Hagen (Big Series Book #1) by Janice M. Whiteaker – Review by Angela Hayes

Hagen (Big, #1)Hagen by Janice M. Whiteaker
My rating: 5 of 5 stars


Hagen is the first book in the Big series by Janice M. Whiteaker. What a fun and original story this turned out to be. It is a paranormal romance with Bigfoot playing a leading role! It was funny, emotional, and very steamy.
Rhea is a 28-year-old camera operator who has travelled all the way to the Appalachian Mountains for a job that she hopes will be the big break she has been dreaming of. She meets up with the director and the rest of the crew at the bed and breakfast that they will be using as their headquarters during filming. They are making a documentary about Bigfoot, which means hiking into the forested mountain to try and capture their prey on film. This project will require them to camp out overnight as well. They have hired a local to guide them into the wilderness and to help keep them safe. When Rhea first lays eyes on the guide she knew immediately he had the power to break her. There is definitely something different about him that intrigues her, and she is determined to work out what it is.
Hagen feels cursed and thinks fate has robbed him of the chance of a normal life. This has left him a little bitter and lonely. Now he is going to be stuck in the woods babysitting a bunch of city slickers with plans on capturing convincing footage of Bigfoot’s existence. Not if he has anything to do with it. But having Rhea in close proximity for the whole time, as well as a meddling mother and an old prophecy to contend with- does he really stand a change at remaining indifferent and standoffish? What happens when BOTH their secrets are revealed?
This is my first paranormal story with Bigfoot and I can honestly say it was fantastic. I really enjoyed getting to know Hagen and Rhea and following their journey. Now I can’t wait to dive into book two.

Thank you, Ms. Whiteaker!


Reviewed by @angelahayes


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Hagen (Big Series # 1) by Janice M. Whiteaker – Review by Chantelle Smith

Hagen (Big, #1)Hagen by Janice M. Whiteaker
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Hagen is book 1 in the Big series from author Janice M. Whiteaker. This is my first read from this author but it most definitely will not be my last! She has written a read that is captivating and compelling with some amazing characters and a brilliant storyline that you couldn’t help but enjoy from start to finish! I can’t wait to see what else this author brings to this series.

This book was suspenseful, fast paced & thrilling, it has romance, passion, sexiness. This is an amazing imaginative read that hooks you from the beginning and brings you on this amazing rollercoaster filled ride, with incredible characters such as Rhea and Hagen, Jarrik & Stewart. I don’t think I couldn’t wish for a more brilliant paranormal, sexy read than this.

From the get-go I loved Rhea, you could tell she was going to be an independent, strong women who will go after what she wants. I also like that we got that added extra of Rhea and her special abilities. She awakens them more with being in Greenlee and develops them to be more powerful.
You can tell Greenlee will be a place that will be central to everything thing that occurs in Rhea and Hagen journey, improving it and helping out others that have it tough.

We do get thrown a couple of twist and that we don’t expect but I’m glad that everything works out in the end!

But her dynamic with Hagen straight off the bat is what got me even more invested into this story! The chemistry that is between Hagen & Rhea is instantaneous, yet they both his it from one another, that is until it gets too powerful for them to don’t. you can’t help but fall for Hagen yourself, he is sexy, powerful, strong & your typical alpha male he is caring, considerate and shows more compassion and feeling than others which makes him perfect. At first you think he is just a broody male but after you find out his story and what he has given up and suppresses you can’t help but live him more and feel his pain! I can’t help but route for Rhea and Hagen throughout this entire read, They just seem perfect together and that they could really make a difference together and to top it off they have undeniable passion!

This is an incredible start to a series with some amazing characters, I hope this isn’t the last we hear from Hagen & Rhea, and that they continue to get the HEA they both deserve.

Review by @tillytillzz

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