As Close to Perfect by Maria Jane

As Close to Perfect by Maria Jane
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Genre – New Adult, Romance
Page Count – 352

Bree is definitely attracted to his type, and he seems as close to perfect as a guy could get. Only problem? She’d sworn off dating hot, muscled, athletic types for good. 

Wronged by a string of jocks, Bree creates one hard rule: no dating athletes. She also enacts a list of other guidelines to protect her fragile heart. Per the rules, coffee meetups don’t count as dates, lunch doesn’t count as a date, there will be no physical displays of affection until after a real date, and no sex until he commits to an exclusive relationship. 

Enter Nate. He’s tall and muscular, has deep blue eyes and dark hair. He’s a perfect clone of the guys that hurt her before. If it walks like a duck, it’s a duck, right? 

Enter Steven. She couldn’t have ordered a more perfect package. He’s muscular, not too tall, and focused on his career in education. 

When Bree allows herself to give in to her feelings, sparks fly. She’s happier than she ever imagined. But being a couple is about more than just the two of them. Family, religion, location, and money all factor in. 

Can they meet in the middle? 

Read As Close to Perfect to get swept away in this perfectly imperfect melding of lives!


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Romance author Maria Jane believes in the power of love. She sees that love may look messy and take a winding path, but there is magic in the journey. Her books are filled with fun moments, sweet gestures, surprising turns, and characters searching for their happily-ever-after. Craving your next HEA and/or HFN read? Find all of Maria’s Perfect romances, formerly writing as Tricia Copeland, and dive into a fun love story today at

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