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St. Nick’s Christmas Wish (Holiday Hunks Book 7 – Hot Hunks-Steamy Romance Collection) by Tamara Ferguson

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St. Nick’s Christmas Wish (Holiday Hunks Book 7 – Hot Hunks-Steamy Romance Collection) by Tamara Ferguson

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Genre – Steamy Romance/Mystery

Page Count – 204 pages

Cover Designer – Michele Hauf

GOODREADS – https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/51580973-holiday-hunks-st-nick-s-christmas-wish

The Last Thing Emma Expects Is To Fall For A Scrooge. But Little Does She Know That Nick Is Hiding A Big Secret.

Vacationing on Bali with friends, stockbroker Nick Hanover catches a glimpse of a beautiful blonde and is instantly attracted. But Nick’s confidence has been tested significantly during the last year after recently breaking up with a fiancé who was cheating.

Stylist Emma Caffrey is on Bali for a holiday with two of her best friends. Although she’s had a string of steady boyfriends, she’s always pulled back whenever the man begins getting serious.

Doubting his ability to distinguish if someone is interested in him or just his family’s money, Nick leaves Emma with a bad impression when they finally meet.

But after sharing a heated kiss, Nick realizes that he’s not going to be satisfied until he gets to know her better.

Despite Emma’s first impression, she’s equally attracted to Nick, and when he shows up in Crystal Rock taking on some of the town’s charity causes at Christmas, including dressing as Santa for the kids from the Crystal Rock Center for children with disabilities, she realizes there’s more to him than meets the eye, despite his gruff, off-putting personality.

Besides, who could resist a kiss from Santa?

Although Nick had everything money could provide growing up, he finally comes to understand why he was mostly ignored as a child. Nick’s family has a lot of tragic secrets and, now, someone might be attempting to take his half-brother’s life.

Will Emma be the loving influence that helps bring his family back together, so St. Nick’s secret Christmas wish will finally come true?

Seven USA Today bestselling and award-winning authors come together to give you the Holiday Hunks Series, the next in the Hot Hunks Steamy Romance Collection

A helicopter pilot with a decision to make, a cowboy working on his best roundup yet, a dancer faced with a dilemma, a hockey player’s surprise, a roping rodeo star’s ultimatum, a fireman’s miracle, and a billionaire’s wish. What do these seven hunks all have in common? They are spending the holidays with family and friends where each and every one has a life-changing event. Read along and watch these seven hotties meet their match, fall in love, and have a very Merry Christmas!


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Writing steamy yet sweet compassionate stories of fate that are wonderfully romantic, Tamara Ferguson is the multi-award winning, #1 international and USA TODAY BESTSELLING AUTHOR of the Tales of the Dragonfly Romance Suspense Series, the Kissed By Fate Series, the Two Hearts Wounded Warrior Romance Series, the Daydreams & Dragonflies Sweet Romance Series, and the Tales From Dragonfly Pointe Short Story Series.

Since 2015, she’s earned more than 30 awards in the multiple genres of mystery, romantic suspense, short story fiction, novellas, women’s fiction, new adult romance, intrigue and military fiction for her series titles, including the Bronze, Silver and Gold Medals from Readers’ Favorite and 12 awards from the Independent Authors’ Network, including the 2019 OUTSTANDING FICTION NOVELLA WINNER For Two Hearts Under Fire.

 A member of the RWA (PAN), the Authors’ Billboard and the Independent Authors’ Book Network, her stories have been included in several #1 bestselling anthologies.

Since she remains a full-time caregiver for an autistic son (along with a bunch of adopted pets!), you can usually find Tammy working at home, where she spends a lot of time not completing her numerous home improvement projects, because she’s writing or helping author friends promote their books on twitter.





The Princess and the Pit Bulls (The Fairy Tale Series Book 4) by Jody Lynn Daniels

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The Princess and the Pit Bulls (The Fairy Tale Series Book 4) by Jody Lynn Daniels-author

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Genre – Contemporary romance

Page Count – 309 pages

Cover Designer – Cassy Roop

GOODREADS – https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/15183863.Jody_Lynn_Daniels

Chloe Wheeler has it all, a loving family, a chic loft with her best friend, and a career as an up-and-coming designer in New York’s fashion scene. Until she breaks the cardinal rule of fashion, “Don’t S*#t where you eat!” Dating the wrong man costs her everything, and brands her as a thief and a gold digger. Sebastian Adams is starting over, taking over a veterinary clinic in a small town in Kentucky with his two rescue Pit Bulls; Bonnie and Clyde in tow. Life is good as he settles in and makes new friends, and then he meets Chloe Wheeler as she walks down the aisle at her sister’s wedding, with a crown of roses in her long golden hair making her look like a princess. He’s smitten with her smile, and laugh and his skittish dogs are crazy about her. Life is perfect until a secret from his past threatens to ruin everything. What will win in the end, the past or present? Will secrets destroy them, or bring them closer?


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Hello readers.

My name is Jody Lynn Daniels and i love romance, happy endings, laughter and spice. That’s why i write it. I’ve been reading ever since my mother taught me how, and reading romance ever since i stole one of her Harlequins and was hooked. I’ve been writing since junior high when i penned my first soap opera titled “As the stomach Churns” it was horrible, but fun!

I’m the divorced mother of a wonderfully goofy sixteen year old son who makes me laugh every day.

“If the Shoe Fits” is based on the classic tale of Cinderella, and is the first book in my Fairy tale series. It looks to be a fun series, because I’m having a blast writing it.






Help Me, Harry by Mya O’Malley


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Help Me, Harry by Mya O’Malley

BUY NOW – https://amzn.to/2ZqdmdL

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Genre – Contemporary romance

Page Count – 126 pages

Cover Designer – Jena Brignola

GOODREADS – https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/53283289-help-me-harry?from_search=true&from_srp=true&qid=QJHlQ5uJpO&rank=15

“You’ve heard it before but you haven’t yet seen how Cassie and Harry do it…” The classic tale of sobbing one’s heart out to a bartender gets its own twist.

What happens when a sexy as hell bartender, tropical location, and a disheartened young woman all come together? Trouble, and that’s just the beginning.

Cassie finds herself revealing far too much to Harry, the hot local bartender, on the first night of her friend’s destination bachelorette party. Harry is no stranger to heartache, he’s had enough of his share to go around. Being an expert, of sorts, with broken hearts and women, it’s obvious that Cassie’s fiancé back home doesn’t deserve a woman like her.

It takes one to know one when it comes to a player, Harry figures. But that’s just it– Harry’s playing days might just be over, he knows every manipulative move Cassie’s fiancé , Evan, makes and more. With just a short week to get to know Cassie, can Harry prove that one–Evan is all wrong for her? Two– that Harry, himself is done with his own games, and finally– does a man such as himself even deserve Cassie?

Harry’s not sure, but one thing is certain–a man like Evan does not. Harry lays all on the line for what he can only explain away as love at first sight. A gut feeling and so much more. If only he can convince Cassie to take a chance on him, Harry just might have a shot at changing his reputation as the island’s most eligible bachelor and ending his own tales of heartache at his local tiki bar.

***The Sun, Sand & A Ring On My Hand Collection from Blue Tulip Publishing is a collection of 3 standalone novellas. Get a head start on summer with these engaging contemporary romances!


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Mya O’Malley was born and raised in the suburbs of New York City, where she currently resides with her family. 

Mya’s passion is writing; she has been creating stories and poetry since she was a child. She earned her undergraduate degree in special education and a graduate degree in reading and literacy. 

Mya is a published writer of contemporary romance, young adult, and paranormal romance/mysteries. Presently, Mya’s novels have been published by Solstice Publishing, Clean Reads, TouchPoint Press, and Blue Tulip Publishing.

Mya spends her free time honing her skills in photography, painting, and reading just about anything she can get her hands on. Mya loves to travel; she has visited several amazing locations such as Aruba, St. Lucia, Puerto Rico, Mexico, Costa Rica, Canada, Australia, and Ireland






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Breaking Traditions: The Shifter And The Mage by Madilynn Dale

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Breaking Traditions: The Shifter And The Mage by Madilynn Dale

BUY NOW – https://amzn.to/2CWGotL

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Genre – Romance

Page Count – 165 pages

GOODREADS – https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/53667279-breaking-traditions

Natalie is a college freshman with dreams of operating her own bakery one day despite her parent’s wishes. Her parents follow the old ways, a shifter society going back generations, and would prefer her paired up with her charming ex Theo. They appreciate her help with their bakery but wish to see her seek the life of a pampered stay at home mom whose primary focus is on raising babies. They don’t take into consideration her feelings.

Natalie’s world is flipped upside down after she meets Alex, a mage with a unique ability. Her wolf calls to him, but can she break tradition and allow herself to love him despite societal expectations?

Alex is a mage living in an unimaginable world. Growing up in a non-traditional family, he is more optimistic and open-hearted. He meets Natalie and falls head over heels, but does she feel the same? He feels an unusual bond with her, but gravity seems to be against them. Is she hiding something? Why does she push him away?

Can the two break tradition and have the love of their lifetimes?


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Madilynn Dale is a reader and author. She lives in the state of Oklahoma and enjoys being outdoors. Her biggest hobby is reading and she enjoys a variety of books. She is married and has one son and seven fur babies. She currently holds a license as a Physical Therapy Assistant in the state of Oklahoma but is taking the time to focus on her son. Being a stay at home mom isn’t easy but it has its perks.





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Kickflip Summer by Danielle Jacks

PREORDER NOW – https://amzn.to/2YOqyK5



Synopsis –


All I want is one last summer of fun with my best friend, Toby.

Blue Oaks Theme Park seems like a perfect place to work while blowing off some steam. It’s our last summer before university and we want to make every day count. The thing I didn’t consider was being attracted to my new boss.

But it’s just one summer. One quick fling. What harm can it do?


Returning home is something I can’t avoid. My dad wants me to start getting serious about my future, while I want to spend the summer teaching kids skateboarding.

As always, he gets his own way, but when a cute brunette – literally – knocks me off my feet, I’m finding the theme park interesting in a whole new way.

A summer romance. Totally insubstantial. I can handle that. Right?

Two people brought together by chance. Both finding something they don’t know they need. A sweet romance about finding a home in the heart.


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