❣🌹❤🥀 ❥ PREORDER ❣🌹❤🥀 ❥ Love Tools (Bluestone Series Book 1) by Isobel Reed

❣🌹❤🥀 ❥ PREORDER ❣🌹❤🥀 ❥
Love Tools (Bluestone Series Book 1) by Isobel Reed
Genre – Contemporary Romance
Page Count – 182
Cover Designer – Fantasia Frog Designs

Lily is running. From a dead-end job, a neurotic mother and all the losers she dared to date. Moving halfway across the world to Bluestone County seemed like a good idea at the time. So did reopening her estranged father’s hardware store. But now she isn’t so sure. 

Small town living has its perks though. Wide-open space, clean air, and sexy cowboys. Well, one sexy cowboy. Jake. Who also just so happens to be the new bane of her existence. At least when he’s not talking, she can admire the view.  

Jake is the king of casual. The love of his life has always been his ranch, and that was fine with him. He never really saw the point in long-term. But all that changes when a mouthy, blonde sasses him into oblivion. He should have known she’d be trouble as soon as he laid eyes on her. Now it’s too late. She’s all he can think about. All he has to do is convince her that he’s finally the right man. 

Isobel Reed’s hilarious, emotionally charged romance will have you holding your side with laughter or reaching for a tissue. Reminiscent of small-town romance by Tessa Bailey or Kristen Ashley, you will fall in love with LOVE TOOLS and Isobel Reed’s unique writing style.



~ ♦ ~ ♦ ~ ♦ ~ ♦ ~ PREORDER ~ ♦ ~ ♦ ~ ♦ ~ ♦ ~ Revenge Never Rests (Tallie Brown Suspense Book 2) by Laurie Lewis

♦ ~ ♦ ~ ♦ ~ ♦ ~ PREORDER ~ ♦ ~ ♦ ~ ♦ ~ ♦ ~
Revenge Never Rests (Tallie Brown Suspense Book 2) by Laurie Lewis
Genre – Romantic Suspense, Clean
Page Count – 250

Tallie Brown has spent a lifetime hiding from the ghosts of someone else’s past. Raised by a paranoid woman on the run, Tallie learned from an early age how to disappear. Now she must employ her unique set of skills to track down hundreds who have simply vanished, so when an Amber Alert wakes her in the night, she is the first to respond to the call. But tracking the missing girl comes with unexpected consequences, leading her down a deadly path paved with lies and personal loss that ends in a single devastating truth: General Cai Kaswell, the father she just discovered and the world’s best hope for peace, is among the vanished.

As she struggles to find General Kaswell, Tallie is drawn into a conspiracy that links her past to the string of unsolved disappearances. Her search for answers sends her around the globe, but when it nearly takes the lives of her trusted friends and leaves her alone, she is assigned to a charming operative she doesn’t fully trust. Forced to watch her own back as she searches for General Kaswell and the others, not only does she discover she is the unwitting catalyst for the disappearance of the missing people but she and her father are also lured into a plot that threatens the Constitution and the balance of world power.



(づ♥‿♥)づ PREORDER (づ♥‿♥)づ The Daredevil (WaterFyre Rising Book 2) by Nadia Han

(づ♥♥)づ PREORDER (づ♥♥)づ
The Daredevil (WaterFyre Rising Book 2) by Nadia Han
Genre – Contemporary Romance
Page Count – 400
Cover Designer – Nadia Han

Loving her is his biggest risk . . . and also his biggest reward. 

Daring, clever, and gorgeous, Royce Viktorsson is a volcanologist who lives life on the edge between the thrill and the pulsing calm before the storm. The unsteady lifestyle masks the man who is seeking something beyond himself. Nothing has offered him resolve . . . until her. 

The lightning that illuminates his soul. 

The thunder that stirs his heart.

The lava that ignites his blood. 

Thoughtful, alluring, and guarded, travel blogger Michelle Yates is emotionally unavailable thanks to the monster in her closet. Traveling allows her to see the beauty in the world, making her forget the ugliness in her life. One man yanks on that closet door and helps her claim back her self-worth. 

The friend who becomes her lover.

The hero who defeats her monster.

The savior who defines her destiny.

As their romance churns, danger erupts, whipping out secrets that demand the truth, but some truths are best left in the dark.



❥•*•☆🌹☆•*•❥ PREORDER ❥•*•☆🌹☆•*•❥ Malayeka (Heartstrings Book 3) by Brooke May

❥•*•☆🌹☆•*•❥ PREORDER ❥•*•☆🌹☆•*•❥
Malayeka (Heartstrings Book 3) by Brooke May
Genre – Clean Romance
Page Count – 184
Cover Designer – Dark Water Covers

Being graced by a cupid is supposed to mean good luck in your love life.

Sadly, that can’t be said for a family who was helped by Malayeka two centuries ago that has affected the clans involved all the way to the present day.

Always willing to look on the bright side and snag a good cookie, Malayeka is always eager to help the humans she’s assigned to.

That is, until she is reunited with the Reids and the Thomsons, two feuding families who she’s determined to make it work out this time around.

Shotgun wielding grandpas and families dividing a town quite literally in two, are just a couple of issues she comes face-to-face with.

Are Billie and Leo destined to repeat history? Will their love be ill-fated like certain dramas? Or can they lead the way to a change that is much needed in their world fogged with hatred?

This is Mala’s chance at redemption.

(¸.•*❤️.*•.¸) PREORDER (¸.•*❤️.*•.¸) Raine Down (The Shadow Guardians Book 1) by CB Samet

(¸.•*❤️.*•.¸) PREORDER (¸.•*❤️.*•.¸)
Raine Down (The Shadow Guardians Book 1) by CB Samet
Genre – Supernatural, Romantic Suspense
Page Count – 300
Cover Designer – Mibl Art

Raine Thoren became a Shadow Guardian to protect non-magical humans from threats they aren’t even aware of. But the latest killer on the loose has stealth and power unlike any adversary she’s faced. She won’t be able to bring this one down alone.

FBI Special Agent Will Decker prefers to work by himself. When a mysterious woman saves his life, she’s suddenly assigned to work with him in his quest to track an elusive killer. The more he learns about his new partner, Raine, and what demons lurk in shadows, the more fantasy becomes reality.

If they’re going to stop the demon and unravel prophecies of the future, they’ll need to work as a team and unlock each others’ hearts and untapped powers.

***Raine Down is the captivating first book in The Shadow Guardians urban fantasy romantic suspense series. If you like engaging characters, sizzling tension, and magic, then you’ll love this series.***



📖 ~ 🔪 ~ 📙 ~ PREORDER 📖 ~ 🔪 ~ 📙 ~ Road to the Mansfield (Express Investigations Book 1) by CB Laurence

📖 ~ 🔪 ~ 📙 ~ COMING SOON 📖 ~ 🔪 ~ 📙 ~
Road to the Mansfield (Express Investigations Book 1) by CB Laurence
Genre – Historical, Crime
Page Count – 286
Cover Designer – Rita Sriharningsih

Three stories. One destination.


A swamp rat-turned lady, a hotshot southern attorney, and a small-town dreamer endure life’s cruel twists on the way to Hollywood’s swanky Mansfield Supper Club.

Louisiana, 1927. A brutal fate sweeps seventeen-year-old Francie Roubideaux from the Louisiana bayou to the iron rule of Miss Claire in New Orleans. She survives using her daddy’s wits and mama’s grace, but fickle fortune isn’t done with her yet….

Illinois, 1937. Rose Donovan’s dreary small-town life takes a turn when a New York City music man whisks her away to Hollywood. But soon she’s torn between addictive passion and another man’s arms…and more than Rose’s heart is on the line.

Georgia, 1936. A rising star on the Atlanta legal circuit, Beau Hartwell is the envy of every lawyer in the city…until his past desperately comes to call. Can big-city Beau handle backwoods justice, or will the case break more than his career?

In one fateful night, their worlds collide in ways no one saw coming…



🕵🏻‍♀️~⛓️~🔪~⚰️ PREORDER 🕵🏻‍♀️~⛓️~🔪~⚰️ Gunner (Hollins & Haring Book 3) by T.J. Beach

🕵🏻‍♀️~⛓️~🔪~⚰️ PREORDER  🕵🏻‍♀️~⛓️~🔪~⚰️
Gunner (Hollins & Haring Book 3) by T.J. Beach
Genre – Crime, Thriller
Page Count – 268
Cover Designer – Jessica Scott

Gary Hollins is a mystery to Debbie Haring. 

She’s seen him snap into action with bullets flying when their private detective assignments turned bad. It blew her mind.

He learned those deadly skills somewhere, and his grumpy-assed attitude, but whenever she broaches the subject, the shutters go up. 

Gary only works when Debbie nags him. He’s content to survive on bad jokes and cheap beer wasting his days away in a West Australian beachside caravan park.

His past is behind him, far away in England, and that’s where he wants it to stay. 

Then Debbie’s world collapses. Her beloved mum’s the first Bell’s Landing local to test positive for the killer COVID virus sweeping the globe. 

She’s in despair, stuck in quarantine with her kids and Gary while husband Matt, her rock, is eight hundred kilometres away on a mine site. So, Gary turns reluctantly to the only thing that might distract her, his sorry tale.

And it all comes out. How he was cut from SAS recruitment just short of graduation, but a fringe-government organisation offered Gary a reprieve. If he could infiltrate a neo-Nazi hate group, they’d see he had a second chance at special forces wings. The impossible choices — ordered to participate in increasingly violent attacks, plagued with doubts about his shady handlers while his pregnant girlfriend tore her hair out over the lies he had to tell at home.

The story’s tearing Gary apart, but it’s all that keeps Debbie sane as her mum’s condition deteriorates.

To help his friend, Gary must face the demons that drove him from his own family.

Hollins & Haring #3, Gunner is a standalone mystery thriller set in Western Australia and London.



❣️ (´*•.¸🎼¸.•*´)❣️ PREORDER ❣️ (´*•.¸🎼¸.•*´)❣️ Faultless Love (The Bennetts of Langston Falls Book 1) by K.G. Fletcher

❣️ (´*•.¸🎼¸.•*´)❣️ PREORDER ❣️ (´*•.¸🎼¸.•*´)❣️
Faultless Love (The Bennetts of Langston Falls Book 1) by KG Fletcher
Genre – Contemporary Romance
Page Count – 361
Cover Designer – Once Upon a Cover

He’s a convicted felon out on parole for a crime he didn’t commit. She’s the girl who put her life on hold while he was away. Can the two pick up right where they left off? 

He never should’ve gone on that beer run. If he’d stayed at the party, kissing Robyn by the bonfire, his life would’ve turned out totally different. But actions have consequences, the slam of the judge’s gavel echoing the death knell of his freedom. 

Now he’s back in his hometown, starting his life over at his family’s Christmas tree farm and winery. 

Running into Robyn wasn’t part of the plan. 

She leaves him pining and reckless to see her again. But things permanently changed after that night so many years ago. Or so he thought. 

With Robyn, he feels understood, wanted, and strong—things he hasn’t felt in a long time. When she’s in his arms, he’s tempted to trust again. To love again. To fly free again.

But deep down, he’s petrified. 

Will the love they share be enough to overcome the past? Or will his second chance at happily ever after implode, confining him to a life sentencealone?



(づ♥‿♥)づ PREORDER (づ♥‿♥)づ I Love You Today (Trading Heartbeats Trilogy Book 2) by Julie Navickas

(づ♥♥)づ PREORDER (づ♥♥)づ
I Love You Today (Trading Heartbeats Trilogy Book 2) by Julie Navickas
Genre – Contemporary Romance, Sports, Baseball
Page Count – 263
Because when you least expect it… and when you’re least ready for it… love happens.
Casey McDaniels lacked direction, spending the better part of her youth boyfriend hopping, partying, and bartending – her dreams, career ambitions, and education put on the backburner in favor of a social life and steady paycheck… that is, until a new lawyer moves into town.
When sexy, smart, and brokenhearted Austin Templeton relocates from Los Angeles to Chicago, Casey can’t help but put her former lifestyle aside in favor of the sweet romance that erupts between them. Finding more than just her heart set ablaze, Austin’s own professional ambition ignites a fire beneath her – pushing her forward into uncharted territory.
But one thing’s for sure… his career will always come first. When an unexpected promotion threatens to take him back to California, Casey reels, forced to choose between the man who captured her heart and the newfound path to success he led her down.
With her heart torn down the middle, Casey leaves the choice in Austin’s hands. After all, what’s more important? A job… or love?



..••°°°°••.. PREORDER ..••°°°°••.. And Then She Fell by Dreena Collins

..••°°°°••.. PREORDER ..••°°°°••..
And Then She Fell by Dreena Collins
Genre – Crime, Women’s Fiction
Page Count – 234
Cover Designer – Dreena Collins

Fall Down Ten Times. Tell the truth once.

From the hand of an award-winning short fiction writer comes a story of motherhood, modern challenges, and a search for the truth.

57-year-old Catherine Keely’s world has been ripped apart by grief.

Independent, insightful, and intelligent – she is also the only person who finds her daughter’s death suspicious. Susie fell from a balcony while on holiday with friends, and one year on, Catherine is determined to unearth the facts about that night. But how well did she truly know Susie, and who – if anyone – can she now trust?

With hints of intrigue, gaslighting, and coercion surfacing, Catherine must be careful, or her own safety could be at stake.

And Then She Fell explores the secrets and lies around Susie’s life through the eyes of a strong and faithful protagonist. With a unique structure, we experience ten scenarios to explain the tragedy as the narrative unfolds. Follow Catherine’s journey as she explores the possible reasons for Susie’s death, and you may find that – just like Catherine – you are unsure exactly what to believe.