Yule Lads Legend: Iceland’s Jólasveinar by Heidi Herman

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Yule Lads Legend: Iceland’s Jólasveinar by Heidi Herman
Genre – Childrens; Holiday/Christmas; Folklore/Mythology
Page Count – 36 Pages
A modern retelling of the oldest Icelandic Christmas Story. In a land where Santa doesn’t visit, these 13 trolls wreak havoc during the Christmas Season but one year something changes and they each learn about the Christmas spirit and joy of giving.


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My passion and a common theme in my writing is my Icelandic heritage. I started with children’s books and folklore, and enjoy adding a little taste of Iceland in my contemporary novels. I spent thirty years in the telecommunications industry, which was rewarding and challenging, and had a thread of writing. When my father passed away in 2015, I reassessed my priorities, opted for early retirement, and indulged my passion for writing. In the past five years, I have written several children’s folklore books, a cookbook, a novel, and a new non-fiction motivational book, all honoring my Icelandic heritage. I am a snowbird, living in South Dakota during the summer and Arizona during the winter, migrating with my husband, our four horses and three dogs. His passion for team roping and my love of rodeo has carried over into my novels, in what I hope is an interesting and unique experience for readers.

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The First Noel: A Tale of Friendship by Clare Johnson

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The First Noel: A Tale of Friendship by Clare Johnson
Genre – Children’s Religious/Christian/Holidays & Celebrations, Stories in verse, Picture Books,
What happens when a friendship develops between the daughter of a rich Wiseman and a common shepherd girl?
This Christmas poem weaves the heartwarming fictional journey of an unlikely friendship into the traditional Biblical account of Jesus’ birth and tells how the arrival of the Savior challenges the heart of one girl to choose love over the acceptable social norm of her day, in a culture marked by rigid distinctions between social classes. Through this story, children will learn to value diversity, acceptance, and love of others regardless of their social status. Based on a ballet production, whimsical drawings will captivate readers and bring a charming twist to a classic Christmas story. Parents and children alike will love the lessons on friendship received through this delightful tale.


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Clare Johnson is a writer, dancer, teacher, and choreographer. Her writings include original dance productions, and songs as well as her blog Hope in the Making. Her dance productions have been performed at woman’s conferences, out reaches, church events, and prisons. Whether creating through writing or dance productions, her desire is to bring a message of hope to others through all her work. She lives in California with her wonderful husband and children and confesses an affinity for cats of all kinds.

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Swallowed by a Secret by Risa Nyman

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Swallowed by a Secret by Risa Nyman

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Genre – Middle Grade contemporary mystery

Page Count – 198 pages

Goodreads – https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/51831033-swallowed-by-a-secret

One dead father.

One lying mother.

After twelve-year-old Rocky overhears Mom admit her story about how his dad died is bogus, his trust in his one remaining parent unravels. The For-Sale sign appears on the front lawn right after the funeral, forcing Rocky to leave the house linked to so many memories of his dad.

Consumed by the secret and struggling to adjust to changing schools mid-year, Rocky is startled by a familiar voice. Dashing into a restroom stall to hide, the voice of his father tells him that the only way to learn the truth is to return to his old town.

Can you take advice from a dead person?

Rocky finds a real partner in a new friend, Olive, who offers to be his assistant sleuth and help him crack the secret and get his life on track. The pair’s schemes go bust, but they embolden Rocky to embark on a journey of risks, eavesdropping and snooping to discover the truth about the father he thought he knew.


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Born in Boston with the accent to prove it, Risa lived within ten miles of the city for decades until a recent move to the neighboring Ocean State.


For many years, Risa worked in a nonpartisan, not-for-profit organization dedicated to promoting active participation in our democracy, with a special focus on voting and elections.


Risa’s deep dive into creative writing started with finding three pennies in a neat stack in a completely empty apartment that belonged to her mother. It’s a long story. 


When not writing, Risa is reading, exercising or doing therapeutic ironing – unless the grandchildren are around.





Grace’s Ghosts by Stephenie Wilson Peterson

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Grace’s Ghosts by Stephenie Wilson Peterson

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Genre – Fantasy (middle-grade)

Page Count – 176 pages

Cover Designer – Ashley Litirski

GOODREADS – https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/49849141-grace-s-ghosts

Twelve-year-old Grace and her feline best friend, Midnight, have a secret: Midnight is a ghost. But then again, so are the rest of Graces’ friends.

Since she’s the only person in hundreds of years with the ability to see them, the many ghosts of Tansy have flocked to Grace since birth. She doesn’t mind. She prefers the company of the dead to that of the cliquey kids at school.

Grace is happy with her strange life, until one day, the ghosts tell her about the secret her town has hidden for centuries. There’s a reason there are more ghosts than living people in Tansy. Three-hundred years ago, a lonely witch cast a spell that mistakenly trapped the soul of every person to ever set foot in the tiny town. So when the spirits beg her to find a way to break the curse, Grace is eager to help.

As she searches for answers, Grace makes discoveries about the secret her family hid for generations and a world of magic hidden in her own backyard.

Grace soon realizes that if she succeeds in breaking the curse, she’ll lose Midnight and all of her ghost friends, but if she fails, everyone living in Tansy will face the same fate. Can Grace break the curse before it’s too late?


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Stephenie is the author of Grace’s Ghosts and the Nellie Nova series. Stephenie and her family live near Raleigh, North Carolina. She writes, teaches creative writing, and homeschools her three

amazing kids. Stephenie is represented by Jessica Reino of Metamorphosis Literary Agency.

Author Interview With Stephenie Wilson




Jake the Growling Dog Goes to Doggy Daycare (Jake the Growling Dog Book 2) by Samantha Shannon

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Jake the Growling Dog Goes to Doggy Daycare (Jake the Growling Dog Book 2) by Samantha Shannon

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Genre – Children’s Books

Page Count – 50 pages

Cover Designer – Lei Yang

Goodreads – https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/52435237-jake-the-growling-dog

Jake is off to daycare, but he’s worried about what’s in store.

Going somewhere new can be scary–trying something different, even more.

How will he get ready, and what will help him through?

What will bring him comfort and help prepare him for something new?

Jake loves his comfy bed, close friends, and favorite trail, but now he’s off to Doggy Daycare for the first time. He’s worried others won’t like him and run away, and he doesn’t want to leave the place he knows best. His best friend Neet is there to help him, along with a surprise from his family, but will Jake overcome his worries and have fun? And is he the only one nervous about being in a new place? Kindness, comfort, and aid from loved ones fill this tale with love and compassion.

Jake the Growling Dog is a fun-loving tale about new adventures, friendship, handling stress, and overcoming fear.

Author and licensed educational counselor, Samantha Shannon, brings Jake back for this second tale about a dog who is different from other dogs and critters. After making some new friends at home in his first book when others began to see him as the sweet and kind dog he is despite his growly voice, now Jake’s family takes him somewhere new.We’ve all been nervous at one time or another about a new experience, and Jake’s tale not only shows kids that they aren’t alone in having those butterflies in their tummy it also gives them gentle ideas on how to handle those worries and fears while having a blast with their favorite growly character and his furry friend.

Includes Conversation Starters and Activities for Children, Families, Schools, and Counselors to help with confidence, stress, and preparing for new experiences.



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Samantha Shannon is a best-selling author and licensed educational counselor who has published multiple books under her pen name, Parker Sinclair, in the fantasy and YA genres. Sites: parkersinclair.net & jakethegrowlingdog.com

Samantha’s love for creatures great and small has led her to incorporate animals in all of the books, from eagles to cheetahs! Throughout her life, Samantha’s family has always included a dog, and they’ve always been more than pets. They were fur-brothers, sisters, and babies. 

When Samantha had her first child in 2009, she wanted to write a picture book based on her sister’s dog, Jake. While visiting her sister in the Pacific Northwest, Samantha realized that Jake growled all the time. He growled while playing frisbee, getting an ear rub, running, and even when he was sleeping! Despite his unusual choice of noisemaking, Jake is a sweet dog, which makes him the perfect character for a children’s picture book. 

With Samantha’s background in educational counseling, Jake’s first story includes a character education & loving-kindness activity for families, schools, & counselors. Jake’s story speaks to all of us about accepting, and appreciating, the differences in others–both caring attitudes we need in our diverse and beautiful world.










Matt’s Swirly World: Children’s Book by Madeleine Matthews

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Matt’s Swirly World: Children’s Book by Madeleine Matthews

BUY NOW – https://amzn.to/2nRuPgv

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Genre – Children’s book

Page Count – 24 pages

Cover Designer – Emanuela Ntamack

Goodreads – https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/48223585-matt-s-swirly-world

When children are young their emotions come in peaks and valleys. Sometimes they’re super excited, sometimes they’re sad, and sometimes they lose control and express themselves by throwing a temper tantrum.

These outbursts of emotions are common for parents and kids of all walks of life and can be leveraged by parents who want to teach impulse control, improved behavior, and better mindfulness.

That’s why Matt’s swirly world was written to help parents understand the “why” behind a tantrum as well as what’s going on inside their child’s brain when they’re acting out, feeling scared, or reacting to stressful situations.

An adorable journey featuring a mother and her young son, this book is a great reminder about how all emotions are accepted and that proper behaviors can be learned by kids and taught by moms and dads. In fact, your love is the perfect space where emotions can be processed, expressed, and shared together.

In this book parents will learn how mindfulness helps kid’s create better coping skills, but also a variety of other useful tools, including:

How love can be used to process emotions and support positive behaviors

Why feelings of anger and frustration come and go and are non-threatening

How a calm voice and demeanor can soothe a child and minimize meltdowns

Providing children relief from stress, anxiety, or big feelings and emotions

How children often mimic the behaviors of their mothers and fathers

Moving forward and adapting to behavioral changes in the future

This is an opportunity to learn and grow as a parent while teaching your child valuable mindfulness and self-control skills they can use long into adulthood. And it should be the first book you read on tantrums, emotions, and how to inspire positive behaviors each and every day.

When you need help better understanding why your child feels or acts they way they do in times of crisis, or you just want to connect with them on a deeper level, learn more about temper tantrums and emotional control with Matt’s swirly world – Helping Parents Understand Tantrums to Create Mindful Kids.


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Aspiring contemporary ballerina, commercial poet, grateful wife and mother. Certified Life Coach, BA Finance, MA Statistics ( don’t judge, I was young ¯\_()_/¯ ), now IT Product Manager. When I was pregnant with my now 3 y/o boy, I was worried of how I can raise my child to cope in a world of bullying, peer pressure, substance abuse, screen time etc. My husband told me that if we want our son to thrive in this world, all we need to do is build his self confidence & firm limits. So that’s how I started reading parenting books, and reached a lot; I read tons of books on the latest research discoveries in interpersonal biology and brain development. I worked with a psychologist that specialize in child development and attachment parenting. I am above all, convinced of the immense potential every child has and their absolute innocence; I know from experience that raising kids can often feel quite differently, and challenging. I am convinced that the way to turn that potential into peaceful family lives and well balanced kids – is both intuition and science (and patience). Being emotionally available as a parent, being present for them and for your self, to keep your own emotional highs & lows in check. Because they are good at triggering us, aren’t they? I write lyrics since aged 8, when I had no money to buy my mother gifts; I really wanted to create joy in her heart, so I started dedicating poems to her. Pack this all together and you get : Matt’s swirly world





Jake the Growling Dog (Jake the Growling Dog Book 1) by Samantha Shannon

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Jake the Growling Dog (Jake the Growling Dog Book 1) by Samantha Shannon (Also writes under the pen name: Author Parker Sinclair)

Buy Now – https://amzn.to/2VUg3EJ

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Genre – Children’s picture book Pre-k to 3rd, Social skills, friendship

Page Count – 30 pages

Publishing Company – Rawlings Books LLC.

Goodreads – https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/44780656-jake-the-growling-dog

Jake’s voice has a different sound.
Other critters won’t come around.
But he is sweet and only wants to play.
Will others start to see him that way?

Follow Jake, a sweet, kind, and misunderstood dog as he tries to make friends despite his differences.

Meet forest critters of all kinds while getting to know Jake. Jake loves to swim, hike, and play, but when he realizes he’s lonely a true friend comes to his aid. Soon others find friendship and understanding filling this tale with heart and hope.


Samantha Shannon is a licensed educational counselor and published author under the name, Parker Sinclair. After having her first child, her love for writing and reading books to her daughter led to writing her first children’s book, Jake the Growling Dog. She and her husband have two daughters, two dogs, and two cats. Her favorite activities usually include the entire family spending time outdoors, whether they are at the beach, riding bikes, playing in the yard with their dogs, or swimming. She attributes her love for reading and writing to her family, teachers, and children. Jake has many more adventures ahead, so stay tuned!


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Terror in Boring Town (A Sam and Rex Adventure Book 1) by Hoot N. Holler

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Terror in Boring Town (A Sam and Rex Adventure Book 1) by Hoot N. Holler
BUY NOW – https://amzn.to/2Img2E3
#TerrorinBoringTown #SamandRex #ChildrensMystery #HootNHoller
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Genre – Children’s mystery, adventure
Page Count – 232 pages
Cover Designer – Agape Author Services – http://www.agapeauthor.com/
Publishing Company – Maiden Voyage Publishing https://www.facebook.com/MaidenVoyagePublishing/
Goodreads – https://www.goodreads.com/…/…/35069312-terror-in-boring-town

Twelve-year-old best friends, Sam and Rex live in a boring town and dream of an exciting adventure for their summer break.

But when two mysterious strangers visit their town for the summer, the boys suspect something isn’t right. Sam and Rex are convinced the men are up to no good. Why would anyone ever want to stay in their boring town on purpose? What are these men really up to?

When the boys uncover the strangers’ evil plot and accuse them of being criminals, no one believes them. Sam and Rex draft a plan to prove their suspicions and uncover their dangerous plot. It involves risking lives. But will it work? Will the boys be able to stop the wicked men in time? And whose lives will they be risking to expose the criminals?


Hoot N. Holler is a daughters/mother writers/illustrator team. Hoot, the funny one spends her free time scribbling green and purple ink all over Holler’s words. N., the illustrator, is completely immersed in Tamriel. Holler is aptly named; especially during a UMD game. Alter-alter ego: Alex Bailey.


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