The Web of Humanity by Maria Turchin- Review by Stephanie Driskill

The Web of Humanity: A NovelThe Web of Humanity: A Novel by Maria Turchin
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

What a small world we truly inhabit. Anna soon learns this as she uncovers family secrets and realizes we are all tangled in The Web of Humanity. Wow, what a great read this book was. Web of Humanity had it all: adventure, romance, espionage, and the power to make me understand others’ perspectives and the choices that are made in desperate times. Never judge a book by the cover, but more importantly, never judge a person by their appearance, beliefs, or background. I think this book appropriate for this time right now as we struggle with racism, corrupt government, unrest, corona pandemic, and war in our world. This book gives us hope and the determination to survive. Family is our greatest gift and should be cherished and loved for all eternity. Read The Web of Humanity by Maria Turchin. Her writing style is easy to read but keeps you hooked from beginning to end. Just when things seem to be worked out, nope, a new twist pops up. This story is a mix of fiction and history which brings you deep into the character, Anna’s, life and her past. Pictures are inserted throughout to keep the reader engaged and wanting more. Read this book. You will NOT be disappointed.

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