Brutal Days (Hidden Valley Elite Book 3) by Isla Vaughn – Review by Carrie Reed

Brutal Days: A High School Bully Romance (Hidden Valley Elite Book 3)Brutal Days: A High School Bully Romance by Isla Vaughn
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

WHAT?! Amazing! At first, I was really irritated that Skylar didn’t just talk to Gia in the beginning about Damon before they even went to the first party. Then I realized, if she did we wouldn’t have this book. I am so addicted to Skylar and Damon’s story, dare I say I might even like it more than Riley and Cole’s! Gia is so oblivious and weak that she is susceptible to changing the way she acts to fit in with the elites. She wants to be popular so bad, but her best friend, Skylar, has no desire to fit into that clique. The bet Skylar makes with Damon, instantly, I knew it wasn’t going to end well, but they sure do take us on a wild ride. Their chemistry is off the charts, and the ending…. I can’t wait to see what becomes of Skylar, Damon and Gia. This book can be read as a standalone, but the first 2 books introduce us to the characters in this book.

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Underneath The Whiskey by Chelsea Lauren

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Underneath The Whiskey by Chelsea Lauren
Genre – New Adult MM Romance
Page Count – 370
Cover Designer – Chelsea Lauren, Gage Walker

Drowning his troubles in whiskey, torn between the ones he loves, Ben risks losing everything he’s worked desperately to protect.

Formerly “cured” in therapy, Benjamin Jacobson is unable to further explore or accept his sexuality. That is, until the charming Caden Bensen waltzes into his independent coffee shop.

As Ben plays the role of picture-perfect husband and father of two, he relishes in hidden moments of a secret relationship where he can finally embrace who he is.

As the increasing weight of a double life demands to be acknowledged, Ben must choose whether he is ready to live his truth or continue down the path of destruction.


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Chelsea Lauren is a YA and NA contemporary fiction author. Chelsea has been writing ever since she had vivid dreams in middle school. The only cure was to write them down, and only then, did Chelsea realize she could become an author. 

She’s an upstate NY native, establishing roots in her hometown with her partner and St. Berdoodles, Kaiya and Willow. 

Chelsea is the founder of Represent Publishing, a self-publishing company dedicated to helping authors strengthen their writing, edit, and publish their novels. Her passion lies in helping others accomplish their dreams. 

When Chelsea isn’t writing or working on her business, you can find her devouring books, snuggling with her pups, or having game nights with her friends.

Author Interview With Chelsea Lauren