The Reader by M.K. Harkins – Review by Jana Teppih

The ReaderThe Reader by M.K. Harkins
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The Readers is the first part of a duet by M.K. Harkins. It is not the first encounter with this writer and when this book popped up on my radar then I knew that I have to pick up a copy as I absolutely loved the other books I had read by her! I was though not ready for it!
I would call it paranormal love triangle … what else would you call when you have highly evolved humans who can read minds (Readers), humans who can hijack other bodies (Hijacks), and Seers who have been wiped out though … so we have that crazy world where the Seers have predicted a very special Reader will be born one day who will unite everyone … this is the stage where we meet Ann and Devon and Archer. When Ann wakes up in shallow water she has no recollection who she is … can you imagine being only eighteen, shot and without your memory? Who can you trust, where will you go? Can she trust those two young men – Archer and Devon – who approach her?
The writer takes us down a rabbit hole filled with lies and murder and betrayal … well, she actually takes us to a mountain top but you get me … it is an intense story that is fast paced and doesn’t leave many cold … cannot wait to see what the sequel brings us!

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The Reader (The Immortal Series Book One) by M.K. Harkins – Review by Maura Harper

The ReaderThe Reader by M.K. Harkins
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Wow, this book had me turning pages so fast because I couldn’t absorb the story fast enough. There was no way I could take a break to be an adult while reading it.

This is the first book in “The Immortal Series” and I’m so glad I have book 2 downloaded already.

This story had a familiarity about it but was different enough that it heads in a direction I was not expecting. I read this blind so wasn’t sure exactly what the story would be about.

The character development is spot on. The descriptions of locations was detailed enough to be visual but not so detailed that it dragged the story down. The story has a very obvious beginning,middle, and end and has a well thought out plot. I thoroughly enjoyed this book.

This is a fantastic book for young and old readers alike.

Review by @mauraharper

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The Reader (The Immortal Series #1) by M.K. Harkins – Review by Katie Matthews

The ReaderThe Reader by M.K. Harkins
My rating: 4 of 5 stars


The Reader was a really great, fast paced read. This isn’t the first book that I have read by this author in fact I have read quite a few so I knew that I would be in for a great read and again I wasn’t disappointed! The story was full of fantastic plot twists and turns, great characters and a unique storyline that made for a thrilling and exciting read.
The authors’ writing was brilliant, the world building particularly good. I was already hooked on the book after reading the blurb but once I started reading I knew it was going to be one of those hard to put down books. The book really did start off strong; whilst there were a few parts that felt a little rushed I still enjoyed it immensely. I liked the main characters and thought that they developed well over the storyline.
I would absolutely recommend The Reader to sci-fi, paranormal fans and definitely YA’s. I am looking forward to book 2 in the series.

Review by @katiem

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The Reader by M.K. Harkins


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The Reader (The Immortal Series Book 1) by MK Harkins
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Hunted, shot, and without her memory, eighteen-year-old Ann Baker wakes in shallow water on a deserted Pacific Northwest island. She is soon approached by two young men claiming to be her friends. Something isn’t right, but when gunshots sound, Ann is left with little choice but to allow Devon and Archer to help her escape. Soon she finds herself in their North Bend mountain compound, where the higher evolved humans claim to be mind-readers. While Ann heals, she realizes they believe her to be one of the last and most powerful of all – The Lost One.

She’s welcomed by most with opened arms, but not everyone is happy about her arrival. A jealous adversary has plans for Ann, which spirals the entire Reader community into chaos.

As lies, murder, and betrayal threaten to rip apart the once harmonious mountain dwellers, Ann is thrust into making a decision that could save or devastate not only The Readers, but all of mankind. But there’s just one glitch: by doing so it may require her to make the ultimate sacrifice.


The Reader by M.K. Harkins – Review by Sheri Schrader

The ReaderThe Reader by M.K. Harkins
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

The Reader by MK Harkins is not your typical YA read. This is a mix of paranormal and suspense. The story is about Ann, who is fantastically feisty and smart. She wakes up alone on the beach in the Pacific Northwest with no memory. She has been shot and doesn’t remember a thing about herself or the life she lives. In walks two young men, Devon and Archer, who claim she knows them. She does not remember them. Should she trust what they say?
Suddenly she has to believe their story for the safety of their lives. She goes with them to a remote, mountain location. There she meets people she did not even know existed. These people claim to be mind-readers and she is supposed to be one of them. Not only one of them but The Lost One.
The story is fantastic and takes all sort of twists and turns. The people turn against one another. Can civilization be saved? Can the people find a way to unite? I enjoyed this book because although set in a different setting tackles matters that are currently relevant. Can people learn to live together peacefully despite their differences? I was instantly taken with the character of Ann. She is a strong, opinionated, feisty female. I would have loved to have had more background into the characters, but ultimately enjoyed this book. It is a fun fast-paced read for any age with lots of twists and turns and interesting characters.
Review by @sherimichelle1


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