Stand Your Ground Audiobook by A.J. Ullman

Stand Your Ground by A.J. Ullman
Genre – Crime, Thriller
Listening Length – 8 hours 30 minutes
Narrated by – Melissa Reizian
Cover Designer – Shelley Savoy of Savoy Designs

 When Cady Fox leaves dinner with the senior attorneys at her law firm one spring night, the only thing on her mind is: Will they make her a partnership offer the next morning? What she doesn’t expect is to be accosted on her bike ride home in an inner-city park by a man whose nefarious intent requires her to shoot him to death on a deserted basketball court at 11 p.m.

Growing up poor in Appalachia, Cady had few expectations that she would be a success in Big Law. Now, on the cusp of her greatest moment, she becomes the focus of a police investigator tired of people claiming white privilege when killing Black men and a public outcry for justice for the dead man.

For Cady Fox, her world cracked open long before she found herself face to muzzle with a .45 on the concrete jungle of a desolate urban basketball court at an hour before midnight one spring night. The line between stand your ground and murder always blurs in the moment of a confrontation. Cady is forced to navigate the criminal justice system and the societal tensions that come with that blur, learning how the past eats your soul when your only choices are to run or stand your ground.


  1. J. Ullman grew up in Southwest Ohio and those experiences and settings color A. J.’s works of fiction. A. J. has worked in a variety of endeavors, from restaurants, to libraries, to law offices, to community mental health centers to family practice medical offices. A. J. is a lawyer and a certified family nurse practitioner concentrating work these days in the medical field.

Experiences with psychiatric nursing have left indelible impressions on A. J. and these concepts are explored in A. J.’s novels, One In A Million, Hit or Miss, Drifting, Falling — Diary Of A Call Girl Suicide, And The River Runs Deep: The Cold Case Murder Mystery Of Leah Marcus, Havall 16 and Stand Your Ground.



The Girl Who Escaped by Mark Nolan

The Girl Who Escaped by Mark Nolan
Genre – Crime, Thriller, Mystery
Page Count – 318

One month ago, four college girls were abducted. Three were brutally murdered. One girl escaped.

Angie Taylor was traumatized and shocked speechless.

The police think she killed her friends, and then had a mental breakdown.

Her psychiatrist believes she has an emotionally unstable personality disorder.

Can she ever speak up and describe the killer’s face to a police sketch artist?

Is the murderer stalking her right now, eager to finish what he started?

Everyone in the city is on edge, fearing the worst, not sure what to believe.

A visit from a determined FBI agent shakes things up and raises the stakes. FBI Special Agent Brenda Reynolds of the VSRT must investigate whether the mysterious silent girl is a victim, a killer, or has gone insane.


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Mark Nolan is an Amazon bestselling author and a Kindle Unlimited All-Star. His most recent book is a suspense thriller titled The Girl Who Escaped.



The Detail by Dana Wayne

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The Detail by Dana Wayne
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Genre – Romantic Suspense, Crime
Page Count – 235
Cover Designer – Just. Write. Creations.

Some assignments are deadly…

Detective Jessica Foster is worn out. She’s spent months hunting a crazed killer while juggling a case load that never ends, her unpredictable family and forbidden feelings for her partner, Seth Hamilton. When the suspect she sought is finally captured near Denver, she and Seth must bring him back to Texas for trial. She dreads the long drive because it means close proximity to the man who haunts her dreams and makes her long for things she can never have.

Seth has known for some time that Jess is the one for him. Instinct tells him the feelings are mutual, but she never lets her guard down. Undeterred, he vows to use the prolonged road trip to get beyond those barriers and uncover the truth.

Until a disastrous turn of events changes everything.

Now a ruthless killer bent on revenge targets Jess, and his thirst for vengeance will only be satisfied by her death.


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Multi-awarding winning author Dana Wayne is a sixth-generation Texan and still resides in the Piney Woods. A sought-after speaker and die-hard romantic, her stories are filled with strong women, second chances, and happily ever after.

“I’ve had a love affair with words my whole life and from an early age, aspired to write. That dream became a reality with the release of my first book in the summer of 2016. I was over the moon when it received first place in a state-wide contest, and I never looked back.

“I’m all about the romance; that excursion two people take from ‘I’ll never love again’ to ‘Happily Ever After’. My stories are very character-driven versus plot-driven and typically include a splash of humor and suspense. While they are a bit steamy at times, I believe true romance is about emotion, not sex, and the journey is more important than the destination. “




I’m Not Your Difference (Fitz Series Book 4) by Theresa Sederholt

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I’m Not Your Difference (Fitz Series Book 4) by Theresa Sederholt
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Genre – MM, Romance, Crime
Page Count – 228
Cover Designer – Taylor Dawn at Sweet 15

Andy Justice is a single dad, trying to teach his daughter, Stella, how to live in a world without labels . . . to love and be loved for who she is. To value family and friends, and always be kind. The lesson may not seem extraordinary, but when you’re a single, gay man, battling Parkinson’s who’s adopted a deaf girl orphaned because her mother was murdered, it has a lot more significance in the meaning. 

These two have become the perfect medicine to heal each other’s heart. Andy just never thought he would be doing this alone. His husband, Stephen, was not on board with raising Stella. Between Andy’s illness and the special circumstances surrounding Stella, it was all too much for him. So . . . he walked away. 

Just when Andy has settled into his new life with Stella and feels ready to give his heart another chance at finding love, Stephen unexpectedly contacts him and asks to meet. Andy agrees, if only to have his say, something he never had the chance to do before. 

When the meeting happens, Andy finally feels the confidence to move on. Stella is his focus now, and even though Stephen will always have a place in his heart, he finds his closure. However, things are completely opposite in Stephen’s world, as seeing Andy only confirms what he’s been afraid to admit all along—he’s made a huge mistake. Now he has to do everything possible to win Andy back, to have the future that was always meant to be. 

While Andy and Stephen are working on whether they will have a future together or not, a serial killer, who is targeting gay men, has other plans for them both. 

There’s only one man who can put all the pieces together in time to save them—Fitzgerald “Fitz” Rodriguez.


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If you love Nutella…we’re already friends.

I’m Theresa Sederholt, and I like writing. More than that, I love to tell stories. I write in multiple genres, but my heart, my passion, lies in writing stories that connect to those that have withstood dramatic, personal experiences. I want to bring awareness and understanding by dealing with subject matter that is intimidating to navigate.

On the flip side, I also like to whip up a steamy romance filled with suspense and sprinkled with mystery. Keeping you guessing with a twist here and there makes me happy.

When I’m not writing, I’m cooking with my amazing husband, spoiling my dogs, or enjoying the rolling hills of North Carolina that are my backyard.

If you would like to contact me, you can find me on any of the following social media platforms or feel free to email me at:

Author Interview with Theresa Sederholt



Shake Down (First Coast Thriller Book 1) by Armand Rosamilia

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Shake Down (First Coast Thriller Book 1) by Armand Rosamilia
Genre – Crime, Thriller
Page Count – 292
Cover Designer – Jack Wallen

Ex-cop Clayton Conway has made some mistakes.

He’s trying to work hard with a repo company, hooking cars and boats. Raise his daughter and stay friendly with his ex-wife. Make enough money to pay the rent on his tiny apartment over a bar in Jacksonville Beach.

But when one of the Orenato Cartel’s speedboats gets repossessed, they come looking for it.

Putting Clayton, his family and friends, in danger.

Can he protect them, or will the cartel get what they came for? And will his own weaknesses get the best of him… again?

From the author of the Award Winning crime thriller series, Dirty Deeds, comes a new series set in the same world!


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Armand Rosamilia is a New Jersey boy currently living in sunny Florida, where he writes when he’s not sleeping. He’s happily married to a woman who helps his career and is supportive, which is all he ever wanted in life…

He’s written over 200 stories that are currently available, including crime thrillers, supernatural thrillers, horror, zombies, contemporary fiction, nonfiction and more. His goal is to write a good story and not worry about genre labels.

He is also a successful podcaster, too!

The Mando Method Podcast with co-host Chuck Buda – talking about writing and publishing

He also loves to talk in third person… because he’s really that cool.

You can find him at for all of his information as well as random things he enjoys

Author Interview with Armand Rosamilia



Murder Creek (Audio Book) by Jane Suen

Murder Creek by Jane Suen
Genre – Audio, Crime, Cozy Mystery
Listening Length – 3 hours 22 minutes

College student Eve Sawyer senses something disturbing at Murder Creek—the

site named for infamous murders committed centuries earlier and where Lacey

Walken went missing.

Twenty years ago, Lacey disappeared without a trace … except for her bloody scarf tangled in fallen branches at the muddy water’s edge. 

Drawn to this cold case, Eve goes back to investigate and write a report for her journalism class. As she discovers a small town’s long-buried dark secrets, the pieces of the puzzle come together: the legacy of a man, the fate of a beautiful woman, and the lives that changed forever. 

But someone wants Eve to stop—someone with everything to lose.


Jane Suen is an award-winning author who writes mysteries, sci-fi thrillers, short stories, sweet

romance, and crime fiction.



PREMEDITATED: A Trust Betrayed, Lives Sabotaged, A Love Undaunted (Agents of Justice Book 2) by Susanna Haymond

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PREMEDITATED: A Trust Betrayed, Lives Sabotaged, A Love Undaunted (Agents of Justice Book 2) by Susanna Haymond
Genre – Crime, Inspirational, Christian
Page Count – 332
Cover Designer – 100 Covers

Anti-drug activists are being sabotaged by the very substance they abhor. Anne, former DEA Agent Greg Nelson, is 

Someone is targeting anti-drug activists and anyone that has dared to support the war against drugs. DEA Agents Grant Rourke and Josh McKenzie have been assigned to figure out who’s behind it, and take the fatal doses of kronilan off the streets for good. 

But, while they work to put an end to the latest string of drug-related crimes, whoever is behind the kronilan distribution begins coming for their friends and family, including Grant’s ex-partner – former DEA Agent Greg Nelson by way of Greg’s fiance, Anne. 

Can Grant and Josh get to the bottom of this before it’s too late? 

Premeditated is a fast paced, Christian Suspense. That will keep you on the edge of your seat and guessing until the very end. 

Warning: Topics addressed in this novel may be triggering for some readers.


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Click here to experience a Chapter Reading of PREMEDITATED: A Trust Betrayed, Lives Sabotaged, A Love Undaunted (Agents of Justice Book 2) by Susanna Haymond

Susanna Haymond is a small town girl who enjoys creating worlds with a pen and weaving suspenseful stories with a bit of faith, and a dash of romance. As a child her imagination was never dormant; a story was always in the making. At the age of sixteen she wrote her first book and later went on to publish a few years later. 

When she’s not writing she enjoys baking, relaxing on the beach, and music.

Susanna resides just outside a small city in Washington with her husband and their Bichon Frise fur baby.

Author Interview with Susanna Haymond



Deadly Sommer (Nora Sommers Caribbean Suspense Book 1) by Nicholas Harvey

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Deadly Sommer (Nora Sommer Caribbean Suspense Book 1) by Nicholas Harvey
Genre – Thriller, Crime
Page Count – 272
Cover Designer – Covered by Melinda

Nora Sommer’s first case for the Royal Cayman Islands Police Service is one she’ll never forget – if she survives. When the daughter of a wealthy businessman is taken, Nora is first on the scene and unwittingly ‘chosen’ by the kidnapper. With the crime live-streamed across the internet, the eyes of the world are upon her as she faces a sequence of difficult challenges with the life of the kidnapped girl hanging on Nora’s success – or failure. Deadly Sommer is the thrilling first book in the Nora Sommer Caribbean Suspense series.


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Nicholas Harvey’s life has been anything but ordinary. Race car driver, mountaineer, divemaster, and since 2019 a full-time novelist. Raised in England, Nick now lives next to the ocean in Key Largo with his amazing wife, Cheryl. Motorsports may have taken him all over the world, both behind the wheel and later as a Race Engineer and Team Manager, but diving inspires his destinations these days – and there’s no better diving than in Grand Cayman where Nick’s AJ Bailey Adventure and Nora Sommer Caribbean Suspense series are based.

Author Interview with Nicholas Harvey



Hush, My Darling (Benoit and Dayne Mystery Book 2) by Winter Austin

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Hush, My Darling (Benoit and Dayne Mystery Book 2) by Winter Austin
Genre – Crime, Thriller
Page Count – 289
Cover Designer – Lee Hyatt

Dark memories haunt Eckardt County Deputy Lila Dayne. Two years ago, she survived a serial killer’s attempt to add her to his growing list of victims in Chicagoland, but the fight cost her more than just time lost to surgeries and rehab. Now she’s finally beginning to connect with the people in this small section of southeast Iowa, even if she can still sense him watching her.

Sheriff Elizabeth Benoit has her sights on bringing down Eckardt County’s corruption when two bodies surface, both bearing striking similarities to the serial killer victims discovered along I-80—and one delivers a personal message for her department. Lila spirals out of control under the pressure, pushing everyone out of her life.

As Elizabeth and her deputies try to bring Lila back into the fold, the killer closes in, marking his next victim. Lila must shake free of her fears and trust those who have supported her—or the killer will finish what he started.


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Winter Austin perpetually answers the question: “were you born in the winter?” with a flat “nope,” but believe her, there is a story behind her name.

A lifelong Mid-West gal with strong ties to the agriculture world, Winter grew up listening to the captivating stories told by relatives around a table or a campfire. As a published author, she learned her glass half-empty personality makes for a perfect suspense/thriller writer. Taking her ability to verbally spin a vivid and detailed story, Winter translated that into writing deadly romantic suspense, mysteries, and thrillers.

When she’s not slaving away at the computer, you can find Winter supporting her daughter in cattle shows, seeing her three sons off into the wide-wide world, loving on her fur babies, prodding her teacher husband, and nagging at her flock of hens to stay in the coop or the dogs will get them.

She is the author of multiple novels, with more on the way.

Author Interview with Winter Austin



The Last Cabin Girl (Detective Josie Thompson Series) by Tom Swyers

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The Last Cabin Girl (Detective Josie Thompson Series) by Tom Swyers
Genre – Crime, Thriller
Page Count – 326
Cover Designer – Juan Padron
As the pandemic begins, Josie Thompson is a struggling waitress, mom of two great kids. She wants a fresh start far from her abusive husband, the confining small town she calls home, and a long-held secret her family refuses to disclose.
But Josie isn’t going anywhere. After murder victims turn up floating in the river near her isolated cabin, the FBI quickly charges her in one of the killings. Thankfully, she’s freed on bond, but charges for the other deaths loom. The FBI thinks she’s a serial killer.
If convicted, she faces life in prison and a future forever apart from her children. Josie can’t let that happen. She must venture out of her comfort zone to prove her innocence, even if it means confronting her issues, including a growing fear of COVID-19.
Can she trust anyone to help? A friendly detective and former police officer? Her estranged lawyer-brother? Her cryptic parents? A wealthy bachelor who has eyes for her?
In a town where things are not what they seem and not everyone can be trusted, can Josie clear her name, or will her own dark secrets be her undoing?



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Tom Swyers is a multi-award-winning and Amazon bestselling author of three other novels. His first novel, Saving Babe Ruth, won the 2015 Benjamin Franklin Book Award for the best debut novel. His second novel, The Killdeer Connection, was a winner in an international writing contest and was published by Kindle Press. His third novel, Caged to Kill, was endorsed by a Pulitzer Prize winning author and helped to release a man to the general population after thirty-four years in solitary confinement and helped to change criminal justice laws in New York State. He’s a former judge, still practices law, and lives with his family in Upstate New York.

Author Interview With Tom Swyers