boyce “BC” Brooks messed up and lost everything, his lifelong dream of being the captain of a national rugby team is no longer a reality. He finds himself the innkeeper of a little place in Cornwall left to him by his uncle. But is he happy? He has his friends but not a relationship, not that he does relationships, does he?

BC and Graham meet and slowly find themselves in a relationship without the other realising how it happened. Their relationship is full of humour, laughter and love. They also find themselves having to deal with an illness that no one saw coming and that will change their lives forever.

Can they put aside their pasts and move on? Can they survive the trials of a terrible illness? Will they find lasting love? Will BC find new dreams? Will Graham return to the life he loves? Is there new adventures around the corner? Will home be enough?

I found myself laughing out loud at BC’s and Graham’s antics and found myself in tears whilst taking the tough road with them. I loved their banter with each other and that with the other characters. It is truly engaging and fun to read but at the same time so tender and sweet. It is a beautiful story that definitely pulls on your heart. You will not want to put it down. This is a must read and I look forward to reading more from this author.

Reviewed by @jennadb

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The Demon Inside by M.L. Sparrow – Review by Jenni Bishop

The Demon InsideThe Demon Inside by M.L. Sparrow
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Darcy and Alec are normal teenagers who are enjoying their life, enjoying falling in love and looking forward to their future together and wherever life takes them. However on a nice night out they never expected their lives to change in the blink of an eye but that is exactly what happened. That was the night when strange lights began streaking across the sky, like a meteor storm and came crashing to the ground. Mayhem came with them and from them came creatures that infected the human race changing them into soulless cannibals, animals causing death and destruction in their wake.

In that one night they lost everything single thing except for a hand full of those closest to her, her younger sister, her best friend, the dog and Alec’s alcoholic father. After deciding that they could no longer stay where they were as it was no longer safe, they packed up and headed off to try to find a safer haven. After many long days and terrifying nights they find themselves in front of a place they could maybe finally make their new home. A place where hopefully the vile creatures would not stumble upon any time in the near future.

What happens when the world is no longer one you recognise? Have they found a safe place? How will they learn to survive? Will they survive themselves let alone the creatures? Will the world ever recover? Do they find more than they bargained for? What happens when the threat is now closer to home than they thought? What happens when the evil looks just like your family, your friends the one you love?

This book is for Young Adults with a hankering for Sci Fi, Zombies, bloodshed, chaos, action packed, with a little hope and romance. It is a book about survival and just how far you are willing to go to ensure that the ones you love are safe. It has an ended that no one sees coming. To me this book is similar to the Walking Dead, so if you enjoy that you will enjoy this.

Reviewed by @jennadb

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Unwilling (Unwilling #1) by K.D. Wood – Review by Jenni Bishop

Unwilling (Unwilling #1)Unwilling by K.D. Wood
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Neely McIntire and Hayden Nelson have been best friends since forever and have just graduated from high school. After graduation Neely has plans to tell him just exactly how she feels about him but after a fight and saying the wrong things, leaves Neely feeling extremely angry and unsure of herself so she decides that she will keep her secret for now.

Andrew Huckley has been secretly in love with Neely McIntire his whole life. He has tried to get his hands on Neely for so many years and she has always said no to this very strange and creepy boy and to all his attempts at asking her out. Yet Neely feeling lonely and vulnerable after her fight with Hayden and she finally gives in and finally accepts a dance with him but little does she know she has already become a part of a very sick and evil monster’s plan.

Neely does the one thing no one saw coming and pushes Hayden away from her but he is refusing to give in and throw it all away and won’t, will not stop at nothing to get her back, even if it means the end of the earth.

Will Hayden be able to let the one person he loves go? Will he find the truth and Neely in time to stop the horrors thrust upon her? Will Neely be forever changed? Will Hayden be able to cope with everything going on? Will Hayden be changed forever? Are there really monsters in the world or a world we know nothing about?

This story is definitely original and took me to places I would never have expected in a million years. I have many mixed emotions about the story and the characters but I was unable to put the book down until I knew what happened next. What started as a teenage romance soon turned into a story that definitely left my skin crawling and my heart in my throat every step of the way. If you love paranormal then this book is one you will want to get your hands on.

Reviewed by @jennadb

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Beneath the Secrets (Enigma #5) by Shandi Boyes – Review by Jana Teppih

Beneath the Secrets (Enigma #5)Beneath the Secrets by Shandi Boyes
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Beneath the Secrets is the fifth book in Shandi Boyes’ Engima series and it is the first part of Hugo’s story (I am not really happy that the writer split his book, I would totally have been happy like a clam with a 600-700-page story, just saying!). You could read this story as a standalone and maybe it is smart to do so as then you are not haunted by what you have learnt about Hugo in the previous Engima books but on the other hand, you get much better understanding of some of the other characters if you have read the first books.
I knew that Hugo had his own story to tell and I thought I might have some sort of idea after having read all of the previous Enigma books but oh boy, was I setting the bar low! It was the case of that what people show you is very far from what is actually going on behind the ‘walls’, why do I keep getting surprised?!
Hugo’s story was a very emotional story to read, I have to say that his story is probably more gut wrenching than Isaac and Izzy’s story! (Sacrilege, I know!) Hugo is battling demons and at times they win, Ava has her own baggage that brings along its own challenges … nothing is straight forward here!
I cried and I laughed and mostly I cried … The story gets its claws into you and does not let go! I really do hope that the writer will not keep us waiting too long for the second part of the story! Do a favor and read it! You will not regret it!

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Light of Dawn (The Crucible Series Book 2) by Angela Colsin – Review by Sheri Schrader

Light of Dawn (The Crucible Series Book 2)Light of Dawn by Angela Colsin
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Light of Dawn by Angela Colsin is the second book in The Crucible series. This is a standalone book which is great because I had not read the first book in the series. I will now go back and read the first one because I enjoyed this one so much. This is the story of a draconian mercenary, Ulric Dra’Kai, who is in search of a curse box. Charlotte Mulligan is brought into his life, by way of advice to Ulric. Charlotte is stubborn and smart. She has not only caught the eye of Ulric but possibly his heart.
As well as looking for the box, Ulric is searching for his destine mate. Lots of adventures ensue with Ulric trying to protect Charlotte while on the hunt for the curse box. As they are drawn together Ulric worries how she could be his mate. He is immortal and his mate should be immortal also. There is something different about Charlotte and gives Ulric hope for her continuing in his life past this mission. The two of them go against vampires who are hunting Charlotte while trying to keep the curse box and Charlotte safe.
I enjoyed this story. A steamy romance, vampires, supernatural, and more. This was a great balance of story, action, and romance. I was drawn into the story quickly and looked forward to reading to learn more about the story of Ulric and Charlotte. I look forward to reading more from this author and from this series.

Review by @sherimichelle1

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Unwilling (Unwilling #1) by K.D. Wood – Review by Jana Teppih

Unwilling (Unwilling #1)Unwilling by K.D. Wood
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Unwilling is the first book in the paranormal trilogy by K. D. Wood. The synopsis was intriguing but in no way did it prepare me for what this story really is about!
The beginning was crazy, you start thinking what the heck is going on and then come the first couple of chapters and it seems to be an angsty young adult romance with Neely and Hayden but then boom, it goes haywire and you are pulled in by the words on the page and you cannot put the book down and suddenly you notice that it is already past midnight and you need to go to work next day and you say hell with it and just continue … until … you … get … to … the … end … and ask yourself when can I read the second book?! And then you check and you see that the rest of the trilogy has been published as well and you have to take a very difficult decision – you need to go to sleep to go to work and plan a reading binge for the weekend!
I have never read anything by this writer before but I need to say that this one, this paranormal romance is a bomb, it pulls you in and doesn’t let go! Seriously, get a copy and plan an evening, no plan a weekend because once you finish Unwilling you want to read the following two like I did! You will not regret it!

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