Return to Hoodoo (Boudin, Bourbon, and Barbecue, Book 1) by Reggi Dupree

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Return to Hoodoo (Boudin, Bourbon, and Barbecue, Book 1) by Reggi Dupree
Genre – Paranormal, African American, MultiCultural, Black
Page Count – 420
Cover Designer – MoorBooks Designs

 Dying sucks. She’s done it twice. Three times is not a charm!

          Gwen Carter is pissed.

          After gaining a second magical disability, the last thing she needs is a summons to her        hometown of freaking Hoodoo, Texas. After accepting an inheritance too complicated to refuse, it goes from bad to oh crap when she witnesses a horrifying murder by black magic.

As Gwen climbs higher on the suspect list, she’s terrified that she has yet to break the family curse.

Will Gwen be able to prove that the current murders are connected to the one that drove her from her beloved home in shame, or will she lose not only her life but the family legacy?

Return to Hoodoo is the hilarious first book of the Boudin, Bourbon, and Barbecue, a paranormal women’s fiction series. If you like a dash of romance with your bawdy broads and nutty friends and family, then you’ll love Reggi Dupree’s captivating supernatural thriller.

It’s never too late to embrace your magic.


Click here to view the Book Trailer for Return to Hoodoo (Boudin, Bourbon, and Barbecue, Book 1) Audiobook by Reggi DupreeClick here to experience a Chapter Reading of Return to Hoodoo (Boudin, Bourbon, and Barbecue, Book 1) by Reggi Dupree

There’s something about magic, action, and the supernatural that calls to my wicked soul. I enjoy most genre fiction, but am drawn to heroines like me and my weird circle of friends: not so slim, not that young, and even a wee bit cranky. But we also find joy and laughter, even in the darkest of times.

I fill my books with adventure, magic, loss, love, and casts bursting with diversity. Seriously, how boring would life be if we were all the same?

Okay, now the personal stuff.

I married the first boyfriend who made it past the four-month mark. Since we’ve been hitched over thirty-five years, I’m thinking he just might stick. The two cats? Well, they’re too spoiled and way too stubborn to move off the couch.

Take off your boots, grab a cold one and settle in for a magical good time.

Author Interview with Reggi Dupree



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