Breathe Underwater by Anise Storm & Taylor L. Ray

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Breathe Underwater by Anise Storm & Taylor L. Ray
Genre – Dark, Erotica, Mafia
Page Count – 475
Cover Designer – Pretty In Ink Designs

She’s living in the shadows.


Long ago, I had given my heart to someone who callously threw it away, but I put my past behind me until the hurt and betrayal no longer consumed me.

I hid my secret from the world and the monster I knew was in it.

I had a great job, wonderful friends, and my parents…well, sadly, I wasn’t able to choose my parents.

Then one day, I see him again.

The man who stole my heart all those years ago.


He’s living in the dark.


I never wanted this life.

I thought I had been meant for something greater, but a few wrong turns have led me down this twisted path to here.

Now my life is not my own.

My name, my past, none of it is real.

As an undercover agent in the Sicilian Mafia, I live each day as if it is my last, because I know that it could be.

And then she finds me.

When Evelyn comes back into my life, I try my best to hold her at arm’s length.

No one can hide forever, though.

If I’m not careful, my enemies will find me and try to destroy me.

I’d do anything to keep her, but my time is running out.


In a world of lies, one truth will remain.

When I was left to drown underwater, you were the air that kept me breathing.


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Anise Storm is a USA Today Bestselling author of Contemporary and Dark Romance. A Southern transplant, Anise is married with children. She has a love of football, shoes, and tall, dark heroes. When not spending time with family or traveling, she can be found either curled up with a good book or writing. 



Ashes of Sin and Stardust (AnchorX) by Lindsay Murray

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Ashes of Sin and Stardust (AnchorX) by Lindsay Murray
Genre – Erotica Romance
Page Count – 1134
Cover Designer – Lindsay Murray

Reuben has been searching for his mystery submissive for twenty-four years. He knows he’ll recognize her when he sees her, because he’s had visions of her for more than half his life. But when he finds her, she isn’t at all what he expects; she’s a mouthy little brat with an attitude, and he yearns to tame her.

Alice has sworn off Doms. She’s had too many awful experiences, and not a single guy has lived up to the promises they’ve made. But when Reuben Weston starts paying her attention, she can’t help but give in and try one more time. Maybe, if she’s very brave, or very lucky, she’ll find someone worth breaking for.


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Lindsay is a graduate of Western Carolina University. When she isn’t caught up living in the world in her head, you can find her at one of her favorite bottle shops, a local craft store, or planning her next vacation to the mountains.

She lives in Raleigh, North Carolina, with her husband and cat. (And her twenty-seven imaginary friends.)

Author Interview with Lindsay Murray



The Fighter (An Underground Bad Boys Romance Book 3) by India Kells

The Fighter (An Underground Bad Boys Romance Book 3) by India Kells
Genre – Erotic Romance
Page Count – 180

She needs a knight in shining armor

Juliet Auclair was used to being on her own. Abandoned by her parents, she teamed up with her best friend Ten to survive. They soon find themselves in trouble after Ten decides to try cage fighting and injures his opponent, who now wants payback.

Unfortunately, his is more than a little tarnished

Jonathan Gage had given up on finding love and happiness when an enticing woman and her best friend stumble across his path. Stepping in as a savior was something Gage never saw himself doing but he feels responsible for the plight Juliet and Ten now find themselves in. Gage invites them into his home, along with an offer to explore the explosive chemistry between them all.

Now to save her, he needs to dig deep and become the hero he never thought he’d be.

As passion flares between the three, Gage decides to make the ultimate sacrifice to save Juliet, and Juliet finds herself having to choose between her best friend and the man who has stolen her heart.

Will they risk it all in the underground world of illegal cage fighting where only the strongest survive?


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India Kells is a USA Today bestselling romantic suspense author who loves nothing more than to take her readers on wild, pulse-pounding adventures with kickass women and courageous alpha men. As a lifelong fan of literature, she’s passionate about weaving together inspiring stories that explore deep themes with larger-than-life characters, exhilarating action and no shortage of steamy scenes!

India channels her untamed imagination to take readers on unforgettable journeys filled to the brim with strong women, wicked alpha males and electrifying tension that will leave you breathless. India currently resides in Montreal, Canada, and she can often be found traveling the world to find inspiration for her next story. Human nature is her greatest muse! Visit her website at and sign up for her newsletter so you won’t miss her next release!

Author Interview with India Kells



Still Taking Chances by Roz Lee

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Still Taking Chances by Roz Lee
Genre – Contemporary Erotic Romance
After a mission gone wrong, DEA Agent Elgin, Hud, Huddleston returns to his boyhood home to get his head on straight. Despite his better judgment, he’s drawn to the woman across the street, a petite Dominatrix with a freeze your balls off name. Figuring a little time on his knees will take his mind off his troubles, he puts himself in her hands, but Mary Beth Winters’ methods aren’t like anything he’s experienced before. He wants her, but what she’s asking in return is more than he can give. Following a Domme/sub relationship gone wrong, Mary Beth Winters packed away her toys and put her career, the BDSM lifestyle, and her hometown in her rearview mirror. She’s built a respectable life for herself in Willowbrook, but when former bad-boy, Elgin Huddleston returns to town, the pain she sees in his gaze convinces her to dust off her toy box to help him heal. Can she delve into the heart of his problems and protect her own heart at the same time?


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USA Today Best-Selling author Roz Lee is the author of over thirty romances. The first, The Lust Boat, was born of an idea acquired while on a Caribbean cruise with her family and soon blossomed into a five-book series published by Red Sage. Following her love of baseball, she turned her attention to sexy athletes in tight pants, writing the critically acclaimed Mustangs Baseball series. Roz has been married to her best friend, and high school sweetheart, for nearly four decades. Roz and her husband have two grown daughters, a son-in-law, and are the proud grandparents to two of the cutest kids ever. Even though Roz has lived on both coasts, her heart lies in between, in Texas. A Texan by birth, she can trace her family back to the Republic of Texas. With roots that deep, she says, “You can’t ever really leave.” When Roz isn’t writing, she’s reading, or traipsing around the country on one adventure or another. No trip is too small, no tourist trap too cheesy, and no road unworthy of travel.

Author Interview With Roz Lee