The Bullet Theory by Sonya Jesus

The loss of loved ones is extremely painful for many. Losing a child to murder is something unfathomable for parents. In The Bullet Theory, Sonya Jesus writes about such loss from the views of Eleanor Devero and her therapist Nolan Mills. 

Eleanor is a former suspect interrogation specialist that is on unpaid leave after she was shot in an undercover investigation. Eleanor was pregnant and lost the baby. Three months later finds her fiance, Kace Dalton, attempting to get her to move forward. Eleanor resents how he appears fine despite her attacker not being identified, and the loss of their unborn son. She is not allowed to return to work until she is deemed fit by a psychiatrist.

Nolan Mills is a psychiatrist working on a government project that is attempting to determine the likelihood of family members of murder victims taking revenge upon verified murderer. He becomes extremely interested in Eleanor’s case when he becomes her therapist. As the book progresses, Eleanor begins to undergo emotional changes that make her fiance hopeful.

Meanwhile, despite therapy, Eleanor secretly wants to find “The Bullet Man”. Labeled by police as a serial killer, the mystery man has solved several of the cold cases. Using several couriers, the families of murder victims receive a package with a bullet with the name of who killed their loved one as well as evidence to support the claim. Eleanor wants to find the “Bullet Man” to see if he can help her find her attacker. 

What plans does Eleanor plan if she discovers the person responsible for the loss of her baby? Can Nolan break through the wall that she has put between herself and Kace? Who is the “The Bullet Man” and how does he or she obtain the information for police cold cases? What would you do if you lost someone to murder, and received an inscribed bullet with the murdeer’s name? Would you seek revenge or turn the information over to the police? Find all of these answers and more in this suspense filled book.