~ ~ ~ ~ ~ PREORDER ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Ocean’s Light (Blood of the Pirate BOOK 1) by Mina Chara

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Ocean’s Light (Blood of the Pirate BOOK 1) by Mina Chara
Preorder Now – https://amzn.to/3aQFU5J
Genre – Pirate, fantasy, action adventure
As a baby Evie Waters was left at the steps of a church with one possession, a treasure map. When she turns nineteen she has the choice of being inducted into the church or going after the one thing her parents gave her, she chooses the latter. Evie sets off to hire a crew, only for to be kidnapped (and her map taken) by the pirate crew of the Easy Money.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ PREORDER ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 10 Days by KJ Holliday

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10 Days by KJ Holliday
Preorder Now – https://amzn.to/3p6fXo3
Genre – Romantic Comedy, Contemporary Romance, Chick Lit
In an attempt to knock out the long-awaited follow-up to his best-selling first novel, Alexander Jones lets his best friend convince him that trekking into the wilderness for a survival boot camp was the only way to get the creative juices flowing.
With the help of a detailed itinerary, Luke, and Luke’s childhood friend, Penny, they’d committed 10 days to help Alex forgo his Urbanite roots and embrace the countryside.
It took a lifetime to get to the mountains where Luke and Penny had camped as kids, and only a second for Alex to know he was out of his element.
In a surprising twist of fate, it also took 10 days for him to fall in love with Penny Foster. The question was, did Penny feel the same way, and what would Luke say when he found out?

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ PREORDER ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Hacker (The Mercenaries Series) by Nadine Travers

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Hacker (The Mercenaries Series) by Nadine Travers
Preorder now – https://amzn.to/2MwKOgh
Genre – Military romance, romantic suspense, contemporary romance
It’s been months without news from her until now… Now she’s asking for his help.
Chris “Hacker” Montgomery devotes his life to his computer and his teammates. Until her, until he met Marie and they had that fabulous night together. When she disappeared the following morning, he searched for her for months without results.
One day, he receives a call from her, begging for help. He discovers more about her life than he ever thought possible and keeping her safe becomes his sole mission. The entire team vows to protect her.
Marie Costa is part of the mafia family in Montreal. Her father forces her to do things she doesn’t want to do. But it’s the only way to protect her sister, Mika. The only person she thinks of is Hacker after that passionate night six months ago. When she decides to leave the family, she hopes it will help her.
How will Hacker react when he discovers that her past sins go deeper than he thought? Will they put aside their anger and be able to work together? Can Hacker keep Marie alive?
This is the second book in the Merceries series. It is a romantic suspense. If you love alpha males and bad ass women with complicated lives and happy endings, you need to read Hacker.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ PREORDER ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ The Sun at Twilight (Empire at Twilight Book 4) by N.L. Holmes

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The Sun at Twilight (Empire at Twilight Book 4) by N.L. Holmes
Genre – historical fiction, drama, LBGT
In the twilight years of the Hittite Empire (1230s BC), Tudhaliya IV comes to the throne as a usurper’s younger son, determined to rule according to the traditional values of justice and clemency, despite the harder advice of his ambitious mother and his questionably loyal older brothers. When his cousin Kurunta, with whom he was raised as someone dearer than a brother, decides his own claim to the throne is stronger than Tudhaliya’s, the latter must decide whether to apply the brutal pragmatism of his advisors or risk appearing weak, and how to manage to leave his own son an empire that is finally free from civil war. The cost will be the sacrifice of his deepest friendship.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ PREORDER ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ A Hole (Alpha Bet Guys Book 1) by Phoebe Alexander

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A Hole (Alpha Bet Guys Book 1) by Phoebe Alexander
Preorder Now – https://amzn.to/3a5U0B7
A comedian and a bank teller walk into a bar… The start of a steamy romance–or just a funny stand-up bit?
Ace Bennett’s comedy career is taking off–and his love life might be too when he meets a beautiful curvy blonde bank teller named Ella Craig. She’s skeptical about dating him, so Ace bets her he’ll make her laugh if she comes to watch his stand-up act. If he wins? She has to have a drink with him.
But then Ella’s friends warn her about some rumors they’ve heard about Ace–now all bets are off.
With meddling friends and myriad misunderstandings, can these two find a happy ending? Or will Ella become the punchline of Ace’s next joke?
A Hole is part of the Alpha Bet Guys series, which is about five alpha’ish guys who like to make bets and the curvy women who bring them to their knees. Each steamy 20,000-30,000-word romcom novella can be read as a standalone.
Book 1: A Hole – Ace & Ella’s story
Book 2: The Big O – Ozzy & Hazel’s story
Book 3: Need the D – Dante & Julia’s story
Book 4: Hard F – Fox & Jenna’s story
Book 5: Ride the C – Cruz & Mia’s story

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ PREORDER ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Goddess of Everything by Paul DeBlassie III

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Goddess of Everything by Paul DeBlassie III
Preorder Now – https://amzn.to/3qGcmhE
Genre – Metaphysical/Horror/Thriller
In the mystic land of Aztlan del Norte, a realm of supernatural happenings and unexpected turns of fate, psychiatric healer Gabriél de LaTierra encounters appalling evil within the Orphanage of the Holy Innocents. Children disappear for reasons kept secret by Mother Juana de la Cruz, Superior of the Nunnery and the Orphanage.
Love for Mother Juana, Gabriél’s widowed mother turned religious superior, clouds her devoted son’s mind. Consuela, Gabriél’s wife, confronts his wall of denial. Torn between love for mother and wife, Gabriél turns inward.
It is Consuela who propels Gabriél’s discovery of the nighttime blood sacrifice of children in the desert, a centuries-old ritual that imparts immortality to Mother and her nuns. Gabriél is further enraged by Mother Juana’s vengeful attack on Consuela and her kidnapping of their four-year-old son, Cuauhtémoc. But his actions will determine whether Consuela and Cuauhtémoc live or die, and the fate of Mother Juana de la Cruz.
Goddess of Everything is a blood-curdling tale of the affection of one mother for her son and her son’s struggle for truth, freedom, and love.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ PREORDER ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ The World Beyond the Walls: epic dystopian eco-fantasy (Natural Forces Book 3) by Jean Gill

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The World Beyond the Walls: epic dystopian eco-fantasy (Natural Forces Book 3) by Jean Gill
Preorder Now – https://amzn.to/39PciX0
Genre – Fantasy, Young Adult
Block Nature out and she’ll force a way in. The climax to an award-winning series. Royal Dragonfly Award Winner.
2020 Kindle Book Award Fantasy Finalist.
Mage Kermon struggles to stay loyal to Mielitta, the Queen of the Warrior Bees, in the ongoing war between the oppressive Citadel and the vibrant Forest. His secret dual role in the Citadel is threatened when his students trespass into the mysterious world beyond the walls and, in the back-stabbing climate of Citadel politics, he’s the sacrifice everyone is prepared to make. Little do those around him know that the future of both Forest and Citadel depends on his survival.
Mielitta has always relied on Kermon in her fight to restore harmony with Nature and now he needs her help. But to save him and the lives of his two young rebels, the bee-shifter must face the evil that lurks in the Citadel walls. Her natural forces tested beyond human endurance, she discovers that evil can wear a friend’s face and that to keep one promise, Kermon must break another.
This gripping conclusion to the acclaimed Natural Forces trilogy takes the reader on a wild flight into the unexpected as Mielitta learns why she was born. Can she fulfil her destiny?

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ PREORDER ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Price of a Rose, a Beauty and Beast tale (Historical Fantasy Fairytale Retellings Book 2) by Byrd Nash

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Price of a Rose, a Beauty and Beast tale (Historical Fantasy Fairytale Retellings Book 2) by Byrd Nash
Preorder Now – https://amzn.to/36CdMlA
Genre – Fantasy Fairytale, Sweet Romance, Historical Romance
Can a Beast be tamed?
When their father loses a card game to the local recluse, his three daughters are determined to manage their own fate. While the oldest keeps house, and the youngest finds magic in the library, it is the middle daughter, Rose, who may unlock his heart. But can she defeat a fairy queen’s curse?
A Victorian Beauty and Beast fairytale retelling, sweet romance, like you’ve never read before.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ PREORDER ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Gunner: An Eidolon Black Ops Novel by Maddie Wade

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Gunner: An Eidolon Black Ops Novel by Maddie Wade
Preorder Now – https://amzn.to/3pCU5S0
Traitor, Killer, Enemy those were just some of the words his former team at Eidolon now call him.
Gunner Ramberg spent his life paying for the sins he committed as a child, fighting to make life better for the sister he adores and almost killed. Eidolon was supposed to be his first chance to fit in somewhere. For a while, he foolishly thought he could be happy, but when his sister was kidnapped, his life was turned upside down.
Forced to betray the team he thought of as family to save his own flesh and blood, Gunner finds himself praying for death to end the guilt and shame he now carries.
Lacey Cannon walked away from fame for a quiet life and a real home. After the man who should’ve loved her hurt her more than anyone else, Lacey decides she needs to claw her way to happiness on her own.
On the way to regaining her happiness and security, Lacey runs into the man who saved her life, a man who has starred in many of her dreams and fantasies, but he is broken, haunted by the secrets in his past.
After a chance encounter, and a night together, Gunner has hope for a tomorrow he thought he’d never get, and Lacey’s new focus is to heal Gunner and give him a reason to live.
Their newfound peace is put at risk when an unknown foe comes after Lacey. With secrets and suspicion around every corner, Gunner and Lacey must fight for their future happiness despite the world being against them, and their enemy’s determination to destroy them.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ PREORDER ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Vengeance (The Sundown Series Book 5) by Courtney Konstantin

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Vengeance (The Sundown Series Book 5) by Courtney Konstantin
Preorder Now – https://amzn.to/36pFzpi
Nightmares plague Max Duncan…and not just the undead type.
No one ever confused Max with being an emotionally stable individual. Now her mind is consumed with the need for revenge. Her body is healed from the the torture she received at the order of the remaining government. However, her mind can’t let it go.
When an accident causes Max to reevaluate the road she’s trying to go down, she is reminded of what’s important. As the world continues to crumble around the Duncan family and the dead continue to feast on the living, Max has to figure out how to put aside her need for vengeance.
In a world where every day is a threat to her life, Max must learn to work together with her family to keep them all alive. She won’t stop until they can stop looking over their shoulders and feel safe once again.