Freedom Rings (The Circle Book 3) by Brenda Hardwick

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Freedom Rings (The Circle Book 3) by Brenda Hardwick
Genre – Fantasy, African American, Black Literature
Page Count – 319
Cover Designer – Megan McMinimy

In times of crisis, our true nature is revealed.

Following the attempted murders of the Elders in The Conductor, Soraya is forced to lead The Circle into a new era of taking the offensive. As she awakens new powers and works to bring together The Circle under her leadership, she takes the opportunity to build a stronger, united front that can attack if necessary.

But she’s not the only one discovering new abilities. Shawn Kites, Owner and CEO of DNAgen Biolabs, is determined to release Melacrit into the world, eliminating races of color with one simple pill. He’s already proven he’s willing to get his hands bloody, but with High Priestess Madeline pregnant with his son and heir, the clock is ticking. If his plan is to succeed, he’ll need to destroy The Circle before his son is born – and now that he has the power to walk the Dream Plain, he has everything he needs to achieve his ambition.

Can Soraya and The Circle finally defeat Shawn or has all their sacrifice been in vain?

Secrets are revealed, friendships are betrayed, and lives are lost in Freedom Rings, the explosive finale of The Circle’s first trilogy.


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CIPA EVVY Award-winning author, Brenda M Hardwick, released The Conductor: Book Two of The Circle, the anticipated sequel to Harlem Angel during the pandemic lockdown.

Brenda’s latest release, Freedom Rings, Book 3 of The Circle was released on October 11th, 2022. 

Brenda lives in Colorado with her dog Lelu and two noisy parakeets. She has two sons, six grandchildren, and two great-grandchildren. Brenda spends her days writing, helping with her twin granddaughters, and serving people through Angel Communication and Energy Healing.

Author Interview with Brenda Hardwick