Red Coat by Isobella Dunn

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Red Coat by Isobella Dunn
Genre – contemporary romance, romantic suspense
Page Count – 392 pages
Cover Designer – DAZED Designs
Terrified, desperate, and left with no other choice.
That was Sara Flemming when she was younger. Now, she helped those that were stuck in the very system she had fought against so hard. She knew all too well what it was like to be scared to the point that you felt you had no other choice but to run.
At least that was what she thought she had done all those years ago.
Rachael Duncan was the spitting image of Sara as a teen, in more ways than any of them could have even been prepared for. Running from her abusive foster family landed her case on Sara’s desk, who was determined to do whatever she had to, in order to help the young girl.
One phone call would change everything and have Rachael running toward the very place Sara had been so desperate to escape.
Colin Fulton was happy to live his life in the small town of Victory. That was until Rachael came barreling into his town, bringing with her someone that he thought he would never see again.
With the past haunting them, and the future uncertain, would they learn to trust again and find love and happiness? Or will the memories of the past be too much to overcome?


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In His Eyes (Unrequited Series Book 2) by Ava Alise
Click the link for the cover reveal video – coming soon
Cover Designer – Sarah Kil
Photographer – Lindee Robinson
Kingston Grant.
King of the high school, King of my heart. Until I was forced to lie to him.
He hates me.
I hate me.
I remind myself every day I did what I had to do because I loved him.
Entering my third year of college, and going back to my hometown, I’ve no choice but to face what I left behind.
Including Kingston….who just happens to be my new roommate.
I guess some secrets will be hard to keep after all.

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Heart of Stone (The Stone Series Volume 1) AUDIO BOOK by Dakota Willink

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Heart of Stone (The Stone Series Volume 1) by Dakota Willink
Genre: Contemporary Romance, Billionaire Romance, Romantic Suspense
Listening Length – 13 hours and 59 minutes
Narrated by: Lacy Laurel, Jeffrey Kafer
Krystina Cole was a girl on a mission. She had big dreams and aspirations, none of which included a man by her side. She knew better than that – at least until she met Alexander Stone, the New York billionaire real estate tycoon. She saw the way that he looked at her, and the dark promises in his eyes. She was curious about his world and all that it entailed. But the shadows of her past haunted her, making her afraid to explore possibilities that she could never before have imagined….
Alexander Stone was a man who knew how to get what he wanted. He understood the value of finesse, and the importance of patience and diligence to achieve the desired result. He was successful and wealthy, relying on his naturally sharp instincts to guide him through life. But a chance run-in with Krystina Cole quickly turned his world upside down. Her quick wit and firecracker attitude was the complete opposite of what he wanted in a woman, and his instincts failed him at every turn….
However, both Krystina and Alexander are clinging to the secrets of their past, and neither of them are willing to compromise. Krystina’s hardened heart makes emotional surrender a hard limit. But for Alexander, revealing his past could have devastating results.


Dakota Willink is an Amazon Top 100 Bestselling Author. She loves writing about damaged heroes who fall in love with sassy and independent females. Her books are character-driven, emotional, and sexy, yet written with a flare that keeps them real. With six published titles, a magazine publication, and the Leave Me Breathless World under her belt, Dakota’s imagination is constantly spinning new ideas.

The Stone Series is Dakota’s first published book series. It has been recognized for various awards, including the Readers’ Favorite 2017 Gold Medal in Romance, and has since been translated into multiple languages internationally. The Cadence duet was a finalist in the HEAR Now Festival Independent Audiobook Awards. In addition, Dakota has written under the alternate pen name, Marie Christy. Under this name, she has written and published a children’s book for charity titled, And I Smile. Also writing as Marie Christy, she was a contributor to the Blunder Woman Productions project, Nevertheless We Persisted: Me Too, a 2019 Audie Award Finalist and Earphones Awards Winner. This project inspired Dakota to write The Sound of Silence, a dark romantic suspense novel.

Dakota often says she survived her first publishing with coffee and wine. She’s an unabashed Star Wars fanatic and still dreams of one day getting her letter from Hogwarts. She enjoys spending time with her super-supportive husband, her two witty teenagers, her spoiled rotten dogs, and her chubby cat. During the summer months, she can often be found taking pictures of random things or soaking up the sun on the Great Lakes with her family.

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When the glamour of fame dims down and the cameras stop shooting, Mila Blanc itches to be the Mafia princess she used to be. She misses her best friend—the man she shared every first with—but most of all, she misses herself. The problem is she’s too proud to admit she was wrong.
For eleven years, Dane Giordano has watched the only woman he’s ever loved forget him. He has hardened by the minute, grown crueler by the hour, and the love they once shared has transformed to hate.
So when Mila comes back during a turbulent time, ready to take her rightful place by his side, Dane doesn’t make it easy. To be his wife, she’s going to have to find herself again and prove she’s worthy of being a daughter of the Sindicato.
Dane is hard to love, but Mila is even harder to break.


Secure Decision (Chase Security Series Book 5) by R.L. Dunn

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Secure Decision (Chase Security Series Book 5) by R.L. Dunn
Genre – medical thriller, romanticsuspense, military romance
Cover Designer – Krista Venero

One decision can lead to love or tragedy.
Choose wisely.
Synopsis Wes ”Alamo” Crockett, Senior Executive for Chase Security International, Navy Combat Medic, and nationally registered Paramedic, has just taken over the Chase Center for Training in Leesburg, Virginia. With no time to recover from a tough mission in New York, he digs deep to oversee operations, including an equine-assisted therapy program to aid disabled veterans. A body is found in a cabin on the edge of the training center’s property, and he’s assigned to run a case involving kidnapped women. As if those duties and his paralyzing self-doubt over what happened in New York isn’t enough, he’s also found himself drawn to the curvaceous blonde who is managing the equine therapists.
Eleanor West is tired of running. Looking for a new beginning, she accepts a position as Director of Equine-Assisted Therapy for the Chase Center. She never expected to encounter a generous man like Wes Crockett. Fighting her attraction to her boss and her negative body image, she attempts to hide her lifetime of painful secrets. But she must make a decision when her secrets threaten to destroy what she cares about most.
Will Eleanor decide to put her life on the line to end the nightmare that’s haunted her since birth?
Must Wes decide between the case of missing women and Eleanor’s trust? Or can he have it all?

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R.L. (Robin) Dunn resides with her family in the beautiful and artistic community of Sea Cliff, New York. After a twenty-five-year career in Emergency Medical Services as a provider, instructor, chief and regional faculty, illness changed her life path.

Having always had a love of writing, Robin returned to creating stories, She is a member of the Romance Authors of America since 2018 and the Long Island Romance Writers since 2018.Her leadership training in the first responder community has served her well in her former role as Secretary and her current role as President of LIRW.

Her first novel Blood Obsession, written in her college days came off the shelf and was reworked at a time when she was given just a little chance of survival. Her second, third fourth, and fifth books, Secure Desire, Secure Again, Secure Heart and Secure Her followed after she assured her doctors there was no expiration date stamped on the bottom of her foot. Secure Decision is due for an April 2021 release.

As far as the future goes, Robin hopes that she can continue to live a life worth living. She continues to use her professional background, medical contacts, law enforcement contacts and military contacts to write many more romantic suspense novels in the future.

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In His Kiss (Unrequited Series Book 1) by Ava Alise

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In His Kiss (Unrequited Series Book 1) by Ava Alise
Genre – Contemporary Romance. New Adult. Trope Romance
Page Count – 260 pages
This was a mistake. The four words every girl wants to hear after sleeping with the guy you’ve crushed on your entire life.
Jordan was my best friend, my everything, and the guy I dreamed of one-day marrying.
Then it happened.
One drink led to two, and the way he looked at me told me everything I ever needed.
I wasn’t imagining things. He felt the same way.
He didn’t stop me when I gathered my courage and told him how I felt. He didn’t stop me when I kissed him and he kissed me back.
But he made sure to stop me the next morning with those four little words.
“This was a mistake.”
But was it?


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Ava Alise writes contemporary romances filled with DIRTY words, SWEET happily-ever-afters and a bunch of FUN. Her girls are sweet and snarky and her guys are sexy alphas who fall hard and fight harder. She is married to the love of her life and has two children. She enjoys a good laugh and will talk to just about anybody.

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Mountains Wanted (Mountains Series #1) by Phoebe Alexander

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Mountains Wanted (Mountains Series #1) by Phoebe Alexander


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Genre – Contemporary Romance

Page Count – 368 pages

Cover Designer – Wolfsparrow Covers

Goodreads –

He’s a mountain she can’t resist trying to climb.

Dr. Sarah Lynde loves sex and is not ashamed to admit it. The sociology professor and single mother of two is in the market for a new friend with benefits…not a relationship.

Army First Sergeant James McAllister never knows when the next deployment will come, but someday he wants to settle down with his true soulmate and have children. Sarah is just a diversion until that happens…right?

They think they’re simply meeting each other’s needs, but their undeniable connection has built a mountain with two faces: one of fiery passion and one of soul-crushing heartbreak.

They just have to decide which face to climb.

Authors’ Note: Intended for readers 18+. Another version of this book was previously published under the same title. This edition has been rewritten and edited. The first three Mountains Series books must be read in order, as it is James and Sarah’s continuing saga. The subsequent books in the Mountains Series function as standalones.

Book 1: Mountains Wanted – James & Sarah’s Story #1

Book 2: Mountains Climbed – James & Sarah’s Story #2

Book 3: Mountains Loved – James & Sarah’s Story #3

Book 4: Christmas in the Mountains – James & Sarah’s holiday novella

Book 5: The Navigator – Garrett’s Story

Book 6: The Explorer – Abby’s Story #1 (coming soon)

Book 7: The Adventurer – Rachel’s Story (coming soon)

Book 8: Mountains Transcended – Abby’s Story #2 (coming soon)



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USA Today Bestselling Author Phoebe Alexander writes #sexpositive #bodypositive erotic romance featuring compelling plots intertwined with passionate, fiery encounters. She believes that real, relatable characters can have even steamier sex than billionaires, rock stars, and the young and lithe-bodied. She also advocates for ethical non-monogamy through her writing.

Phoebe lives on the East Coast of the US with her husband, sons, and multiple felines. When she’s not writing, she works as an editor and consultant for indie authors. She also volunteers her time running a 4600-member indie author support group. Her sexual fantasies have all been fulfilled, and now her single greatest fantasy is just having some damn free time.






Kissing Scars by Jim Shomos

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Kissing Scars by Jim Shomos
Genre – Romantic comedy, contemporary romance
Page Count – 158 pages
Cover Designer – Jo Clement
Computer games designer, Sanaya, leaves India behind to expand her career in Australia, and some day have a child. It’s a clear plan until she falls in love with a divorced man who has three kids and one big romance rule: no more children.
Mobile games pioneer, Leo, is a born romantic who loves Melbourne and his boys. Yet, as soon as his youngest hits 18, it’s time to follow his dream of writing magazine stories around the world. But when his heart trips over Sanaya, they discover love writes its own rules.


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Jim’s stories have skipped across film, TV, songs and novels. An international pioneer in web series, he has collected nominations and awards in Cannes, from Film Victoria, and the Australian Writers’ Guild.

“I’m a ro-man-tic, hooked on exploring contemporary relationships through fiction. Sprinkling love, laughter and sneaky tears.”

Rumors of an insatiable passion for Haigh’s Chocolates, Arsenal, Melbourne Victory, cycling, and blueberry muffins. Sometimes cycling for blueberry muffins.

Author Interview With Jim Shomos




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