Tears Into Gold by Cori Cooper

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Tears Into Gold by Cori Cooper
Genre – Fairy Fantasy
Page Count – 268
Cover Designer – Cori Cooper

She’s an orphaned scullery maid working at the manor house of Lord and Lady Fitzgerald, in love with a boy who can never love her back. More than anything, she wishes for freedom. And in Branka’s world, GOLD is freedom. There’s a reason people should be careful what they wish for.


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Cori Cooper lives in the magical Arizona Mountains, which she’s pretty convinced is the setting for all the fairy tales.

Besides writing stories, she adores hanging out with her family, playing board games, hiking and baking, baking, baking. Like Cat’s family, she’s positive Cinnamon Rolls fix everything.

You can connect with Cori on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Goodreads and her website – Coristories.com.

Author Interview with Cori Cooper



The Gauntlet (The Soppranaturale Series Book 1) by Ashley Pagano

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The Gauntlet (The Soppranaturale Series Book 1) by Ashley Pagano
Genre – Fairy, Teen, YA
Page Count – 152
Cover Designer – Najla Qamber

Hidden in plain sight, is a mysterious hotel that doubles as a supernatural refugee: The Soppranaturale. 

Each supernatural inhabitant has a specific purpose, job, and destiny. All to keep the hotel running and its secrets safe.

Vampires exist. Werewolves exist. Witches exist. Shape Shifters exist. And now Faeries exist. 

The last two Faeries, once unified, could be the most powerful forces on Earth. Ommily, newcomer to the Soppranaturale, offensively manipulates the four elements; Fire, Earth, Wind and Water. While Link defensively uses their energy to shield Ommily and himself from dark magic. 

They could protect all others. But first, they must defeat the Gauntlet.


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Ashley Pagano has always dreamed of being an artist both figuratively and literally. Her love of art was instilled by her mother who always inspired her to be creative either with a paintbrush or with a pen and paper. As far back as she can remember her life was always centered around introspection, storytelling, and imagination. Because she is so artistic, she took to the idea of creative writing very passionately. Her ability to describe a scene, person, or place, she compares to painting a picture, where she can describe every detail vividly in order to make the reader feel like they’re truly living in the story. Her works of writing usually center around a powerhouse female protagonist (which reflect her own personality), who progresses through many wild and extreme obstacles. Ashley loves to write stories that end with a cliffhanger, that have the reader begging for more and questioning what happens next. Her most recent novel sets the stage for the supernatural romance of the century and includes fairies, vampires, werewolves, witches, and shapeshifters who just love to get in the way of true love. Ashley has won awards for her design, art, and writing. 

Ashley doesn’t believe in down time whatsoever and actually loves having a full “To-Do”list. Ashley is a wife to her wonderful husband, Eric and a mother to two beautiful girls named Dakota and Ember. She is also a Graphic Designer and a health and fitness coach. Her husband and daughters inspire her to be the best person she can be and encourage her to pursue any of her dreams (no matter how extravagant they may be).

Author Interview with Ashley Pagano