Lights, Camera, Action (Paranormal Talent Agency, #1) by Heather Silvio – Review by Idelisses Torres

Lights, Camera, Action (Paranormal Talent Agency, #1) 

4 Stars
The characters are fun and interesting, the story line is very cute, and this book is a fast read. So for me a great combination. A talent agency a an d an empath the main character solves a murder mystery, this is book 1, and I hope there’s a book 2 is in the wings.

The Chosen: Book One: The Orb Quest Series by Cari Shaeffer – Review by Idelisses Torres

The Chosen (The Orb Quest Series, #1) 

5 Stars
John Timothy Allie and Gemma have things in common that no one they are aware have in common. Having been friends for a long time they are still not prepared for why they have those things in common. I mean how many kids in high school find out they are destined to save the world or at least fight for it. They are now on a quest to find objects that have disappeared and the clock is ticking.
This was a book meant for youth readers but I adored it. Very clean and adventurous. I recommend it to anyone will to cross the divide.

FORTITUDE by Carrie Dalby – Review by Idelisses Torres


4 Stars


Claire is a young woman with an open heart making a journey into a situation she is not ready for. This book is named well and when you see Claire’s trials you will understand why. She is a beautifully written Character. And in a time where racism is rampant. She embodies what most people should be today. The story is well told and Claire truly shines. She is daring smart and fortified with God and the brain he gave her. I think what surprised me is that the religious aspect of this book is subtle and woven in seamlessly, it’s well done. I definitely recommend this clean novel and hope that this author written another one.

Burning Britely by Deidre Huesmann – Review by Idelisses Torres

Burning Britely 

5 Stars


A really sweet coming of age type novelette with romance and lots of angst. The book has fantastically written characters that are relatable and some super sarcasm. I blasted through this book in 2 hours. Jeff is a really cool nerdy character who is only 52% gay. ( I love that line.) Maya is an awesome supporting character. And this book deserves more reads!! I just noticed that there is a book 2 and I’m celebrating to my self. My only and biggest complaint is that it not long enough. I would really like to see some of the story from Braeden’s perspective too.

WTF, God?: Understanding God in the Midst of Transition by Michelle N. Onuorah – Review by Idelisses Torres

WTF, God?: Understanding God in the Midst of Transition by Michelle N. Onuorah

4 Stars


In the forward of this book, the author says that she is a millennial and would not apologize for it. Man, is she! Although her writing is charismatic, she dose a lot of complaining in this book. And although I see the point she is making, I just can’t understand how her most of her trials we so crippling. Her journey seems mild and far from a reason to say Wtf God. She also says that everyone journey is different, but the Beginning of the book seems vapid, however it improves. She definitely has a lesson in faith, and although I really couldn’t relate to her struggles, her relationship with god saved this book. She makes valid points from a perspective that is very different, at least to me. Although the book didn’t resonate with me I know some with whom it might.

There Be Demons by M.K. Theodoratus – Review by Idelisses Torres

There Be Demons by M.K. Theodoratus

This book is youth fiction, that grabs you and drags you right into the story! I loved it. Clean urban fantasy that was really enjoyable and exciting. There are Demons, Gargoyles, Angels, and teenage high school students, so a little for everyone. The story is an adventure. I like Brit and Gillen even though there relationship is bumpy because Brit takes no one at their word and thinks outside the box she makes his job hard but they learn and protect. Her natural skills and smart crew make her and the gargoyle gang dynamic in their objective and their desire to keep humans safe. I definitely advise that you give this book a try, adult or young adult. Looking forward to book 2.

Vortex by Kimberly Packard – Review by Idelisses Torres

Vortex by Kimberly Packard

This story is about storm chasers with a cast of characters that run the gambit, from nurse to gambling tour guide. They all take an active and meandering part in the story, which was written with skill and talent. It was an interesting read especially when the author describes the storms and close calls. Very thrilling. Elaina is a doctoral student, writing her dissertation on tornados with her best friend and fellow doctoral student Heath. With paranormal elements, it’s a twisty story that keeps you turning pages. All of the sudden weather has become exciting. I enjoyed this book and hope to read more from this author.

Deepest Midnight (The Immortal Kindred Series #1) by Clara Winter – Review by Idelisses Torres

Deepest Midnight (The Immortal Kindred Series #1) by Clara Winter

Millicent carries a torch for someone she lost over two hundred years ago. She not the easiest person to live with, often melancholy.
Meeting someone who could be her lost love, rips into emotions, that she hasn’t felt in decades. A dash of history and some hot guys, make this novelette interesting. Millicent, will do whatever it takes rediscover love and keep it. Discovering a long standing betrayal and manipulation, she will no longer let anyone get in her way.