Destiny’s Daughter (Intimate and Unfiltered Book 3) by Lynda Filler

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Destiny’s Daughter (Intimate and Unfiltered Book 3) by Lynda Filler
Genre – Inspirational, Memoir
Page Count – 293

I left a career in sales in Mexico in 2019 to travel and find a place where I would write and maybe paint and continue my creative dreams. Fate intervened, and after four months of travel, I fell in lust with a young Muslim Turk and in love with Istanbul’s historic and exotic city. 

Instead of Elizabeth Gilbert’s laid-back Bali, the energy and creativity of Istanbul turned out to be a writer’s dream. But soon, a worldwide pandemic, lockdowns, death, and anxiety attacks made me question if I had lost complete touch with reality. “I should be retired and living a comfortable life in Canada!” 

From my early years as a military brat, I had perfected the art of starting over. But nothing had prepared me for the sight of Russian warships on the Bosphorus Strait on their way home to begin a war with Ukraine. I couldn’t write; I couldn’t read. My emotions overwhelmed me, and anxiety replaced creativity; Xanax took over from vitamin C. 

One morning I woke up determined to heal myself and share this story. I slowly began to write again. And then it hit me. I shouldn’t be surprised to find myself close to a war zone. I am, after all, a product of my military father, destiny’s daughter.


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I’m a writer, a poet, a dreamer, and a lover. I’m a Canadian girl, but I live wherever life takes me. For many years that was Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. In 2019 I bought a series of one-way tickets to several exotic locations around the world. After a two-day layover in Türkiye, I fell in love with Istanbul and a Turkish man. After my travels I returned to Istanbul and have lived here ever since. I’ve found intrigue and mystery wherever I turn in the Middle East. I love words, street art and capturing life with my camera lens. I create stories from what I see and what I can imagine. You will find 19 published books—spy fiction, romantic suspense, poetry, and memoir—on Amazon. My latest is  DESTINY’S DAUGHTER my 20th book.

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