The History of the Universe: As My Soul and I Remember by Stuart Ledwith, PhD

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The History of the Universe: As My Soul and I Remember by Stuart Ledwith, PhD
Genre – Inspirational
Page Count – 211 pages
Cover Designer – Tom Clasper
This book began long ago, long before I knew I was going to write it. It began as this universe spewed forth from the immense black hole expelling it. Great souls were involved in shaping its dimension and its destiny to grow, evolve and become as the creator souls intended.
The human me came into existence at the end of the seventieth week of Daniel the prophet in the old testament. My soul had lived here in many human lifetimes before choosing to live with me. I have written this book to honor my soul Edouard, his eternal family and the founders of this universe.
I have been remarkedly blessed to be a part of the unveiling of this wonderful new information about the souls involved in the birth and formation of this universe. Enjoy their words, their existences, their eternal, unconditional love.


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Dr. Stu has always enjoyed spending time and conversing with souls desiring to make themselves known to him. He finds it quite normal to converse with them as he would a human. When writing with them he writes what they say verbatum or as close as possible to the desired meaning, he describes pictures they present and the emotions displayed. In his last book he wrote for the soul of Sarah Tarbell, a distant cousin of his describing the harrowing tale of her abduction at age fourteen and her growth to adulthood in a very different world. In this volume he writes for the soul Edouard who enlivened the body of John the Baptist. These works are subtitled, “As His/Her Soul

Author Interview With Stuart Ledwith