Chevalier (War Horses Book 1) by Scott Warren

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Chevalier (War Horses Book 1) by Scott Warren
Genre – Sci-Fi, Action
Page Count – 270
Cover Designer – Scott Warren

‘Life as a tank mechanic won’t make you famous, but at least no one shoots at you.

That’s what veteran maintainer Rande ‘Vandal’ VanDelle of the Chevaliers Private Calvary thought. Until, during a routine maintenance patrol, he found himself fighting for his life inside the company‘s oldest upright tank.

Bruised, battered, and barely standing, Vandal soon returns to the cockpit to bolster the ranks of a desperate defense force. As he and his fellow Chevaliers attempt to hold back the flood of turncoats, spearheaded by a legendary cadre of off-world mercenaries, Vandal must learn to master the fickle and deadly upright tanks if he wants to live to see the next contract.’


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Scott Warren has been a submariner, a helicopter pilot, an international instructor, and a writer. He now lives in Maryland with his wife and their two cats, Lady and Darling. While his day job takes him around the world, sometimes in the most austere of conditions, he’s never far from a manuscript in progress.

An independent author, Scott is best known for his flagship Science Fiction series: The Union Earth Privateers, which details the missions of Victoria Marin and the crew of the Condor in an overcrowded and daunting galaxy. His narrative style is tight, efficient, witty, and gripping. Scott is also building a reputation as a compelling noblebright fantasy author. He introduces modern concepts to classic settings to subvert common tropes with what ifs that delight and entertain readers while paying homage to the authors that inspired him.

For writing updates, you can follow Scott Warren on Twitter, by subscribing to @scottwarrenscd or visiting

Author Interview with Scott Warren



Bycatch by Alexander Blevens

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Genre – Historical, Thriller
Page Count – 233
Cover Designer – DL Havlin &

Rex Thompson has not spoken of the felony he committed in Vietnam for over two decades. When his ne’er-do-well sons scuttle a shrimp boat in the Biloxi Bay and drown an immigrant fisherman who had witnessed this crime, Rex is flooded with remorse but remains silent.

His secrets seem to wash away in the muddy tide until the fisherman’s daughter, Anh Truong, stumbles upon a wartime journal and confronts Rex with a tale her murdered father never told. As a dragnet encircles his sons, Rex’s life of poor choices unravels, and he must decide to continue his charade or seek mercy from those he harmed.

Bycatch is a story soaked with greed and forgiveness while Southern and Vietnamese cultures tangle on the Mississippi Gulf Coast.


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Alexander Blevens is an Air Force veteran and a retired orthopaedic surgeon who lives and writes in Mississippi. Originally from California, he married a “New Orleans belle” and developed a keen eye for all things Southern.

Author Interview with Alexander Blevens



Euphoric Wonderland by Ryan M. Becker

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Euphoric Wonderland by Ryan M. Becker
Genre – Poetry, Comedy
Page Count – 96
Cover Designer – Matthew Revert

Open your heart to a compilation of musical poetry and surreal expression drawn from madness and mania.

Artfully weaving a rhythmic tapestry of touching poetry that flows like music, this deeply personal memoir invites readers on a fascinating deep dive into the author’s raw and heartfelt world of living rhythms and authentic feelings. As a deft amalgamation of spoken word, truth to power, clever wordplay, and thoughtful reflections, Euphoric Wonderland illuminates a mad spark of creativity as it draws uplifting inspiration from even the darkest of times.

Stimulate your imagination and open your mind to a psychedelic and enigmatic assemblage that ranges from tributes to The Beatles, Pink Floyd, head-banging heavy metal, to vinyl records, slam-poetry, superheroes, mind-altering possibilities, and the Jekyll and Hyde living inside each of us. Euphoric Wonderland blossoms out of madness, grappling with psychological issues through humorous and uplifting vibes.

Shining like a beacon for curious minds, this eclectic collection offers a moment of reprieve for those who want to forget about their mental health-related challenges, gifting you with light, laughter, and inspiring you with a message of hope. Euphoric Wonderland carries you down a rabbit hole of unusual and trippy experiences that gives you a newfound perspective on love, pain, life, and the joys – and struggles – of existence.

*Now in Full-Color with art by Matthew Revert*


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Euphoric Wonderland is Ryan Becker’s seminal literary work which was largely inspired by the relationship he has with his parents, both of whom are poets in their own rights and words. His father is a self-taught classical pianist, as well as an avid Shakespeare fan and aficionado. Those two elements of the fine arts were instilled in Ryan at an early age and were quickly absorbed through his father’s reading to him about famous musicians and writers.  

As an avid collector of vinyl records, upon hearing the music of The Beatles for the first time, specifically their Abbey Road album, Ryan knew his destiny was to write. “Every step of this life’s journey is a learning experience,” proclaims Mr. Becker. He further adds, “The Beatles taught me how not to have hate in my heart, why we must help people in need, and to never hesitate to openly express my feelings in any situation.”  

Ryan credits his even-tempered, soft-spoken mother for his development as a human being. He tries to emulate her cool-under-pressure manner as well as her kind and empathetic heart, which she shares with anyone in need. It is those characteristics he’s inherited that allow him to express himself through his writing.  

Ryan’s childhood carried with it some undeniably emotional bumps and bruises, explaining “Everyone has struggles, and many have their inner demons. The only way for me to exorcize them is by taking them out of my brain and putting them down on paper.”  

Writing can be a wonderful escape from reality as well as a fantastic way of feeling comfort within one’s true reality.  

Watching reruns of Smallville on repeat, Ryan asserts that the character of Clark Kent, portrayed by Tom Welling, has taught him a few things about growing up. For example, it helped him learn how to speak and interact better with others—trust in people who treat him right and never disregard someone who has his best interests at heart.  

It is why he proclaims, “Don’t ever let anyone take a torch to your dreams. Use that fire to motivate you to achieve your greatness, no matter in which arena you might be endeavoring!”



Rebel of Fire (The Vigilant Book 3) by LM Preston

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Rebel of Fire (The Vigilant Book 3) by LM Preston
Genre – YA, Multi-Cultural, African American, Fantasy
Page Count – 196
Cover Designer – Molly Phipps

Who knew that taking a job at a High School Newspaper would weave Rei into an underground news operation? She’d stupidly sacrificed her family and was blackmailed into becoming a member of a Vigilant operation to save the unsuspecting human population in what most thought was Newport, RI. Rei was no longer living in ignorance, but knowledge came with a price. Love wasn’t an emotion she could give into when the ransom of her family’s life was at stake. Asher was sent to help her, but she felt he was sent to ensure she paid the debt owed in order to save her family. Rei didn’t relish being held hostage by Megan and her puppets or being thrust into interfering with a war instigated by magical beings, and their fight to control humanity. Rei had no idea how she could create a diversion that would save her, destroy an unimaginable evil, and teach her to love – again.

Books in the Series:

Insatiable Darkness (Book 0)

Caged Fire (Book 1)

Break Darkness (Book 1.5)

Scepter Of Fire (Book 2)

Rebel Of Fire (Book 2.5)

Rebel of Fire (Book 3)

Sword of Darkness (Book 3.5)

Blade Of Fire (Book 4)

Read other books in the Vigilant series: Insatiable Darkness, Caged Fire, Break Darkness, Scepter of Fire, Rebel Of Fire.


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L.M. Preston, a native of Washington, DC. An avid reader, she loved to create poetry and short-stories as a young girl. She is an author, an engineer, a professor, a mother and a wife. Her passion for writing and helping others to see their potential through her stories and encouragement has been her life’s greatest adventures. She loves to write while on the porch watching her kids play or when she is traveling, which is another passion that encouraged her writing.

Author Interview with LM Preston



Hate You Later (Lit Lovers Series Book 1) by Ciara Blume

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Hate You Later (Lit Lovers Series Book 1) by Ciara Blume
Genre – Romantic Comedy
Page Count – 362
Cover Designer – Jillian Liota of Inde Graphic

Georgia Starr loathes asking for help, she’s tired of being let down. As a former foster kid dedicated to saving strays, she’ll do anything to rescue the pet shelter being threatened by the heartless Holm family. Could making her adorably dressed, goofy boxer mutt a viral sensation save the shelter and everything she cares about? 

Hudson doesn’t need anyone else asking him for favors simply because he’s a Holm. He’s got his hands full dealing with the fallout from booting the pet shelter. If he can turn the persnickety Persian he’s cat sitting into an online celebrity, will it be enough to fix his family’s PR problems? 

Georgia and Hudson clash like cats and dogs whenever they meet in person but they can’t deny a certain animal attraction. If only real life human conversations were as easy as chatting as their pets online! What will happen when they reveal their true identities? 

Watch the fur fly and stick around for the warm fuzzies in this stand-alone, series starter, enemies-to-lovers romcom.


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Ciara Blume met her husband in a comedy improv troupe. This pretty much sealed her fate as a rom com writer. 

She received a degree in Creative Writing from Johns Hopkins University and has enjoyed a diverse career as a blogger, photographer, designer, indie film producer, marketing pro and tech founder/CEO. Post pandemic, she took the opportunity to focus on fiction. This stand-alone, series starter kicks off the Lit Lovers series. 

Ciara lives in Southern California with her husband, four fantastic children and an odd eyed cat with an impressive social following. She enjoys traveling, crafting, and taking naps on cruise ships.

Author Interview with Ciara Blume



Stumble & Fall (A Legacy of Silence Book 2) by Amy Rivers

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Stumble & Fall ( A Legacy of Silence Book 2) By Amy Rivers
Genre – Crime, Psychological Thriller
Page Count – 292
Cover Designer – Carl Graves @ Extended Imagery

After losing her father, Kate is working on renovating her desert home. Her new psychological counseling practice provides needed income, and a chance for Kate to find out who she can trust by working from the inside. But searching for these answers puts her in danger and the cost of learning the truth may be more than she can bear. Meanwhile, her sister Tilly has moved back to New Mexico. Family tragedy strikes, throwing Tilly into a cycle of self-sabotage that nearly gets her killed.

In this sequel to Complicit, Kate and Tilly struggle with fear and self-doubt while the lives of victims they are helping hang in the balance. Will Kate’s determination to save them put more young women in danger? Will Tilly survive her reckless pursuit of justice?


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Amy Rivers is an award-winning novelist and writer of short stories and personal essays, as well as the Director of Northern Colorado Writers. She was recently named 2021 Indie Author of the Year by the Indie Author Project. She’s been published in We Got This: Solo Mom Stories of Grit, Heart, and Humor, Flash! A Celebration of Short Fiction, Chicken Soup for the Soul: Inspiration for Nurses, and Splice Today, as well as Novelty Bride Magazine and She was raised in New Mexico and now lives in Colorado with her husband and children. She holds degrees in psychology and political science, two topics she loves to write about.

Author Interview with Amy Rivers



My Bronc Riding Cowgirl (My Cowboy Series Book 6) by Brooke May

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My Bronc Riding Cowgirl (My Cowboy Series Book 6) by Brooke May
Genre – Western, Contemporary Romance
Page Count – 181
Cover Designer – Dark Water Covers

The saying goes “anything you can do; I can do better.” In the case of Tori Foster, she may not do it better but she most certainly will do it.

Daughter of legendary saddle bronc rider, Justin Foster, Tori has big dreams she’s kept to herself and about to share what she’s capable of with the world. No good-looking cowboy is going to get in her way of reaching her goals and show what she’s made of.

Cord King is riding on high, top of his game for his rookie season as a saddle bronc rider. Media and female attention are plentiful until he arrives in Elk Field for their annual rodeo. Being the son of a legend as well as one in the making himself isn’t going to impress one feisty cowgirl who leaves him reeling after a verbal punch to the face. His spotlight is taken when Tori takes to the arena.

Can he overcome jealousy to see the talent Tori possesses?

Will Tori lose focus thanks to the distraction that is Cord?

Watch them compete in and out of the arena. Possibly, they could find something more than a championship buckle.


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Born and raised in Northern Wyoming. Brooke spent a great deal of her childhood and even well into her adulthood in her imagination and creating different stories. With an overactive imagination life has been truly entertaining.

A mother of two wild and reckless boys and a wife; Brooke keeps busy year-round doing things with her pups and family. When she isn’t writing, can usually be spotted walking somewhere in town, at the library with her youngest, or up in the mountains four-wheeling, hiking, fishing, and some hunting. A notebook and camera are never far from her side when she is out on her adventures with her family.

She loves hearing from readers and anyone who feels like talking. Feel free to pay her a visit whenever.

Author Interview with Brooke May



Operation Pinpoint (Space Force Rejects Book 1) by Landra Graf

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Operation Pinpoint (Space Force Rejects Book 1) by Landra Graf
Genre – Sci-Fi, Romance
Page Count – 182
Cover Designer – Melody Simmons

This alien tracker has finally found his mate, but how can he claim her when she loves another?

Captain Ravenna Joyner has one mission: rescue her missing lover. She’ll ruin every ounce of her credibility to save the one person who made her universe brighter, even partner with a bloodthirsty alien who can’t be trusted.

Dravos Trax has one mission: find the missing Space Force vessel Perseus. If he follows through, his prison sentence will be commuted. Only he doesn’t expect to find his mate in a human who is in love with someone else.

When the ship is located, the occupants are found dead, including Ravenna’s lover. But, there’s no time to mourn, as the other Space Force Ops commandos betray Dravos and Ravenna to cover up the murders, putting their lives in jeopardy. They’ll have to put aside their fears and stow this simmering passion between them to find a way to gain their freedom. Though the chase for answers only leaves more questions, and the commandos won’t stop until all loose ends are tied.


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Landra Graf has always been a sucker for stories where true love conquers all. She believes in the inspiration and joy the written word can bring. Add in her personal mottos of ‘whatever it takes’ and ‘better to be busy than bored’ and she’s two steps from overload. She writes romance with the goal of granting happily ever afters to everyone, fiction or not.

When not writing, readers can find Landra reviewing books, cooking up a storm, deeply immersed in a mad game of Scrabble or Rummy variation, and searching for moments to laugh and smile through it all.

She lives in the wilds of Northwest Arkansas with her partner and two children.

Author Interview with Landra Graf



Curse of the Elf Lord (Kingdom of the Elf Lords Book 2) by Heidi Vanlandingham

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Curse of the Elf Lord (Kingdom of the Elf Lords Book 2) by Heidi Vanlandingham
Genre – Fantasy, Mythology
Page Count – 284
Cover Designer – EDH Graphics

Cursed into the body of a werewolf, Émilien Elasalor longs for a cure that will return him to his true Elven form so he can win back the love of his wife, Hel. But knowing what an impossibility that is, he throws himself into his brother and sister-in-law’s disappearance, vowing to stop at nothing to find them. 

Hel is regarded as the ice queen, but underneath that cold exterior is a heart that beats for the daughter she was forced to leave behind—and for the Elf who stole a slice of her soul so long ago. When the dead start disappearing from her realm, she and Émilien are thrust together to discover who is behind this new threat, making the bone-chilling discovery that more is at stake than their hearts—the life of their only daughter. 

Can they forge a truce long enough to save her—and the whole of the Nine Worlds—or will their pasts destroy their future?


Click here to view the Book Trailer for Curse of the Elf Lord (Kingdom of the Elf Lords Book 2) by Heidi Vanlandingham

Click here to experience a Chapter Reading of Curse of the Elf Lord (Kingdom of the Elf Lords Book 2) by Heidi Vanlandingham

Heidi Vanlandingham writes sweet, action-packed stories that take place in the Wild West, war-torn Europe, and otherworldly magical realms. Her love of history finds its way into each book, and her characters are lovable, strong, and diverse. Heidi’s stories transport the reader to a different place and time for understanding, compassion, and most of all, love.

Growing up in Oklahoma and living one year in Belgium gave Heidi a unique perspective regarding different cultures. She still lives in Oklahoma with her husband and youngest son. Her oldest son is in the autism spectrum and is working toward his own dreams. Heidi’s favorite things in life are laughter, paranormal romance books, music, and long road trips.

Author Interview with Heidi Vanlandingham



Into the Light (Moon Harbor Series Book 3) by Kate McWilliams

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Into the Light (Moon Harbor Book 3) by Kate McWilliams
Genre – Romantic Suspense
Page Count – 300
Cover Designer – Ink & Earth

His secret tragedy

Her hidden desire

And their willingness to risk everything… 

Rafael Marroquin believes he’s cursed. He refuses to get close to people, because when he does, they get hurt. To his friends in Moon Harbor, Raf is known as the quiet, reliable one who never causes trouble. But if the town found out about his tragic past, they’d think differently. 

After the death of her parents, everyone in town has treated Ellie Waters as delicate. All she wants is to live life on her terms and carve her own path. And maybe finally hook up with Rafael, the man she’s secretly pined for since she was a teen. Ellie’s all grown up now, but Raf still sees her as his best friend’s kid sister—or does he? 

But just as their friendship finally gives way to all-consuming chemistry, the past rears its ugly head and threatens everything. Their town is at risk. Ellie is in danger. And trouble comes for Raf, in more ways than one. 

Can they save each other before it’s too late? And can their love survive?


Click here to view the Book Trailer for Into the Light (Moon Harbor Series Book 3) by Kate McWilliams

Click here to experience a Chapter Reading of Into the Light (Moon Harbor Series Book 3) by Kate McWilliams

Kate McWilliams writes heart-melting, spicy small town romances mixed with mystery and suspense. An avid reader, she finds solace in romance books and lives for a good “happily ever after.”

A fan of syntax and grammar from a young age, she now lives her dream writing romance and freelancing as a proofreader. When she’s not working or reading, she enjoys nature, naps, and watching cheesy action movies or true crime shows.

Kate lives in New Jersey with her tween and their crazy corgi.

Author Interview with Kate McWilliams