Rush (The Boys of RDA Book 1) by Megan Matthews – Review by Tracy Wilkin

Rush (The Boys of RDA, #1)Rush by Megan Matthews
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Rush begins with me being drawn in immediately. Aspen literally falls at Finn’s feet. Gosh, even their names are hawt!! The story has that zing, already promising to dazzle the reader.
Aspen sells dog food and Finn designs video games. They meet at the apartment complex where they both live. Aspen hasn’t been in San Francisco long, so Finn shows her around a bit. They are getting to know one another, with both of them really liking what they see, so far. Their patience wears thin when their hunger for each other increases. Aspen cannot resist the allure of Finn.
Emotions are high, the wrong conclusions are reached. Aspen feels Finn judged her unfairly and incorrectly, and she let him know that, in no uncertain terms. Finn would give anything for another shot, and even though a tiny little voice tells her to turn away and not look back, she is unable to ignore the heat between them, and is just too attracted to Finn to let him go without a fight.
Finn seems like your typical gamer dude, but holy man, it is a totally different story in the bedroom. He knows what he wants and he knows how to please a woman. He is certainly no alpha male, but he is definately not a spineless wimp, either. He seems to be pretty much everything Aspen wants in a man. She yearns for the chance to spend time with Finn, when he is not jumping to conclusions,that is.
Finn has things that he has been hiding, and when Aspen finds out, she is hurt that she was the last to know. Aspen has never hidden anything from Finn, preferring the honest approach, to the one of omitting information from the person they are trying to build something with. The dynamic between them is a complex one. I always got the feeling that Finn was never totally comfortable with Aspen. Maybe because of all the things he keeps close to his chest was taking it’s toll. It was difficult to get a handle on Finn, whereas Aspen was like an open book. While I love a good mystery, and the challenge of finding out how someone ticks, it is refreshing to read about a character that you know, straight up, how they work, taking the guesswork out and allowing you just to immerse yourself into their fantasy and dream away.
Rush is Book #1 in the Boys of RDA series, and my first time reading this author’s work. The book was highly enjoyable, with a free flowing storyline, as well as characters that provided a great escape into their world. Although parts were sometimes predictable, the book was still
captivating and difficult to put down. A thrill to read and I am looking forward to LAg, Book #2 in the Boys of RDA series.

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Rush (The Boys of RDA Book 1) by Megan Matthews – Review by Heather Lovelace

Rush (The Boys of RDA, #1)Rush by Megan Matthews
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Loved this book! The author does a fantastic job writing what I found to be a fast paced story with compelling characters. The storyline was well developed and richly detailed. The characters were resolute and relatable. I couldn’t put this book down before I finished the last page. I thoroughly enjoyed this book and highly recommend it!

Reviewed by @heatherlovelace

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Rush (The Boys of RDA Series) by Megan Matthews – Review by Kerry Baker

Rush (The Boys of RDA, #1)Rush by Megan Matthews
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Rush by Megan Matthews is the first hook in the Boys of RDA series is. This book is a good start to a new series and is one I will be wanting to read more of.
I do have to say that at times I was a little disappointed with the writing style: it felt like there was something missing almost and I didn’t always connect with it.
However I did enjoy the overall story and I liked what the author did with it. The characters were likeable and easy to ease about. I could tell this was the start of a series and I am hopeful for what is to come out of it.

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Rush (The Boys of RDA Book 1) by Megan Matthews – Review by Jenni Bishop

Rush (The Boys of RDA, #1)Rush by Megan Matthews
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Rush (The Boys of RDA Book 1) by Megan Matthews is sweet story that is light and fun and easy to read. The characters are well developed and made me laugh and they found a way in to my heart. I like Megan’s​ writing style which is inviting and interesting and makes it on hard to put the book down. It is a wonderful romance story that you can’t get enough of. I am loving the best friends and can’t wait to read their stories.

Aspen is upright and the next she isn’t, it seems her knight in shining armour has just saved her from a fate worse than death. Could he be the man of her dreams or is she reading too much into it? Will his past ruin what they could have in the future?

Finn saves the day and finds himself captivated by the girl he has just saved. He once thought he knew what love was but now he is not so sure, but will his past raise its ugly head and ruin all he has ever wanted.

This is the first book by this author and I am definitely looking forward to reading more in this series.

Reviewed by @jennadb

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Rush (The Boys of RDA Book 1) by Megan Matthews 

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Rush (The Boys of RDA Book 1) by Megan Matthews
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Genre – Contemporary Romance
Page Count -248 Pages
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San Francisco is heating up for Aspen Adams this summer.

With grad school under my belt I’m ready to start the next chapter of my life. San Francisco is a brand new city. I have an amazing apartment, a new job, family, and friends to keep me occupied. Life in the city will be easy.

Keep my head down, don’t break any of the ridiculous rules in my lease agreement, get my best friend through her nasty relationship drama, and stick to my five year plan. I’ve got this. Or at least I would if I could figure out why my heart skips a beat every time I see my hot neighbor.

Handsome, funny, and always around right when I need him, Finnegan McRyan is my own personal knight in shining armor. The tousled hair and sexy glasses don’t hurt his appeal either. Finn acts like the perfect man, but there’s something about him that has me questioning if it’s too good to be true.

Can I count on him when it really matters or is Finn using his good guy image to hide the truth?


Megan Matthews writes smutty romance by day and hides behind her secret identity as a responsible Pinterest mom when other parents are around. She believes mornings shouldn’t start until noon and chocolate should be calorie free.

She’ll pick a book over being out in nature every day and once displayed the entire Goosebumps series on her bookshelf. Her taste in reading material has matured and now she prefers her heroes with rippling muscles rather than murderous dummies


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Rush (The Boys of RDA #1) by Megan Matthews – Review by Ashleigh Whitwell

Rush (The Boys of RDA, #1)Rush by Megan Matthews
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Rush is the first in the ‘Boys of RDA’ series by Megan Matthews. Written in first person, we see the story from Aspen’s POV, which I felt really enabled me to connect with her character. This was my first read of this author’s work and I absolutely loved it!

After completing grad school, Aspen is starting a new chapter of her life in San Francisco. She has a new job, new apartment and a solid life-plan; she thinks she has everything under control. A control is exactly what comes with the lease on her new home, along with a list of ridiculous rules she has to follow. Alongside this, her best friend requires support through a nasty break-up, all while sticking to her plan of having no new relationships for the first year in this new city. Everything seems do-able, apart from the last past. Why can’t she seem to control her feelings every time her new neighbour is around? Hot, smart and always around when she needs someone, Finn is like her own personal hero. With a geeky-yet-hot-as-hell style, this video-gamer is not included in Aspen’s life-plan. But while he seems to get more perfect by the day, can Aspen trust he is who he says he is? Or is Finn playing her, just like he plays one of his games?

I’ll go right ahead and say it: I LOVED THIS BOOK. I only stopped reading this book for sleep, and that was because I couldn’t keep my eyes open any longer. I really could not get enough of Aspen, Finn and their relationship. Aspen is one of my favourite I have read this year. She is a strong, independent female lead and I just adore reading these characters. She also had a really interesting backstory and her relationship with her brother, Ben, was one of the highlights of the story for me. Her relationship with her friends was also something that stood out, as so often with romance novels the girl is so in love with her hero, she forgets all about her friends! Yes, I know this happens in real life too, but I just hate to think of people doing this! Aspen was not one of these people, and that only added to her likeability. She felt real, believable and someone I desperately want to be friends with (if we ignore that fact that she doesn’t actually exist).

And I think her character was balanced perfectly with Finn’s. My favourite thing about him? He is not your stereotypical hot-guy hero. He is a video-game playing, computer obsessed geek; and I love this (I realise I love a lot things about Rush). He is totally not what you expect from a romance-story, and this makes the book so unique. While it makes me sad that this is so unusual (I want more geeky heroes!), it’s also what makes Rush so special and enjoyable to read.

Along with these fantastic and well-written characters (supporting ones like Ben, Marissa and Trey included), the story has a brilliant plot; there are some shocking revelations, so be prepared! I also want to do a special shout-out to Jake the driver, as I think he is a majorly underestimated character; I want more Jake! Overall, I really cannot recommend Rush enough. I will definitely be reading the rest of the Boys of RDA series, and urge others to read them too. Thanks to the author for such a fun read!

Review by @ashleighw

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