Player (21st Century Courtesan Book 1) by Pamela DuMOND – Review by Tausha Treadway

Player (21st Century Courtesan #1)Player by Pamela DuMond
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Player ( 21St Century Courtesan Book 1) by Pamela DuMOND. All Evelyn (Evie’s) life she has had to take care of her Mom. Being bipolar she’s remained locked up a lot and its up to Evie to take care of her sister while she’s away. She has finally got her sister in college and she has finished and become a Elementary teacher. The only problem is the bills keep coming and she really doesn’t make enough to meet them all especially with all her mom’s medications. One of her fellow teachers talks to her about becoming a Courtesan ( High Profile Escort) but Evie turns it down until the bills just keep coming and she gets further and further behind. She becomes one of the best Escorts Ma Maison Agency has. She is full of empathy and she can tune into her clients so well. Everything is going great until she starts receiving stalker letters from someone and on top of that she’s beginning to have feelings for Dylan McAlister one of her clients. She finally has enough and wants to get out of the Escort business but she has 4 clients that won’t let her go. One is Dylan, one wants to kill her, one wants to buy her and one is playing her. Can she get out with her life? This book was so good. It was a fast read and full of entertainment.

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Player (21st Century Courtesan Series Book #1) by Pamela DuMond – Review by Angela Hayes.

Player (21st Century Courtesan #1)Player by Pamela DuMond
My rating: 5 of 5 stars


Player is the first book in the 21st Century Courtesan Series by Pamela DuMond. Ms. DuMond is a new-to-me author that I wish I had discovered sooner. This story really had so much going on in it. The multi-layered storyline took me on a ride that I won’t soon forget. It’s original, suspenseful, mysterious, sexy, and dramatic- which made for quite a captivating read.
Evelyn Berlinger (Evie) is an empath who had quite a tumultuous childhood, with one particularly tragic event shattering her young existence. Because of this tragedy she suppressed her empathic abilities- shutting them down and tried to get on with her life. Since reaching adulthood, she has taken financial responsibility for her family, which put a heavy strain on her and her bank account. So, when the opportunity comes to earn some extra money- Evie has to give it serious consideration. But working for the Ma Maison Agency as a high priced escort is not without its own issues.
Things get really interesting when she’s assigned a new client, Dylan McAlister, who awakens her empathic abilities. With a powerful attraction, and intense chemistry surging between them, Evie feels like she’s known him forever. But Dylan is a bit of a broken man, with his life crumbling around him. Evie is in a position to help him heal, using her unique skills to get the crux of his problem- if he’ll let her. But with family dramas, and a creepy ‘fan’, things are never going to be quite that simple.

“Because of Dylan I learned my biggest weakness could also be my strongest strength. My empathic reactions — my most tragic wound — is transformed into my super power.”

Her ‘awakening’ takes her on a bit of a cross-country adventure where she not only learns a lot about her client, but also about herself.
I loved following Evie through the story, she really is a wonderfully complex and endearing character- and I found myself rooting for her the whole way through. I loved Dylan and thought that they were perfect together. There were a few characters that I hated, but I think that was Ms. DuMond’s intent.
This book has made me an insta-fan of Ms. DuMond, and of this series- I really can’t wait for the second book, Movie Star’, to be released, so I can continue the story.
Well Done!!

Thank you, Ms. DuMond!


Reviewed by @angelahayes

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PLAYER (21st Century Courtesan Book 1) by Pamela DuMOND – Review by Liz Vrchota

Player (21st Century Courtesan #1)Player by Pamela DuMond
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I, Evie Berlinger, am no longer an average escort. I’m not paid to drop to my knees behind some sh*tty House of Pies and dispense blow jobs to sad gus in town for a hardware show. My services are retained by powerful, privileged, wealthy men at the top of their professions who have lost their way; self-confidence; the spark that made them great.

‘Be still my heart.’ That was what Evie’s thoughts were when she first meets Dylan, and quite honestly, it is the thought that has been swirling in my mind since I have finished this novel. I have never had the pleasure of reading anything from Pamela DuMond until ‘Player’ and this couldn’t have been a better introduction. I am ADDICTED! If I could give this book more than five stars I would. I devoured it in less than 4 hours and my only complaint is that it was over. I can’t wait for the next installment.

This was such a unique take on the good girl needs money, modern escort story. Evie Berlinger is not your typical young woman. She has overcome one hell of a difficult childhood to get where she is today and that isn’t even that great. She finds herself in the hands of Ma Maison Agency. An escort agency. For awhile it gets her by. Kindergarten by day and escort by night. Until she meets the handsome Dylan McAlister. Things start to get a little messy when she starts feeling things she hasn’t felt in years. These two were hot, hot, hot! Like, keep a tall glass of water, and a fan nearby, hot.

Will I ever meet another man I’m attracted to as much as Dylan? Who knows? What I do know is that it’s finally okay for me to be empathic. Not more pushit it away, not more keeping it under wraps. It’s mine to own. Using my empathic ability with clients os a;ready a big messy stew of passion and sex and sadness But if I can help heal these broken men, help them get their power back, I’m cool with that. I’m signing up for a wild ride, but I joined this ruthless rodeo when I was born into my crazy family.

Review by @lizaileen
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PLAYER (21st Century Courtesan Book 1) by PAMELA DUMOND – Review by Gail Guerrero

PLAYER (21st Century Courtesan Book 1)PLAYER by Pamela DuMond
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

PLAYER 21st Century Courtesan: Book One by PAMELA DUMOND

Four Stars
When I picked this book I didn’t think it would be like this. To live the life that they have chosen. Without regret or shame. Evie took on such a difficult life after so much tragedy. The pain and helplessness she felt watching Wyatt and Easton suffer. I can believe Easton blamed her. Then there is Dylan. He did so much for Evie and brought her out of her shell. But Lord he turned into a douche real quick. Life sometimes has us feeling like nothing will ever go right but Evie kept an ok outlook on most things. For an empath they care too much and are always going out of their comforts to help others. Evie was her own worse enemy. I definitely have to read the next book. The author keeps you engaged by giving you a little taste but then pulling back. This is my first book by this author but it won’t be my last.
Reviewed by @gguerrero89

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Player (21st Century Courtesan Book 1) by Pamela Dumond – Review by Bobbi Wagner

PLAYER (21st Century Courtesan Book 1)PLAYER by Pamela DuMond
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I loved this story! This is my first book by this author, I can’t wait to read more from her. Evie has not had the best life growing up but she does the best she can. She has a special gift that has allowed her to make some money helping men heal. Dylan is one of her clients, is it possible that she can help heal him or will she break him? This story goes back and forth between present and the past, this author has done a great job with this. I highly recommend reading about Evie and her life.

Review by @bjwagner
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PLAYER (21st Century Courtesan Book 1) by Pamela DuMond – Review by Emily Walsh

PLAYER (21st Century Courtesan Book 1)PLAYER
ByPamela DuMond
My Rating: 5 of 5 stars

PLAYER (21st Century Courtesan Book 1) by Pamela DuMond was a charmly dark, yet weirdly sweet read, that had me hooked from start to finish.

My first read by this author, and a bit of a first for this type of storyline. So you can say this read was out of my comfort zone. I’m happy I gave this book a chance, because it wasn’t what I was expecting and as I said, I was hooked pretty much instantly.

This book has a little bit of everything, from the growing love, to the mysterious stalker. It added that darkness to a otherwise sweet, not your normal, bubbling romance. I say not so normal because of how Evie and Dylan meet. Evie, isn’t your normal escort, not just because she’s strong, and independent, she’s a empath. That “gift” lets her feel her clients emotions, and with that she is able to “heal” them. Right away things with Dylan are different, a different she’ doesn’t know how to handle, and that difference could lead to something dangerous.

I love their back and forth; there’s a added past to present POV switch, that really adds that extra push to this already amazing story. Not to mention the added danger that is Evie’s stalker. That alone adds a another layer of darkness, almost burying the light at times. Even when there was happy times, that edge of dark was always present, making you feel unease, and not letting your mind drift too far away. Having such a multi layer and complex tone shifts, makes this book more than a romance, it makes it believable and a hidden diamond. The only other way for you to know what I mean, is to read this book.

In saying that, that is where I leave you, so please take my super high recommendation and my stamp of approval, that you will fall into this tale of love, danger, and learning that it’s okay to sometimes heal yourself.

Happy Reading.

Review by @eawalsh

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Player (21st Century Courtesan Book 1) by Pamela Dumond – Review by Madison Degraffenreid

PLAYER (21st Century Courtesan Book 1)PLAYER by Pamela DuMond
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Player: 21st Century Courtesan: Book One by Pamela Dumond


I absolutely loved this novel and could not put it down. I found Evie relatable, strong, somewhat humorous, and addictive. She had amazing abilities that she was able to use in a unique way for her position. Great easy read. I was hooked after the first few pages of this novel. The storyline was also easy to follow and smoothly transitioned as I read. I highly recommend it!

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PLAYER (21st Century Courtesan) By Pamela DuMond – Review by Laura Furuta

PLAYER (21st Century Courtesan Book 1)PLAYER by Pamela DuMond
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

PLAYER (21st Century Courtesan Book 1)
By: Pamela DuMond
5 out of 5 stars

The story PLAYER (21st Century Courtesan Book 1) by Pamela DuMond is a New Adult romance book. It is a story that grabbed my attention from the very beginning and I didn’t want to put it down until I had read the final page. I loved reading about the characters of Dylan McAlister and Evie. Evie is a woman who is a teacher by day and escort by night. The second job is because of her caring for a family member. She is a kind, resourceful, strong, and independent woman. Meeting Dylan brings out a desire and passion within her that she never showed with other clients. You could call Dylan a broken man when Evie meets him. As she gets to know him better, she finds that they have a connection. She is empathic. Can Evie help him heal what is broken? What do the cards hold for Evie and Dylan? Read this book to find out. There is some mystery and suspense in this story. I wondered what was going to happen next. Evie has a stalker and you wonder why they have targeted her and if their identity will be revealed. I loved reading about the bantering back and forth between Dylan and Evie. They have a chemistry together and there are some steamy scenes that are included in this story. There are other additional characters that you are introduced to that are kind and friendly. I enjoyed reading about them. Then there are those that have their own personal agenda. This story had my emotions going up and down the entire time. I grew to love Dylan and Evie with each chapter that I read. This is an amazing story that I would recommend reading. This is the first book in a series and I look forward to reading the next story.

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PLAYER (21st Century Courtesan Book 1) by Pamela DuMond

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PLAYER (21st Century Courtesan Book 1) by Pamela DuMond
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Series – 21st Century Courtesan
Genre – Dark Romance, Psychological Thriller
Page Count – 260 Pages
Cover Designer – Marissa at Cover Me Darling LLC
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I’m a 21st Century Courtesan, the most coveted escort in Chicago.

Beautiful, broken men pay Ma Maison Agency ungodly sums of money to be with me because I’m empathic: I feel their emotions in my body. I track down the bitter belief that broke them and then I help them heal. The work is brutal enough but now someone’s stalking me.

I’ve made enough money to support my family and I’m getting the hell out. I’m down to my last four clients. One wants to play me. One wants to buy me. One wants to marry me. And one wants to murder me. Can I can get out in time…

PLAYER: Book 1 When Dylan McAlister, beautiful, broken tycoon hires Evie, her empathic ability returns with a fury. Can she help him heal? Or will she break him like the first boy she fell in love with…

“…breath-taking, beautiful, and brilliant. A must-read…” USA Today bestselling author Maggie Marr

21st CENTURY COURTESAN is a sexy, dark, addictive series filled with love, lust, family loyalty, deceit, revenge, and all the sweet little things in life worth killing for…



~ KOBO ~


USA Today Bestselling author Pamela DuMond can’t pick between writing swoony romance, dark romance, and books that make people laugh. Therefore, she writes them all.

Pam pitched the ERIN BROCKOVICH story to ‘Hollywood.’ Her books have been adapted into mobile games by Chapters Interactive Stories, optioned for film /TV, and featured in Glamour UK.  A Midwestern girl at heart, Pam lives in So Cal where she’s busy reading, writing, and being bossed around by two cute, opinionated cats.

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Player: A College Romance (What Happens on Campus Book 1) by ML Sparrow – Review by Jenni Bishop

PlayerPlayer by M.L. Sparrow
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Player: A College Romance (What Happens on Campus Book 1) by ML Sparrow and is a Young Adult college romance story and the first book in the series but you do not have to be a young adult to enjoy this story.The story is well written and any one who loves this genre will love this. The story is told in the different POV’s of the main characters which, as always, gives you that much needed insight to a character that you would not otherwise get. Unfortunately, running away does not fix problems, they follow you everywhere but learning to live with those problems and forgive yourself, then you will truly heal. Of course a hunky football player and a strong emotional connection with said hunk, certainly helps.

This story will please those of you who love YA college romance stories. I am off to read the next book, Flirt.

Reviewed by @jennadb

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