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Whisper Creek: A Logan McKenna Mystery Book 7 by Valerie Davisson
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Genre – Mystery, Thriller, Suspense
Synopsis –
Logan McKenna is troubled by good news. After accepting her long-time boyfriend’s proposal, the talented musician worries her unexpectedly profitable viral music video will throw their happy relationship out of whack. Needing space to clear her head, she travels to Oregon for a regular consulting gig…and stumbles onto a dead body.
Determined to protect her friends who are prime suspects in the case, Logan puts her own life on hold and chases the truth. But with the police distracted by festering secrets and false accusations, the musician-turned-investigator fears even her well-honed instincts can’t safeguard the innocent.
Will Logan’s unflinching loyalty put a murderer behind bars or trigger another killing?
Whisper Creek is the thrilling seventh book in the Logan McKenna Mystery series. If you like dynamic heroines, page-turning suspense, and satisfying twist endings, then you’ll love Valerie Davisson’s danger-laden tale.

~ ♥ ~ ♥ ~ ♥ ~ ♥ ~ PREORDER ~ ♥ ~ ♥ ~ ♥ ~ ♥ ~ Love Unexpected by Marina Hanna

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Love Unexpected by Marina Hanna
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Genre – Contemporary Romance – Romantic Comedy
One kiss with a stranger at a bar. A moment of weakness that awoke crushing waves of desire within me. To my great regret, instead of letting me further explore the bliss of his touch, he walked away. I never thought I’d see him again, but fate had other ideas. Maybe I should have walked away when he said all he could offer was good sex and mind-blowing orgasms. But he’s a temptation I couldn’t resist, and now… my heart is on the line.
One taste of Jules’ lips and I ached for more. Stunned by the passion I felt for her, I made myself pull away. I don’t do relationships. Not anymore. And I knew how easy it would be to lose myself in her. Still, it would have taken a stronger man than I to resist when she stormed back into my life. I don’t want to hurt her, but I can’t give her what she needs. I’m not the guy who offers forever. I’m a euphoric distraction and nothing more… or so I thought.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ PREORDER ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 10 Days by KJ Holliday

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10 Days by KJ Holliday
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Genre – Romantic Comedy, Contemporary Romance, Chick Lit
In an attempt to knock out the long-awaited follow-up to his best-selling first novel, Alexander Jones lets his best friend convince him that trekking into the wilderness for a survival boot camp was the only way to get the creative juices flowing.
With the help of a detailed itinerary, Luke, and Luke’s childhood friend, Penny, they’d committed 10 days to help Alex forgo his Urbanite roots and embrace the countryside.
It took a lifetime to get to the mountains where Luke and Penny had camped as kids, and only a second for Alex to know he was out of his element.
In a surprising twist of fate, it also took 10 days for him to fall in love with Penny Foster. The question was, did Penny feel the same way, and what would Luke say when he found out?

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ PREORDER ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ A Hole (Alpha Bet Guys Book 1) by Phoebe Alexander

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A Hole (Alpha Bet Guys Book 1) by Phoebe Alexander
Preorder Now – https://amzn.to/3a5U0B7
A comedian and a bank teller walk into a bar… The start of a steamy romance–or just a funny stand-up bit?
Ace Bennett’s comedy career is taking off–and his love life might be too when he meets a beautiful curvy blonde bank teller named Ella Craig. She’s skeptical about dating him, so Ace bets her he’ll make her laugh if she comes to watch his stand-up act. If he wins? She has to have a drink with him.
But then Ella’s friends warn her about some rumors they’ve heard about Ace–now all bets are off.
With meddling friends and myriad misunderstandings, can these two find a happy ending? Or will Ella become the punchline of Ace’s next joke?
A Hole is part of the Alpha Bet Guys series, which is about five alpha’ish guys who like to make bets and the curvy women who bring them to their knees. Each steamy 20,000-30,000-word romcom novella can be read as a standalone.
Book 1: A Hole – Ace & Ella’s story
Book 2: The Big O – Ozzy & Hazel’s story
Book 3: Need the D – Dante & Julia’s story
Book 4: Hard F – Fox & Jenna’s story
Book 5: Ride the C – Cruz & Mia’s story

~ ~ PREORDER~ ~ At Last (The Adams Brothers BOOK 1) By Mindy McKinley

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At Last (The Adams Brothers BOOK 1) By Mindy McKinley
Preorder Now – https://amzn.to/3mLisLJ
Release Date – November 10, 2020
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Her whole life, Lula Stanley has wanted one thing—to find her father. When her grandmother’s failing health threatens to leave her with no family at all, the quiet literature teacher will stop at nothing to locate the man her mother tried so hard to hide. With her life in a tailspin, she doesn’t have time for anything else, especially romance. But after she catches the eye of the hottest teacher at East High, Lula finds it nearly impossible to focus on her family’s past with such an appealing man in her present.

High School history teacher Dominic Adams can get any woman he wants, and has. But a chance encounter with Lula at a jazz club changes everything. Now, he only wants her, and will do whatever it takes to make her his.

As Dominic and Lula grow closer to each other and to solving her family’s mystery, it becomes clear that some things are best left in the past. Will the promise of true love give Dominic and Lula a future, or will the truth of her history tear them apart?



~ ♥ ~ ♥ ~ ♥ ~ PREORDER ~ ♥ ~ ♥ ~ ♥ ~ The Devil’s Day (The Lucky Devil Series Book 3) by Megan Mackie

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The Devil’s Day (The Lucky Devil Series Book 3) by Megan Mackie
Preorder Now – https://amzn.to/3jn706M
Release Date – October 31, 2020
Rune Leveau—emerging Talent and one-time corporate prisoner—knew that better than anyone. She’d rebuilt her life at the Lucky Devil bar, with her Aunt Maddie’s help. Now, in her aunt’s memory, Rune continues that legacy.
But when it is time for the Devil to collect his due, Rune could lose it all…
With the days counting down until she must defend her claim to the House of Magdalene—including the bar—Rune and her partner, the cyber-spy St. Benedict, hunt for a way to defeat her challenger, the fire Talent, Abraxas. Instead, they uncover long-kept secrets. But do they hold the key?
No matter what, the Devil will have its Day…

♥ ~ ♥ ~ ♥ ~ PREORDER ~ ♥ ~ ♥ ~ ♥ The Magic of Christmas by Christi Barth

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The Magic of Christmas by Christi Barth

Preorder Now –   https://amzn.to/3k11d8h

Release Date – October 15, 2020


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It’s the opportunity she’s dreamed of…

After spending two years focused on her career, Rowan West is finally up for an advertising manager promotion. Holiday parties and gift-buying are on hold as Rowan travels to New Hampshire to create a marketing campaign that can revive a struggling, Christmas-themed resort and adventure park. Rowan’s brains and ambition make her shine, and she won’t allow anything to get in her way—especially not her far-too-handsome competitor with a sense of humor and high-up connections.

He needs to prove himself…

Jeremy Kincannon is competitive enough to fight tooth and nail for a promotion he doesn’t even want. Because his stepfather owns the company, no one believes he earned his spot despite having climbed up from the bottom like everyone else. He’s intrigued by his button-upped, business-only colleague who’s distractingly pretty. So he lays down a challenge—he’ll call a truce to their verbal sparring if she tries to have fun.

As their rivalry wanes and attraction grows, will Jeremy and Rowan embrace the magic of Christmas?



 ♥ ~ ♥ ~ ♥ ~ PREORDER NOW ~ ♥ ~ ♥ ~ ♥ Stepbrother (Step Dilemma Series Book 1) by Stacy McWilliams


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Stepbrother (Step Dilemma Series Book 1) by Stacy McWilliams

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Genre – Romance

The first time Bailey Walker met Cooper Christie, he tripped her up; the second time, he stole her bra and broke her cell; and the third time, he drove away, leaving her alone at the kerb. In short, he was an ass!

The problem was that he was the hottest guy Bailey ever seen, and as much as she loathed everything about him, she couldn’t help but be attracted to him.

When her mom asked her to go dress shopping, little did she know how much her life was going to change! Not only had her mom been dating Cooper’s father in secret, she was now engaged to him and the wedding date was set.

As her new step-brother, Cooper was now completely out-of-bounds. But when does love ever follow the rules?



🖤💥🖤💥🖤💥 PREORDER NOW 💥🖤💥🖤 Night Justice (A Chicago Vigilantes Novel Book 1) by India Kells

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Night Justice (A Chicago Vigilantes Novel Book 1) by India Kells

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Synopsis –

Carpe Noctem… To bring justice to this city, a vigilante must seize the night. And sacrifice everything else, including the woman he loves.

When she hears rumors of a new drug about to overtake Chicago, reporter Orla Karlsen is desperate to defend her city and will stop at nothing to halt its distribution, including stepping into Chicago’s underworld. She has a second agenda—to uncover the person dispensing his own brand of justice to those on the wrong side of the law—the Vigilante.

The Vigilante fights to protect the city in darkness and shadows. His latest goal is to track down the suppliers of the new drug and stop them before users start dying, and he targets Orla as a way to get information.

Their common quest will intersect in a fiery showdown and they’ll need to trust each other to untangle a mess of lies, power, and danger. Orla seizes the opportunity to learn more about the man behind the mask and agrees to work with him to bring down those behind the new drug.

Loyalties and ambitions shift though when she realizes he’s not just another criminal, but someone with honor that truly cares for the citizens of Chicago. The connection between them builds into an undeniable sexual need neither of them can fight and despite the danger, they can’t stay away from each other.

Orla is willing to give her body, but when their lives are on the line, Orla fights to gain the trust of the man she’s given her heart to.

Will love be enough to save them both, or will the Vigilante sacrifice Orla to keep his secrets?



~ ♥ ~ ♥ ~ PREORDER NOW ~ ♥ ~ ♥ ~ Sunshine Kisses (A Kisses Novella) by Elaine Marie

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Sunshine Kisses (A Kisses Novella) by Elaine Marie

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Genre – Romance

Page Count – 183

Cover Designer – Stacker Designs – Stephanie Stacker

Goodreads – https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/53202532-sunshine-kisses

Synopsis –

Wedding. Vacation fling.

After her latest doctor visit and the dire news she received, Crystal Brooke decided she’s going to live life to the fullest before her treatment begins. Not only will she enjoy her best friend’s wedding, but she’s determined to have a vacation fling—a red-hot sex and no strings attached kind of thing. However, her boy toy ends up being someone who she never expected.

Spencer Larson has crushed on one of his best friends for years. However, he never felt it was the right time to make a move…until his friend’s destination wedding. Tired of being thought of as Nerd Boy, he’s determined to make Crystal see him in a different light.

Will Spencer succeed in making Crystal see him as something other than her friend? Or will Crystal’s medical condition have her keeping her distance and pushing away the only man she’s ever loved?