~ 🦋 ~ 🦋 ~ 🦋 ~ PREORDER ~ 🦋 ~ 🦋 ~ 🦋 ~ Notebook Mysteries ~ Unexpected Outcomes (Notebook Mysteries Book 4) by Kimberly Mullins

🦋 ~ 🦋 ~ 🦋 ~ PREORDER ~ 🦋 ~ 🦋 ~ 🦋 ~
Notebook Mysteries ~ Unexpected Outcomes (Notebook Mysteries Book 4) by Kimberly Mullins
Preorder Now – https://amzn.to/39r0JrB
Genre – YA, Historical
Page Count – 331
Cover Designer – Miblart

Chicago, 1887 – Events start suddenly for Emma.  She and Jeremy are chasing bank robbers who hope to stay hidden in a train wreck.  Injuries and death permeate the environment as she struggles to get help from a nearby town.  Will the robbers evade capture?  Will Emma and Jeremy emergency unscathed?

Home again, there’s time for things to settle down to normal though Emma never wants to settle for normal.  She looks to the newspaper for new cases.  When one of these starts to take up all of her time, she asked Jeremy to step-in on a second case.

Both become entangled in the two cases with both of them offering the other support as needed.  Emma’s case involves a murder and a missing husband.  Jeremy’s case involves child labor and possible sabotage.  Things aren’t as they seem in either case.  Tough decisions are made and they made Emma and Jeremy reevaluate those around them.



🗝 💕 🗝️ ❤ PREORDER ❤ 🗝️ 💕 🗝 Key to His Heart by Kristina Beck

🗝 💕 🗝️ ❤ PREORDER ❤ 🗝️ 💕 🗝

Key to His Heart by Kristina Beck
Preorder Now – https://amzn.to/3zUdmX8
Genre – Contemporary Romance
Page Count – 350
Cover Designer – Jody Kaye


My best friend is my head. It keeps all my secrets.

Everything I’ve seen and heard in my loveless past makes sense now, and it’s led me to TJ. The faceless man I conjured in my mind. The missing puzzle piece.

I wasn’t prepared for sparks to fly, filling my life with endless love, comfort, and safety. TJ, Toby, and I are inseparable, like a genuine family. The old me is long gone. Or so I thought.

Right after I confess my love to TJ, I tumble into the black hole of hell. My perfect façade begins to crumble, and I can’t mask it anymore. Once TJ sees between the cracks, he’ll leave Toby and me, just like everyone else has. I’m a survivor, but losing him will destroy me.


When I love, I love big, and it’s my worst downfall.

After I burst through a stranger’s door, Katrina and her newborn son, Toby, are pushed into my world. My hopeful soul whispers to me that we’re meant to be together. Can I trust it, though?

On the best night of my life, the beautiful woman I gave my heart to isn’t the same one who’s kicking me out of her house right now.

My family says it’s just a phase, and I’m trying to be patient. But her unpredictable mixed signals weigh heavily on my chest. Will my heart be shattered into a million pieces again?

Katrina owns the key to my heart, and she’s the only one who can unlock it.

***This book was inspired by real-life events, but takes place in a fictional world. It features a lovable ex-NFL player turned chemistry teacher, and a single mom who’s never felt loved. It’s an intense single parent, emotionally explosive story, filled with swoony times and sweet baby moments. HEA guaranteed. Sensitive topics are addressed that may be triggering for some readers.



🔹༻🌀༻🔹PREORDER🔹༻🌀༻🔹 The Blood Prince by Ayla Marie

The Blood Prince by Ayla Marie
Preorder Now – https://amzn.to/3n53y4W
Genre – YA, Fantasy
Page Count – TBD
Cover Designer – Hang Le

A mercenary with death following his every step…

Leo has been evading Lady Death’s grip his entire life. First, fighting in the merciless Tominese arenas, and then becoming the most feared mercenary in the country. The unnatural powers that have made him into a ruthless killer are the same that prohibit his very existence under the royal laws of Tominay.  Though they will always be hunted, he protects his brothers and sister with his every breath because allowing death to take them away has never been an option.

Now they must run, or face their worst nightmares…

When Leo’s employer finds out his younger brother holds the same power that made him into an invaluable weapon, they must make a long-awaited decision: to stay and risk slaughter, or to flee their home in search of a new life.

Will they survive the journey, or fall fighting for their freedom?

It’s a battle for survival as the siblings chase the land of their people in the hopes of a better future. Though they try to outrun it, the demons of the past never cease to haunt them, and the trials of the future hold more terror than can be imagined. But will the journey truly lead to the salvation they crave, or walk them straight to the bloody end they fear?



🤠 ~ 🌾 ~ ❤️ ~ 🏞️ PREORDER 🏞️ ~ ❤️ ~ 🌾 ~ 🤠 Paige and the Reluctant Artist by Darci Garcia

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Paige and the Reluctant Artist by Darci Garcia

Preorder Now – https://amzn.to/3tjPMPy
Genre – Contemporary Romance, Western
Cover Designer – Mariann Nowicki
Paige Liston, curator at a posh Manhattan art gallery, has found the next great phenom painter. The only problem is, she will need to leave her ultra-modern uptown apartment and head to Helena, Montana in an attempt to convince Mark Richards, owner of Caramel Ranch and rescuer of horses, to create pieces for their gallery. Mark, despite his immediate attraction to the blonde beauty, is not interested. Until, that is, she makes him an offer he cannot refuse. Journey alongside this couple as they navigate life, careers and a stallion named Storm Cloud on their way to an exciting happily ever after!

🏰 🌸 💘 💫 📔 PREORDER 📔 💫 💘 🌸 🏰 Princess of Prias by Courtney Davis

🏰 🌸 💘 💫 📔 PREORDER 📔 💫 💘 🌸 🏰
Princess of Prias by Courtney Davis
Preorder Now – https://amzn.to/3H3H7GI
Genre- Fantasy, Paranormal, Romance
Page Count – 272
Cover Designer – Mariann Nowicki

When Elle is presented with every orphan’s dream, finding out she’s actually a princess, she isn’t sure if she should join the hulking sexy man, Locan, on a spaceship ride, or run screaming from the room because he’s obviously nuts. If it weren’t for the strange things she’d recently encountered, like suddenly gaining star shaped birthmarks and a bracelet that once belonged to her mother lighting up with an eerie green light, she would be out of there already. She has enough questions she wants answered to stay and find out, taking his hand and embarking on a journey across the darkness of space. He says she needs to save their people from her evil uncle. She wants to know where she comes from, who her mother was, and why she never fit in on earth. The path to their home planet isn’t without its bumps. Saving aliens, and earthlings while evading her uncle’s men and dodging the pushy goddesses who want to tell them all what to do. Elle has to learn who she really wants to be and to help Locan become the warrior he was meant to be. 

Can she be what the rebels need? Can Locan trust the beast that lives inside of him? Will the people of Prias once again have a princess on the throne to rule their utopian society?



❣🌹❤🥀 ❥ PREORDER ❣🌹❤🥀 ❥ Love in the Roses (Love Through the Ages Book 1) by TL Clark

❣🌹❤🥀 ❥ PREORDER ❣🌹❤🥀 ❥
Love in the Roses (Love Through the Ages Book 1) by TL Clark
Preorder Now – https://amzn.to/3GMnzGH
Genre – Historical Romance
Page Count – 336

Isabel has never met her husband…

Their parents have arranged the marriage. But, when Isabel discovers who her intended is, it becomes apparent that he’s on the wrong side of the Wars of the Roses.

As a knight with honour, surely her father would not sacrifice their family to the House of Lancaster. Yet, to her horror, he insists upon the union with Sir William.

15th century England is perilous – betrayal and ruin are only ever a heartbeat away. And death hides behind every door. Can Isabel survive and be a good wife, even when she’s married to the enemy? 

Adventure through Medieval England in this intriguing story of love battling against all odds. 

This is a stand-alone historical romance which contains an abundance of marital bedchamber antics. 

The fictitious tale of a knight’s daughter, living life as it very well may have been.



•°•☆ •°•☆•°•☆ PREORDER ☆•°•☆•°•☆•° Death & Mirrors (All Things Dark & Deadly Book 1) by SF Benson

•°•☆ •°•☆•°•☆ PREORDER ☆•°•☆•°•☆•°
Death & Mirrors (All Things Dark & Deadly Book 1) by SF Benson
Preorder Now – https://amzn.to/3xDg7tk
Genre – Fantasy, Paranormal
Page Count – 286
Cover Designer – Deranged Doctor

What happens when a budding detective falls down the rabbit hole? 

Evaline Wainwright is the daughter of acclaimed occult archaeologists. The necromancer stumbles upon a mystery when a stranger dressed in black comes to the Wainwright home seeking help. Determined to discover the truth behind the visit, Evaline follows the woman. 

Chasing the bizarre female lands Evaline and her beau in a mirror world without rhyme or reason. The sun never shines, the fog never lifts, and it’s always damp. Life doesn’t thrive in Londinium because of a heinous criminal known as Doctor Death. 

The beast can be stopped, but they need the mythical Firestone to do the job. 

Can Evaline unearth the artifact and prevent the creature from killing anyone else?



☆ ~🧜‍♀️~🔍~☆ PREORDER ☆~🔍~🧜‍♀️~☆ The Mermaid and the Water Magnifying Glass by Lois Wickstrom

☆ ~🧜‍♀️~🔍~☆ PREORDER ☆~🔍~🧜‍♀️~☆
The Mermaid and the Water Magnifying Glass by Lois Wickstrom
Preorder Now – https://amzn.to/3aqcY8i
Genre – Kids, Family
Page Count – 24
Cover Designer – Ada Konewki
Maia’s best friend is named Fig. Maia’s imaginary playmate is a mermaid named Trezzie. One of Trezzie’s treasures has a pattern on it. Is it art, or something else? They need to look with a magnifying glass. Maia shows the mermaid how to make a magnifying glass with a drop of water and a plastic veggie box she had among her treasures.

~ 🦋 ~ 🦋 ~ 🦋 ~ PREORDER ~ 🦋 ~ 🦋 ~ 🦋 ~ The Vilification of Aqua Marine by Megan Mackie

🦋 ~ 🦋 ~ 🦋 ~ PREORDER ~ 🦋 ~ 🦋 ~ 🦋 ~
The Vilification of Aqua Marine by Megan Mackie
Genre – YA, Adventure
Cover Designer – Romi Carlos, ComicBook Artist

Despite Aqua Marine’s super lineage, this wannabe superhero can only control a cup of water at a time. Not very effective as far as superpowers go. Never mind being able to stop the new nefarious villain, The Overlord of the Dance from taking over part of the city.

That is until she discovers there is a cup of water in the human heart when she accidentally blows his out. 

Now her villainous mother wants her to join the League of Extraordinary Evil. 

Aqua Marine would like to hide under a rock. 

And Overlord of the Dance? Is apparently not quite dead yet, and he would like to have a word with her about becoming his new nemesis. 

If the road to hell is paved with good intentions, Aqua Marine’s is a slip and slide, with capes.



💕 🏒 ❤️‍🔥 🤟 PREORDER 🤟 ❤️‍🔥 🏒 💕 Saved by Love (Bellevue Bullies Book 7) by Toni Aleo

💕 🏒 ❤️‍🔥 🤟 PREORDER 🤟 ❤️‍🔥 🏒 💕
Saved by Love (Bellevue Bullies Book 7) by Toni Aleo
Preorder Now – https://amzn.to/3aTqTnf
Genre – New Adult, Sports, Contemporary Romance
Page Count – 320
Cover Designer – Lor LovinBooks Jackson
Evan Adler can’t get out of his own head.
Those are just a few of the words he uses to describe himself now. Medically retired from the NHL before he even had a chance to live up to the Adler legacy, Evan has returned to his hometown of Nashville, Tennessee, to focus on his mental health. But he never expects his journey of healing to lead him to the University of Bellevue and a position as the athletic trainer for the women’s gymnastics team.
Bellevue’s star gymnast Callie Pearce is the ultimate teammate. She is driven, resilient, and when it comes to the people she loves, she loves harder than she hits the vault table. She grew up with only her older sister in her corner, but it’s easy for her to be caring to anyone she meets. She wants to give everyone the kind of love she has, and she makes sure they know their worth. When Callie finds out Evan Adler is suffering, and at Bellevue, she will stop at nothing to get to know him.
That first time Evan tapes Callie’s ankle, she realizes nothing is going to keep her from taking her shot with him. And together, they’ll use the love they’ve been so richly blessed with in their pasts to save each other’s future.