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Becoming Human by Amy Michelle Carpenter
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Release Date – December 8, 2020
In Georgia woods, lightning bugs flutter, rednecks roam, and an alien ship lands …
“Human and alien, complex and sweetly personal, Carpenter’s thoughtful world blends sci-fi with coming of age as three unique worlds collide. This book will make you laugh, make you fall in love, and then make you re-evaluate what it means to be human.” McKelle George, HarperCollins author of Speak Easy Speak Love
Carter just wants his old dad back, but his once genius father won’t stop raving about the existence of aliens. His dad’s claims are ruining his life. Until the girl he’s falling for starts doing strange things, magical things, things that seem a bit out of this world.
Kokab hungers to be a Perfect in a world where her emotions make her flawed but when her people face extinction, its her feelings that make her the perfect candidate to go to Earth and persuade humans to accept her kind’s immigration. Failing means a war between her kind and humans. But success means she will never be close to Perfect again.
Ags dreams of the day she graduates from the Academy and can finally become a guardian of Earth. She’s eager to spend her time researching art and history of people, but when she learns her enemies are coming to Earth, she knows what no one else will believe. Her enemies will destroy Earth, and she’s willing to lose everything, including herself, to stop them.
A redneck boy. An Earth-obsessed alien. And a robotic girl. In a tale of understanding, forgiveness, redemption, and love, three teens must learn to accept one another and recognize what it truly means to be human.

~ ♦ ~ ♦ ~ PREORDER ~ ♦ ~ ♦ ~ Santa Got Run Over by a Vampire: A Paranormal Romantic Comedy (New Orleans Nocturnes Book 4) by Carrie Pulkinen

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Santa Got Run Over by a Vampire: A Paranormal Romantic Comedy (New Orleans Nocturnes Book 4) by Carrie Pulkinen
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Jane Devereux is adjusting to her new life as a nocturne fabulously. She runs the most popular nightclub in the French Quarter and is married to the hottest vampire in New Orleans.
When she accidentally runs over Santa Claus and has to turn him into a vampire to save him, her perfect undead life begins to crumble like a week-old sugar cookie.
Jane has three days to teach Santa the ways of the vampire and send him back to the North Pole in time for Christmas Eve.
Oh, and if that’s not stressful enough, her dad is coming for Christmas.
And he doesn’t know she’s a vampire.
Or that she’s married.
Double whoops.
Grab a mug of miracle cure and join the vamps of New Orleans Nocturnes in this fast, fun holiday read.

~ ♥ ~ ♥ ~ ♥ ~ ♥ ~ PREORDER ~ ♥ ~ ♥ ~ ♥ ~ ♥ ~ Antipodes (Antipodes Book 1) by T.S. Simons

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Antipodes (Antipodes Book 1) by T.S. Simons
Preorder now – https://amzn.to/35MOXmV
Genre – Dystopian, Young/New Adult, Romance
Antipodes is a unique work of fiction, set in present-day post-apocalyptic Australia. Aimed at young adults who are disillusioned with our world, and concerned for the ecological future of our planet, Antipodes focuses on the values our society lacks-sustainability, inclusion, community and friendship.
Cam Mackintosh is in his last year of a science degree at Melbourne University when he is offered the opportunity of a lifetime, the chance to help establish an entirely sustainable community on an island off the coast of Australia following a deadly outbreak. The community is presented with a clean slate; a completely new eco-village, protected from the outside world, but with much of the knowledge and technology of today. The community on August Island thrives and is established on modern values of gender equality and cultural inclusion.
In their second year, Will overcomes his personal challenges and finds love with Freyja. Life is idyllic until Freyja goes missing. Will follows her to Scotland using Antipodes, an ancient secret, referenced by many cultures throughout history. There he connects with sustainable community on the island of Lewis, much like his own. Strangers become friends, and he realises he has found his forever home, the place where he is genuinely “of the land”. His new friends include Fraser, who shares his passion for sustainable agriculture and Laetitia, a psychologist turned teacher with a challenging past. Despite his contentment, his loyalty and commitment to Freyja continue to haunt him, and Will travels outside the protection of the communities in search of Freyja and other communities like theirs.
This book will appeal to readers who enjoy the environment-centred work of Margaret Atwood such as Oryx and Crake, or work by Piers Torday, Frank Cottrell Boyce and Sarah Crossan’s Breathe.

~ ♥ ~ ♥ ~ ♥ ~ PREORDER ~ ♥ ~ ♥ ~ ♥ ~ Fake Fiancé (A Second Chance Office Romance) by Amy McKinley

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Fake Fiancé (A Second Chance Office Romance) by Amy McKinley
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Genre – Contemporary Romance
Adeline Rossi doesn’t need a psychic to tell her that destiny lies far from home. With a dream job lined up, she crosses the Atlantic to Italy with career aiming aspirations. When she arrives in the city of love, it’s anything but. Her ridiculously hot boss is grumpy, and the head of the design team is a monumental problem.
Plagued by unsettling dreams, business tycoon Stone Crenshaw can’t wait for the renovations in his historic hotel to end. If that wasn’t bad enough, he wrestles with an instant attraction to his accident-prone new hire. But when a family-oriented hotelier decides to sell, Stone manipulates the situation and adds fake fiancé to Adeline’s list of managerial responsibilities.
Not everyone welcomes the happy news of the loving couple’s engagement. When obstacles threaten to tear them apart, will Stone cross a professional line or lose Adeline for good?
Previously published in Sinful Secrets: A Contemporary Romance Box Set.

~ ~ ~ ~ PREORDER ~ ~ ~ ~ CLAIM ME NOW (Heron Harbor Book 2) by Lea Nolan

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CLAIM ME NOW (Heron Harbor Book 2) by Lea Nolan
Preorder now – https://amzn.to/391Cz4J
Genre – Contemporary Romance
Raven Donovan isn’t looking for a relationship. She’s married to her job and vice president of her company. So she’s blindsided when a corporate takeover leaves her unceremoniously unemployed. Reeling, she retreats to her family’s beach house on Heron Harbor Island and drowns her sorrows in a bottle of tequila. And then a tall, dark, and gorgeous stranger walks through the door…
Jack Baines has it all—money, a good job, and he’s the heir to one of the largest private equity firms on the East Coast. With his latest conquest under his belt, he should be flying high. But as much as he enjoys the thrill of the hunt, firing people takes a toll on him. So he heads to the beach for some alone time, never expecting to find a half-naked, dark-haired beauty in his rental.
With a storm raging outside, Raven and Jack end up sharing more than just the house. A scorching night turns into a red-hot weekend that reveals how much they have in common—including Raven’s ex-company. That revelation threatens everything they’ve found unless they fight to build something new…together.

~ ~ ~ PREORDER ~ ~ ~ Eye of Death (Vampire State Book 3) by Alexander Charalambides

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Eye of Death (Vampire State Book 3) by Alexander Charalambides
As Rowena’s media popularity grows, the Crown Prince of Kemet makes his romantic intentions clear, but before their relationship blossoms Sanguinia is engulfed in a new crisis.
With trade talks taking an unexpected turn, TV and radio are filled with misinformation and bias. Hoping to capture the truth on camera, Rowena takes to the streets, but reporting from a war zone isn’t easy, especially when you’re not sure which side you’re on …

~ ~ ~ PREORDER ~ ~ ~ First, We Kill All the Lawyers (Donovan Trait Series) by Seelie Kay

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First, We Kill All the Lawyers (Donovan Trait Series) by Seelie Kay
Someone is killing lawyers, but a particular vampire lawyer won’t stay dead.
Donovan Trait is a marked man. Flamboyant, stunningly handsome, and notoriously insatiable, his attitude and style belie his skills in the courtroom. No one survives a cross-examination at Donovan’s hands. His knowledge of the law and trial practice has accumulated over the years… and years, of experience. More than three hundred years. You see, when Donovan isn’t seducing judges and juries, he’s a creature of the night. And now that someone has decided that it’s time to kill all lawyers, his lust for attention has set him in the murderer’s sights. The problem is, vampires don’t die. Not easily, anyway. That’s good news for Donovan, not so much for his very human lady love, also a target of the serial killer. Will several unsuccessful attempts on his life expose Donovan’s true nature? Will the killer learn the secret that will guarantee a permanent death? Or will Donovan finally manage to put an end to the killer’s murderous spree and live happily ever after, with his lady love?

~ ~ ~ ~ PREORDER ~ ~ ~ ~ Urban Justice (A Chicago Vigilantes Novel Book 2) by India Kells

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Urban Justice (A Chicago Vigilantes Novel Book 2) by India Kells
Preorder Now – https://amzn.to/38LjZO1
Genre – Romantic Suspense
As Chicago is dragged even deeper into darkness, the Vigilante must push through the fear. Only one man can help her save innocent souls, and salvation can only be found deep underground.
Sloane Friday is fearless. Once a cop, she now works with a few select men guarding her new home as the Vigilante. Despite their best efforts, the deadly drug Phantom is spreading, claiming more deaths each time the night falls. The mission calls to Sloane, triggering a piece of her past she believed she’d put to rest.
A former Marine and passionate about urban exploration, Professor Luke Radcliffe encounters the Vigilante one night and when the Vigilante approaches him for help, he’s dragged back into a world of violence he thought he’d left behind. He quickly realizes there’s much more at stake than dealing with criminals, and the team of unique individuals fighting in the shadows gains his admiration. In particular, Sloane, the pink-haired woman with a wild streak that calls to him.
Love blossoms in unexpected places, and deep underground, Luke, Sloane, and the rest of the Vigilantes put their own lives on the line and come together in a common goal—to save the people of Chicago before more lives are lost.
Will their love survive the darkness and addiction, or will the violence surrounding them smother any possibility of a future?

~ ~ ~ ~ PREORDER ~ ~ ~ ~ The Sound of Silence by Dakota Willink

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The Sound of Silence by Dakota Willink
Preorder Now – https://amzn.to/3ni9t4L
Release Date – November 17, 2020
Amazon Top 100 Bestselling Author, Dakota Willink, delivers an emotionally gripping, dark romantic suspense that is guaranteed to keep you on the edge of your seat!
There’s a common expression I remind myself of every day: that which does not kill us, makes us stronger.
People think I live an idyllic life with my perfect husband, but they don’t know what lies beneath the façade.
Like the delicate petals of the daisies he loved to give, I was easily crushed—broken, just as he wanted me to be.
I’ve learned to accept what is, but I won’t let it destroy me.
Instead, I do the only thing I can to survive—I run.
I knew she had a story. I knew it most likely contained violence, but never did I imagine the horrors she’d been though.
I’d waited so long and she’d experienced so much. She was perfectly imperfect, her scars more than skin deep.
It was near impossible to separate truths from lies, but I knew her secret. Yet, I couldn’t help wanting to get closer. She was strong, and there was beauty in strength.
I was drawn to it—drawn to her.
I wanted to erase her horrors and give her something new to dream about.
*** TRIGGER WARNING: This story contains situations of domestic violence and abuse. Some aspects may be sensitive for some readers. ***

~ ♥ ~ ♥ ~ ♥ ~ PREORDER ~ ♥ ~ ♥ ~ ♥ ~ HUNTED (HUNTED series Book 1) by Sarah Biglow & Molly Zenk

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HUNTED (HUNTED series Book 1) by Sarah Biglow & Molly Zenk
Preorder Now – https://amzn.to/3piQRDq
Release Date – November 17, 2020
On the hundredth anniversary of being turned into a vampire, Edith joins her adopted daughters and their friends at the Heartsong Clan’s annual “vampires vs humans” LARP recruitment event where she meets an eager Dan Paxton. Dan’s older brother and vampire hunter, Darren, thinks he is merely chaperoning a trip to a nerd convention, but when Darren discovers Dan missing, he follows the only lead he has to the Heartsong Clan’s residence on Tombstone Row. He’s determined to keep his Hunter instincts in check, rescue his brother, and make a clean escape. When an impromptu late-night encounter leads Darren and Edith to be honest with each other about who and what each of them are, Edith longs to keep Darren and his brother close, even though it goes against Clan rules. The two start to grow closer as they seek out the truth from Edith’s Sire, Mr. Heartsong, and soon Darren is finding it harder than he thought to snuff out Edith and her family.