The Traveler: Book 3 by Deborah Dugan

The Traveler, Book 3 by Deborah Dugan
Genre- Sci-Fi, Fantasy
Page Count – 269

Humans ask, how does time bind us, but The Traveler asks: how shall time be unbound?

Humans ask, what is reality, but the Travler asks: what is reality within the fluctuating energy of time and space.

In Book 3 of The Travler series, Harry’s experiences take him from Tristan’s flower bed to a soul-shaking revelation that puts him on the cusp of regaining full awareness of his power. This next evolutionary step may change his place in this reality forever.

Harry’s growth in understanding and manipulating energy flows is never without risk. His current configuration puts him in grave danger that he must find a way to escape. He must forcefully extend his energy manipulation to save himself and another, but will his inherent compassion hold him back?


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Deborah Dugan has wanted to be a published author since the age of ten or so. She has independently studied quantum physics, metaphysics, and all things extraterrestrial, for decades. She is an avid fan of sciencey stuff. She was born and raised in the Midwest and currently lives in the Pacific Northwest. In fact, she has lived in the Pacific Northwest for so long that she almost (but not quite) qualifies as a PNW native, according to some actual PNW natives, aka Seattleites. She is disqualified from being a full PNW native, and truly pitied, because she drinks tea instead of coffee. She has no current plans to return to the snow, heat, and mosquitoes of the Midwest, and will remain among the dripping evergreens and slugs of the PNW for the foreseeable future. She has several grown children and a number of frenetic grandchildren, as well as an old dog. You can find out more by going to her Facebook page at RealityCheck | Facebook, and her web site,

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