~ ~ ~ ~ ~ PREORDER ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Capturing Fate by Abbie Roads

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Capturing Fate by Abbie Roads
Preorder Now – https://amzn.to/3q53v91
Release Date – January 28, 2021
Genre – Romance, Crime
Can love untangle a web of lies and expose the truth?
A loner with a mysterious childhood…
FBI agent Dolan Watts is no stranger to pain. From his childhood spent in foster care to his daily grind of hunting down hardened criminals, it’s been the one constant through the years. Pain carved out gut feelings he can trust and instincts able to solve cases in record time. Until now. Confronted by a malicious new enemy who revels in mind games, Dolan begins to doubt his own perceptions. Fearing he’s spiraling into insanity, he seeks help from the one woman who can shine light into the darkness consuming him.
A woman haunted by a secret…
Psychologist Daughter Dawson sabotaged her own safety the moment she accepted Dolan as a client. Still, she felt compelled to help him. Dolan’s past mirrored many of the questions about her own, making his torment achingly familiar. Despite their growing attraction, her career demands she keep an ethical distance. Yet when she makes the mistake of confiding in him, both their lives are thrust into unimaginable danger.
Nightmares come to life…
When gruesome tragedy uncovers a serial killer’s twisted agenda, Daughter and Dolan must cling to each other if they hope to survive. Can they stop the body count from rising? Or will they find their only purpose from the start was to be pawns in a reign of evil?

~ ♥ ~ ♥ ~ ♥ ~ ♥ ~ PREORDER ~ ♥ ~ ♥ ~ ♥ ~ ♥ ~ Cursed Sight (Broderick Coven Series Book 2) by AJ Renee

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Cursed Sight (Broderick Coven Series Book 2) by AJ Renee
Preorder Now – https://amzn.to/38JsoQm
Release Date – January 26, 2021
Genre – Paranormal, Witches, and Occult
Everything Ethan Broderick believed about his family history was a lie.
After learning he’s a descendant of a long line of powerful witches, he’s eager for guidance on his expanding powers. Pairing up with the fiery witch in charge of the local coven was a logical decision. What he didn’t expect was for her presence to awaken more than his oracle powers.
Serena Bishop stopped trusting men years ago. Needing to fill the vacant oracle position in her coven, she offered to help Ethan for purely selfish reasons. Except, the attractive and intelligent man managed to weave a spell around her stone-cold heart when she wasn’t watching.
Visions of impending danger for the sexy high priestess haunt Ethan.
Can they eliminate the threat, or will he lose another woman he loves?

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ PREORDER ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Daddy’s Girl (Freshwater Book 3) by Belinda Williams

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Daddy’s Girl (Freshwater Book 3) by Belinda Williams
Preorder Now – https://amzn.to/2KOWRVd
Release Date – January 25, 2021
Genre – Romantic Comedy, Contemporary Romance, Women’s Fiction
Em Georgiou looks like the sort of girl you take home to your family. But she’s got a PhD to finish and a career to kick-start first. And besides, Em likes men too much to settle down—much to her father’s exasperation.
Joel Scott doesn’t do relationships. He’s too focused on his architecture business. So when his hard-to-please, cut-throat developer client suggests that he ‘gets to know’ his daughter Em, Joel is prepared to add the spoiled daddy’s girl to his to-do list for the sake of his career. Except Em is way more capable than her father gives her credit for. And she’s certainly not the type of woman you strike off your to-do list.
Can Joel convince Em that he’s not just trying to impress her father? Or that you can fall in love when you don’t want to… even if it involves facing up to a dark past you’d rather forget?

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ PREORDER ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Athalie (Sacrificial Chronicles Book 1) by Jordan Elizabeth

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Athalie (Sacrificial Chronicles Book 1) by Jordan Elizabeth
Preorder Now – https://amzn.to/38NjktI
Release Date – January 19, 2021
Genre – young adult, fantasy, romance
Chosen as the yearly sacrifice, Athalie’s world crumbles into a devastating reality, but she knows her death will bring prosperity to her country and family. The emperor, however, has found a weapon created by the gods. During the full moon, he plans to activate it and eradicate their adversary, unaware it will actually destroy the planet.
Athalie, reborn and disguised, must hunt for talismans to neutralize the weapon’s power. Her journey will take her across the continent to countries unknown, to people she thought were her enemies, while being haunted by a magic she can’t fully control. The gods have allowed her one more shot at life, but if she dies this time, she won’t be reborn.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ PREORDER ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Askew Ever After: A Limited Edition Romance Collection Anthology

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Askew Ever After: A Limited Edition Romance Collection Anthology
Preorder Now – https://amzn.to/3o4aQow
Release Date – January 19, 2021
Genre – Romance
One kiss changes everything…
The characters inside these pages will leave you wanting more after they set your e-reader on fire. Askew Ever After has a romance for everyone. Forbidden loves find ways to be together against all odds. Fated romances find each other at last, then the real journey begins. Billionaire bosses fall in love with their sassy executive assistants and bend all the rules so they can be together. Small town cowboys rope their sweethearts in with their southern drawl and a little down home love. Alpha males prove their worth while defending their loves, and of course bad boys can’t help but bring the drama. Rockstars who know exactly what they want and won’t stop until they get it. Tattoo artists with an enchanting softer side. There will be secret loves, second chance romances, and everything in-between. If you want love, Askew Ever After has a happy ever after made just for you.
ONE CLICK NOW, before this limited edition romance collection rides off into the sunset.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ PREORDER ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Titanian’s Phoenix: Titanian Chronicles by Victoria Saccenti

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Titanian’s Phoenix: Titanian Chronicles by Victoria Saccenti
Preorder Now – https://amzn.to/2L34kjn
Release Date – January 15, 2021
She’s the mate he never expected. And she has powers she never asked for…
Maya Brown is New York tough. She doesn’t believe in magic—until she’s kidnapped along with her eccentric godmother, Anna. By elves.
Freed by Anna’s strange power, and reeling from bizarre revelations about her heritage, Maya follows Anna’s plea to seek out a man named Soren at—of all things—a magical bar. Maya doesn’t believe in love at first sight, either, but when she encounters seven-plus feet of muscle and mood-changing eyes, her body does a full-on reset.
Nothing shakes up Soren Westerberg, Titanian Enforcer assigned to NYC. Until a beautiful human woman with golden skin and lost brown eyes walks into a bar. In one trembling instant he knows that she’s his mate—who promptly faints away in his arms.
Their bond is instant, gloriously intense, and a miracle. Soren’s life scroll never foretold a mate, but now that he has her, he’ll protect her at all costs. Because she’s not just his—she’s also an extraordinary being coming into her power. And ready or not, that makes her a target of his cruelest enemy.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ PREORDER ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Havall 16 by A. J. Ullman

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Havall 16 by A. J. Ullman
Preorder Now – https://amzn.to/3hemY3G
Release Date – January 15, 2021
Genre – Sci-fi/Adventure
Havall 16 comes back in time to warn Tommy Canada not to take his fledgling biotech company public., or else society will be cleaved into two factions: the Havalls — who are young, rich and can live forever — and the Havenots. Tommy has created a nanotechnology that heals people from the inside out. Faced with turning his back on wealth and fame, Tommy must consider his personal goals versus those of society.
Havall 16 asks him, “If you could go back in time and kill Hitler when he was a baby, would you? Kill an innocent to spare millions in the future?” You might, she says, have to kill before you ever become the richest man on earth, before you can solve humans’ greatest fear: dying. Convincing his partner, Win Gault, who owns fifty percent of the company, presents another problem. The future Havalls know Havall 16 has gone back in time to prevent the creation of this technology and they have a plan to deal with her and Win.
Will she or Tommy have to kill? The future is plastic she reminds Tommy. One thing is certain though, as Tommy’s buddy reminds him. We weren’t designed to live forever.
Havall 16 taps into our deepest fears of death and dying as well as global warming and our very current fears of income and medical inequality — a future where some have it all and most have not.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ PREORDER ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Heartbeats and Roses (Hartwood Holiday Romance) by Jae Dawson

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Heartbeats and Roses (Hartwood Holiday Romance) by Jae Dawson
Preorder Link – https://amzn.to/2MxoEdd
Release Date – January 15, 2021
Florist Rose McDaniels is the unofficial matchmaker of Hartwood Falls. Her annual Secret Valentines have brought together more happy couples than she can count. Too bad the only person she can’t seem to help find love is herself. Try as she may, no one holds a candle to the boy who made her first believe in love . . . right before he left town with her heart.
When cardiac surgeon Liam Bradley returns to his childhood home of Hartwood Falls for the first time in fifteen years, his life is falling apart all around him. With his career at risk and a relationship with his longtime girlfriend on the rocks, true love is the last thing on his mind.
His quiet retreat turns upside down when he comes face to face with the girl he left a secret message for all those years ago.
Then a freak accident finds this self-proclaimed cynic up to his ears in roses and love notes—all because of her.
Rose and Liam gamble their hearts and confess old secrets in this heart-warming tale of second chances and forgiveness.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ PREORDER ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Don’t Worry, I Still Hate You by Marie Skye

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Don’t Worry, I Still Hate You by Marie Skye
Preorder Now – https://amzn.to/34Fjy4Q
Release Date – January 12, 2021
Genre – Romance, Contemporary Romance, Friends to lovers
I needed a roommate, and I needed one fast. The requirements were simple: Must be clean, nonsmoker, and no touching my shit. I underestimated my own ad and got the one person I happen to have a one-night stand in Vegas for ‘old time sake’. Because what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas right? Bull shit. Did I mention we kinda sorta dated in University? Oh, there’s also that small tidbit he left out that he may or may not have been married. He was. As it turns out I may need his help after all. But don’t worry, I still hate him.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ PREORDER ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Stone of Destiny (Juniper Samoni Trilogy Book 1) by Nadine Travers

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Stone of Destiny (Juniper Samoni Trilogy Book 1) by Nadine Travers
Preorder Now – https://amzn.to/3pyQELJ
Stone of Destiny calls out to her to save it. The clock is ticking, and evil is not too far behind.
Juniper’s coven has assigned her a dangerous mission: to brave the magic cave in Scotland and save the Stone of Destiny. If the stone falls in the wrong hands, the wielder can use the power to make everyone their slave.
Now the fate of the paranormal community is put to Juniper… but if evil lucking in the shadow beats her to the treasure, there will be no turning back.
Fans of Ilona Andrews and the Uncanny Kingdom will devour Stone of Destiny, book one in the Juniper Samoni Trilogy.
Buy this action-pack, suspenseful urban fantasy supernatural thriller now.