Secrets of the Sorcery War (Ruarnon Trilogy Book 2) by Elise Carlson

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Secrets of the Sorcery War (Ruarnon Trilogy Book 2) by Elise Carlson
Genre – YA, Fantasy, LGBTQ
Page Count – 377
Cover Designer – Judah Lamey 
Heir Ruarnon seeks allies to free their parents from unpredictable sorcerer-king Nartzeer. The reclusive Urai are not who they had in mind but can offer far more than Ruarnon anticipates. However, negotiations are interrupted when Nartzeer’s murderous grey-hided damars are sighted sailing towards Tarlah.

The damars’ human handlers are lost Aussie Linh’s chance to confirm that her gateway home —and sorcerers able (and hopefully willing) to operate it— lie in the dangerous West.

When Linh sets sail to confront the handlers, she learns that magic is very much still wielded on Umarinaris. That some of the Sorcery War’s deadliest weapons survived. And that Nartzeer somehow knows all of this, and has his own plans for those weapons.

But is Nartzeer the villain everyone in the East believes? What do his fleets truly seek in the Eastern Seas? And why have the damars become so formidable that they threaten to sink Ruarnon’s ship and overrun all of Ruarnon’s potential allies?


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Elise Carlson (they/them) is an Aussie who graduated from playing imaginary games in their extensive backyard to writing YA Fantasy. In between educating energetic, enthusiastic minds as excited about life as they are —children— and adventures in Europe, North America, South-East Asia and locally, Elise enjoys writing adventures and epic conflicts for the young and young at heart.

Author Interview with Elise Carlson



Sleeping Love by Natalina Reis

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Sleeping Love by Natalina Reis
Genre – MM, Fantasy, Romance, LGBTQ
Page Count – 370
Cover Designer – Booksmith Design

Ayo Mkuu may have saved the man he loves with nothing but a kiss, but the danger has just begun. After being falsely accused by the king, emptied of his ancestors’ magic, and thrown into a hellish prison, Ayo must now find a way to recover what he lost.

Yi Uzurri may be the sole heir to the throne of Tiāntáng, but he wants nothing more than to enjoy life in the arms of his best friend, Ayo. As if falling under a sleeping curse is not bad enough, he may yet meet a worse fate as he risks it all for the love of his life.

The quest to restore Ayo’s magic and find his kin stirs up old wounds and unexpected revelations that will either bring the two lovers together or wedge them forever apart.

Unless a kiss can bring back their sleeping love.

Sleeping Love is a stand-alone pulse-pounding epic M/M romance. If you swoon over friends to lovers, magic, sexy, determined princes, and smoldering heat, you’ll love this scorching tale of kisses and fate.


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 Natalina Reis is an international bestseller who wrote her first romance at the age of thirteen. Since then she has published many romances that defy the boundaries of her genre. She enjoys writing all kinds of rebels and outcasts into her stories and she always roots for the underdog.

Natalina doesn’t believe you can have too many books or too much coffee. Art and dance make her happy and she is pretty sure she could survive on lobster and bananas alone. When she is not writing or stressing over lesson plans, she shares her life with her husband and two adult sons.

Author Interview with Natalina Reis