♥ ~ ♥ ~ ♥ ~ COVER REVEAL ~ ♥ ~ ♥ ~ ♥Big City Heat: A High-Rise Romance Anthology (A Steamy Contemporary Romance Box Set)

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Big City Heat: A High-Rise Romance Anthology (A Steamy Contemporary Romance Box Set)

Preorder Now – https://amzn.to/2GI7MNZ

Release Date – October 15, 2020

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Genre – Romance

The heat is rising. And the champagne is on ice.

Love contemporary romances in the Big City? Say yes, and you’ll love this collection of hot and steamy stories set in city high-rises, each perfect for reading in one sitting.

Within these pages, find an exotic cocktail — billionaire, fake, curvy women, older men, interracial, LGBTQ, straight, office, mafia … and much, much more.

Stories in this anthology:

1. The 57th Floor – Hazel Storm

2. A Change of Plans – PE Kavanagh

3. A Hole – Phoebe Alexander

4. One Night with A Knight – Aidy Award

5. 44th & Blue – Jodi Payne

6. Global City Tryst – Maida Malby

7. Felling Bechet – Stella Williams

8. The Wolf of Wall Street – Lucy Eden

9. Make Me Beg – Moni Boyce

10. Courtney – Jayce Ellis

11. The Glass Tower – Emily Gray

12. The Right Note – Bree Kraemer

Get these HOT stories from the TOP stories of some of the biggest, sexiest city high-rises.

Order your copy of Big City Heat today!

A portion of net proceeds goes to the Equal Justice Initiative.



♥ ~ ♥ ~ ♥ ~ COVER REVEAL ~ ♥ ~ ♥ ~ ♥ Reign (The Larussio Legacy #3) by Via Mari

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Reign (The Larussio Legacy #3) by Via Mari

Preorder Now – https://amzn.to/34IFcGe

Release Date – September 26, 2020

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Genre – Romance

Page Count – 230 pages


Giovanni Larussio is next in line as the don of Italy. He and his family have built the most prestigious casino and resort in Vegas, seizing control of the entire territory, but this makes him and anyone he cares about an even greater target to their enemies.

Serena Moretti, Giovanni’s submissive and the love of his life, is exposed to what being with the future mafia boss truly means for her and her family, leaving her with firsthand experience of just how horrific rivals of the Larussios can be if she chooses a life with a man who will soon be in charge of the most revered mafia families in the world.

A genuine leader must make life and death decisions every day, taking all factors into consideration. Giovanni must come to terms with his heritage, his dominating love for Serena, and the Larussio crime family’s future reign of power.

When he does, will life as he knows it include Serena?



♦ ~ ♦ ~ ♦ ~ COVER REVEAL ~ ♦ ~ ♦ ~ ♦ The Perfect Outcast by Melissa Hansen

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The Perfect Outcast by Melissa Hansen

Release Date – September 8, 2020

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Genre – YA and Fantasy

Goodreads – https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/23509275-the-perfect-outcast


Seventeen-year-old Alina is the only imperfect person in a perfect world. On the surface, Pria is paradise: no hunger, no pain, not even death. Pria’s all-powerful ruler provides new thrills, constant pleasure, and eternal beauty. Every smile dazzles, every party delivers, and every young adult stops aging.

Except one.

Alina longs to fit in with her beautiful peers and dreams of connecting with the one boy who has been kind to her. But her flaws stand in the way. Fed up with her blunders and blemishes, her absence of friends, and her distant guardian, Alina seeks answers.

But behind Pria’s picture-perfect facade, unrest is growing, and the secrets Alina uncovers about her past are darker—and brighter—than she ever imagined.

A mysterious birth. A corrupt scientist who creates life merely to rule it. A parallel world where dissenters are sent to die. And an innocent Alina at the center of a deadly conspiracy. Now the only imperfect person must discover the courage to free herself and those she loves before she is silenced forever.



♦ ~ ♦ ~ ♦ ~ COVER REVEAL ~ ♦ ~ ♦ ~ ♦ Seven Deadly Sins Anthology

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Seven Deadly Sins by Liz Knox, A.C.Williams, Nicole Garcia, Hadley Raydeen, Nicole Banks, Wendy Cheairs, Rachel Starkie

PREORDER LINK – https://amzn.to/2Xt9kkA

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Genre – Paranormal

Cover Designer – Emma Rider with Moonstruck Cover Design


Claimed by Pride (Seven Deadly Sins Book 1)


I’m trapped by a curse, cast by Lucifer himself. Although, I’m not the only one. My half-brothers are subjected to the same torment. We don’t know the reasoning, yet Lucifer ensured each of us is plagued with one of the seven deadly sins.

We’ve all accepted our fates, and while we work to figure out a way to free ourselves of this mental prison we try to do the one thing we can do— live our lives.

I live in a remote part of Russia, on the side of the Dykh-Tau Mountain, away from those who wouldn’t be able to understand us. While my home is private, it also grants me access to the border of Eastern Europe.

You see, I’m a kill-for-hire assassin. I don’t care who you want dead, all I want is to make sure I’m being paid the right price.

None of it mattered until a certain little thief became my target. Now, I’m only left wondering how I’ll finish this job, or if I’ll finish it.

Stalked by Envy (Seven Deadly Sins Series Book 3)

Love is supposed to set you free. I’m my case, it’s the very thing that has imprisoned me. Cursed in stone and doomed to spend eternity in misery because I chose to follow my heart.

I am not unique. I’m no different than any other sculpture perched atop this roof. I was designed to be grotesque, void of all beauty, with no chance of being set free. I haven’t felt anything but pain and sorrow for two centuries as I’m forced to look down upon the world as an outsider.

All hope is lost until a young man with a sketchbook decides to set up shop in the grounds below. The light in his eyes shines on me, penetrating the darkest part of my soul.

I want him.

I need him.

I crave him.

All these years I have been punished for doing no wrong and once I’m free, my only sin will be desiring the one thing that doesn’t belong to me.

Seized by Wrath (Seven Deadly Sins Book 4)

My name is Phoenix. Those close to me call me Phoe, though I keep that number to a minimum. I learned my lesson long ago when I was cursed by my bastard of a father, who made a deal with Lucifer. I can’t shake the anger that haunts me day and night. But it wasn’t only my father who betrayed me—it was also the woman I loved, the mother of my child! Now, I have to face the fact that there are half-sibling spawns out there that share the same fate. But the fury that rages inside of me eclipses my ability to care. Forget those six so-called brothers and this curse. I hate it all, and I’m ready to burn everything and everyone down! The only bright spot in my life is my daughter, my saving Grace. She is the only thing that can save me. When her mother tries to come back into our lives and take her, I begin plotting by regenerating and otherwise be reborn. I will rise from the ashes of those I burned, including myself. I will not lose my seed from the anger I feed. Fate may take her away, but I will hide her amongst my sins…my brothers… Bet on that!

Possessed by Lust (Seven Deadly Sins Series Book 5)

Sex was my trade—not by choice but I learned a long time ago you can’t escape fate.

There was something inside of me that my mage blood enticed, and when it was hungry I left naked bodies in my wake.

I’ve lived a life of solitude because of it, until someone found my unique gifts useful.

I’m left drugged and chained up—a prisoner to my own demons.

Until I dreamed of a brother I’ve never known, and he sends a dark haired pixie to help set me free.

For the first time in forever, she silenced the hunger that lived within me. A hunger, that never quite belonged to me.

The only problem? I wasn’t the only man she was there to rescue and that awoke a different beast inside of me.

Devoured by Gluttony (Seven Deadly Sins Series Book 6)

One of the youngest sons of a demon on a mission to infect Earth with all the Seven Deadly Sin, Zion Lee got stuck with Gluttony. As a Sin-Eater, he has enough problems eating and purging the sins of others, and now he had one he can’t get rid of, neither can anyone else. Only rumors swirl about ways to rid one’s self of a sin gifted by his demonic biological father. Since that day, he has become the eater of everything, sins, wealth, food, and everything in between.

Once the rumor of a curse-breaker reaches him in his native Singapore, he hires tracker Harry Watson, not expecting a kick-ass woman who knows how to find anything but already brings trouble in her wake. Between the two of them, they will find themselves on a journey across the planet amongst the supernatural and mundane world looking for a curse for one of the Deadly Sins. If the curse can be broken, Zion can save himself and his other cursed half-brothers, each with a different sin.

Seduced by Sloth (Seven Deadly Sins Book 7)

Finding interesting ways to stay awake may be the least of this man’s problems.

Lùcas MacAilein is Sloth, the youngest of seven brothers. Seven well-known brothers. Envy, Gluttony, Greed, Lust, Pride, and Wrath are their forced callings. Together they oversee the Deadly Sins. Each has its own unique set of distractions, like trying to rip out their Sins, break curses, the basic day in the life of a half-demon.

Lùcas has been set to a task. His half-sisters Coral, and Aqua, with whom he shares a mother, have been taken by their Mage father. Lùcas knows he must do whatever it takes to save them.

With the help of Gizmo, his Tech Witch best friend he must keep on the trail, and keep himself interested in its direction, or risk his Sin winning over his desires.

Will his mates a WereKitten and a Sea Dragon be helpful cohorts or distractions? Hell only knows and it is not giving up any secrets…

***Seven Deadly Sins – each book can be read as a stand alone, though the main characters do make appearance in each other’s books.***




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Page Count – 103 pages


Swimming superstar, Sebastian DuMont, agrees to headline the reopening of the Poseidon’s Shore Health Club at a discounted fee, grateful for an excuse to visit his beloved hometown. However, he hadn’t expected to be tempted by the lovely Zenia, owner and operator of the fitness facility.
All of Zenia Andino’s dreams come true with swimming superstar, Sebastian DuMont, attending her gymnasium’s reopening. She’d idolized him as a teenager with his poster pinned to her bedroom wall, but meeting the hunky celebrity in person gives her heartbeat an excited new rhythm.
Before they can test the waters, Seb’s agent interferes and Zen’s fame-hungry sister alludes to an affair with the Olympian. Will Seb keep up the lie for continued fame and fortune? Or is it finally time to follow his heart and feed the special spark he felt with Zen before the opportunity extinguishes forever?


♥ ~ ♥ ~ ♥ ~ COVER REVEAL ~ ♥ ~ ♥ ~ ♥ I’ll See You Again (Reigning Hearts Book Four) by KG Fletcher

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I’ll See You Again (Reigning Hearts Book Four) by KG Fletcher

Preorder Now – https://amzn.to/3fVceWp

Release Date – August 26, 2020

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Genre – Romance

Cover Designer – Bookish Gals

Goodreads – https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/53290425-i-ll-see-you-again

As a small town wedding planner, Nicky Sinclair craves true love and decadent cakes. But her world is rocked when a famous Scottish musician shows her the kind of affection she’s only dreamt about. Except just as their hearts are humming in tune, she receives terrifying news and finds herself caught in the headlines.
On the brink of superstardom, Reid Macpherson pours all his energy into his band. But after showing up at a small town bar to test out his latest song, the last thing he expected was to fall for a gorgeous local who has no idea who he is. So when he realizes he has feelings for her, he invites her to New York City for the kick-off of his first world tour.
After Nicky learns devastating news that’s hit the airwaves, emotions run high and she fears Mac will leave her and return to Scotland forever. And Mac worries with Nicky left behind, his voice will forever be silenced, the love they shared nothing but a lingering lyric in one of his hit songs.
Will the harmonious couple see each other again, or have they uttered their final goodbye?
I’ll See You Again</i is the fourth book in a series of standalone contemporary romance novels. If you like steamy opposites-attract stories, and heart-wrenching feels, then you’ll adore KG Fletcher’s rock star romance.

♦ ~ ♦ ~ ♦ ~ COVER REVEAL ~ ♦ ~ ♦ ~ ♦ It Comes From Within (House Valdis Book 2) by Naomi Valkyrie

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It Comes From Within (House Valdis Book 2) by Naomi Valkyrie

Preorder Now – https://amzn.to/32195Ap

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Genre – Fantasy

Cover Designer – RMGRAPHX

Goodreads – https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/53347563-it-comes-from-within?ac=1&from_search=true&qid=pLqP0qZP2v&rank=1

After six months, the stress of the House Valdis expansion is starting to take its toll on everyone. Xenobia has taken her time with the transition in an effort to show the former House Muerte members that she is not like their former Master.

Unfortunately, her good intentions have left the way wide open for insurrection. An unsanctioned blood den is discovered, and in the process of investigating the parties involved, an unexpected enemy is revealed.

The new discovery sends Xenobia on a trip down memory lane. Will she find that her memories are the solution to victory, or will they only be there to haunt her forever?

This book will be best enjoyed after reading the first book in this series, The Rise of House Valdis. The House Valdis series is intended for readers 18+.




♦ ~ ♦ ~ ♦ ~ COVER REVEAL ~ ♦ ~ ♦ ~ ♦ Flicker to Fire: Crimson Sash: Book 3 by Amanda Marin

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Flicker to Fire: Crimson Sash: Book 3 by Amanda Marin
Preorder Now – https://amzn.to/2C500LS
Genre – Dystopian Fantasy
Page Count – 225
Beyond the broken wall, a fire has begun to burn …
Outside the refugee center in Kébec Village, the border wall separating the New Republic from the Nation continues to crumble. On one side, Neve Hall and Micah Ward are Sans Murs operatives, documenting cases of the Nation’s human rights violations as escapees arrive. On the other, Isla Pryce has begun a ruthless mission to purge the Nation of Sufferers who, like Micah, have been unfaithful to their vows.
Then she arrives: Blythe Thatcher, a mysterious young woman on the run from Isla’s vicious Inquisition Board. In Blythe, Neve sees a way to help Sans Murs further its cause—and rid the Nation of its callous Suffering system once and for all. But when the Nation uncovers their plan, the struggle that started as a flicker quickly turns to fire, and only Neve and Micah can extinguish the flame.





☆•°•☆•°• Cover Reveal •°•☆•°•☆ GROUNDS FOR MURDER: A Coffee Shop Mystery by Tara Lush


•°•☆•°•☆•°•☆•°• Cover Reveal •°•☆•°•☆•°•☆•°•

GROUNDS FOR MURDER: A Coffee Shop Mystery by Tara Lush
Preorder Now – https://amzn.to/2WRntIf
Genre – Cozy Mystery
Page Count – 250
Cover Designer – Lou Malcangi

Goodreads – https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/53159598-grounds-for-murder

When Lana Lewis’ best — and most difficult — employee abruptly quits and goes to work for the competition just days before the Sunshine State Barista Championship, her café’s chances of winning the contest are creamed. In front of a gossipy crowd in the small Florida town of Devil’s Beach, Lana’s normally calm demeanor heats to a boil when she runs into the arrogant java slinger. Of course, Fabrizio “Fab” Bellucci has a slick explanation for jumping ship. But when he’s found dead the next morning under a palm tree in the alley behind Lana’s café, she becomes the prime suspect.
Even the island’s handsome police chief isn’t quite certain of her innocence. But Lana isn’t the only one in town who was angry with Fabrizio. Jilted lovers, a shrimp boat captain, and a surfer with ties to the mob are all suspects as trouble brews on the beach.
With her stoned, hippie dad, a Shih Tzu named Stanley, and a new, curious barista sporting a punk rock aesthetic at her side, Lana’s prepared to turn up the heat to catch the real killer. After all, she is a former award-winning reporter. As scandal hangs over her beachside café, can Lana clear her name and win the championship — or will she come to a bitter end?




*¨*✶*¨`* COVER REVEAL *¨*✶*¨`* Blue Magnolia (Red Farlow Mysteries No. 2) by W.F. Ranew

🔲🔳*¨*✶*¨`*🔳🔲 COVER REVEAL 🔲🔳*¨*✶*¨`*🔳🔲

Blue Magnolia (Red Farlow Mysteries No. 2) by W.F. Ranew

Preorder Now – https://amzn.to/2WeNYXM

PI Red Farlow dives headfirst into a hornets’ nest of extremists. His new client, Hank Tillman, only wants to get a shot at country music stardom. While playing in a Georgia bar, Hank—known as Cowboy to his fans—stumbles into trouble. The kind that kills. PI Red Farlow steps in to help him.

Hank’s song, Redneck Devil, attracts the attention of a violent group called the Blue Magnolia. Its leaders want him to perform at their next hate rally. There’s another, darker reason the Blue Magnolia wants Hank in its fold.

An elderly patient in a Florida insane asylum reveals a decades-long secret that devastates Hank. It’s the worst kind of fake news.

Can Farlow root out the truth? The PI has his own problems as he confronts a hired killer face-to-face.